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LaRosa`s Balloon Glow- 2014


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LaRosa`s Balloon Glow at Coney Island will be this Thursday. Sunlite Pool will be open until 9:30, and the rides will stay open until 11pm. The main highlight is of course the glowing hot air balloons on the Coney Mall. They go up at 8pm and glow until 10pm, when Rozzi`s Famous Fireworks launches a pyrotechnic display over the banks of Lake Como that will delight young and old.

Be sure to check out Wipeout, Coney`s new ride this season.

The park also recently added some historical pictures in two places in the park. Some of them are located right by the restrooms on the side of the administration building. Included in these items is a copy of the check that Walt Disney sent to Coney back in the 1950s for the consultation work that Coney provided when he was developing Disneyland. The other historical pictures are located over by the arcade, near the Skeeball games and Swing a Round ride. Definitely worth checking out if you are down there.

I will be working all day that day, so if you see me, make sure to say hi.

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The jazz band gig went well. We sounded pretty good, despite me having a really, really off night. :( I tend to be a bit hard on myself when I have my bad moments in music, especially when performing, but I usually don't let it linger. Just apart of being a musician that I've learned to accept. I still enjoyed doing it and we must have done something right as we got a lot of good crowd reactions. I will say, it was nice that it was cooler than last year. We were all frying last year. I got my fare share of fireworks the night before at KI (plus I have the WEBN Fireworks the Sunday before Labor Day), so I left right after we finished. The I-275 bridge (going into Ohio) and the ramps on and off of Kellogg Ave. were filled with stopped cars.

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