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What was the best defunct coaster at Kings Island?

What was the best defunct coaster at Kings Island?  

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Vortex. Not that I’m biased or anything  

Vortex was quite fun indeed (thanks VortexBFForever for helping me get a couple rides in on Vortex). I not only miss Vortex, I also miss Firehawk, but both were so awesome!

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I'm going to have to say The Vortex for two reasons. One: The only coasters I've ridden at KI that are now defunct were Firehawk and The Vortex. Two: The Vortex helped me conquer my fear of roller coasters and made me start to enjoy riding them more.


On 1/19/2021 at 10:48 PM, David Ellis said:

Yeah, I miss The Vortex because I know Kings Island isn't the same anymore without Vortex....




It feels so empty without that ride standing there. Guess it wasn't listening to Elton John enough.

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Its hands down Son of Beast. Then Firehawk. I only remember Vortex as a really head banger of a ride. Firehawk was great at night and SOB well I was only 17 when I rode it for the first time and I do not remember it ever being rough. Likely its all due to my age at the time and rose tinted glasses but it still gets my vote.

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