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~Ride Count 2006~

Captain Nemo

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~Ride Count 2006~

Hey, thanks for taking the time to use your energy to hover over the link to this topic and pressing the button, you will not regret it!

Let me explain what this topic is used for, and it's very easy to understand. This topic is basically where you keep your ride count for the year! By the end of the season you will be able to see how many times you have ridden a certain ride. When you visit the park and return, at that time would be a great time to post here. Now for the reason that each post is not huge, please only put rides you have ridden this year, if you have not ridden a ride yet don’t put it on your list. One more thing before you go a-posting your count, make sure you keep your ride count in one post and not create a new post every time your ride count is updated, if that happens this topic would be spammed with constant updates with perhaps only one change in the count so please once you post with your count please stick with that one post. Think of it as your assigned post and it's just for you. If you work at the park make sure you don't count your work days as count to your "how many times you have been to PKI".

Now I know some people on the site and am not used to how to edit their post. It's really quite simple. Once you post with your count and you need to update it, instead of pressing 'add reply', go to your (assigned post) and on the bar above your post, press the Edit button and it will link you your post so you can edit it. Just edit your count and after all is updated press the 'Submit Modified post' and WALA, your count is updated. It would be also a good idea to press the button that says next to it, "Add the 'Edit by' line in this post?â€Â

Remember this is not really a Trip Report topic but a Trip Count topic; keep your reports in the TR forum.

Lastly, use anything as a count (as long as it is not to broad, like how many times you played Basket Case in the park). You can use shows, how many times you saw a parade, how many On-Ride pictures you bought.

Use my count as an example, the next post down. If you have any questions feel free to IM or PM me.

~Enjoy and let the year begin!!! cool.gif

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~Captain Nemo's Paramount Kings Island Count for the Year 2006~

Flyovers over PKI: 3

Trips to PKI: 7

Beast: 10

Adventure Express: 4

Vortex: 7

Flight of Fear: 6

Italian Job Stunt Track: 7

Avatar- The Last Airbender: 5

Action FX Theater: 2

Delirium: 4

Sporticopters: 1

Tomb Raider The Ride: 44

Drop Zone: 3

Sling Shot: 3

Phantom Flyers: 2

Face-Off: 2

Congo Falls: 2

White Water Canyon: 6

Racer Forwards: 2

Racer Backwards: 6

Tower: 1


Edited by Captain Nemo
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The Beast: 7

The Vortex: 6

Zephyr: 2

Scrambler: 1

Forwards Racer: 4

Backwards Racer: 1

Adventure Express: 7

White Water Canyon: 1

Drop Zone: 6

Avatar: 3

Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle: 1

Top Gun: 1

Flight of Fear: 1

The Italian Job: Stunt Track: 1

Shake Rattle & Roll: 1

Fairly Odd Coaster: 1

Viking Fury: 1

Rugrat's Runaway Reptar: 1

Coolangatta Racer: Uncountable

Down Under Thunder: Uncountable

Snowy River Rampage: Uncountable

Bondi Pipeline: Uncountable

Awesome Aussie Twister: Uncountable

Crocodile Run: Uncountable

Sydney Sidewinder: Uncountable

Tazmanian Typhoon: 2

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PKI: 6

Vortex : 15

The Beast : 10

Racer : 8

Recar: 11

FoF: 6

Face/Off: 3

Top Gun: 7

IJ:ST: 5

Adventure Express: 4

Funtastic HB: 1

Drop Zone: 1

Reptar: 1

Avatar: 1

White Water Canyon: 1

Xtreme Skyflier: 1

Tomb Raider TR: 1

Congo Falls: 1

Dodgem: 1

Son of Beast: 4

Delirium: 4

Eiffel Tower: 1

Trips: April 14th, 16th, May 28th, June 15th, July 4th, July 23rd.

Edited by PKIVortex
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Total Trips: 10

Deli: 1

Son of Beast: 4

Plankton: 1

Avatar: 3

Beast: 11

FoF: 5


Racer: 1

recaR: 2

AE: 6

Top Gun: 2

Fairly Odd: 1

Wild Thornberry: 1

Flyers: 2

SDatHC: 1

Troika: 1

Vortex: 9

SB3D: 1

Funtastic Hanna: 2

Drop Zone: 1


Skyflyer: 1

SOR: 2

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Total Trips: 2

Drop Zone: 1

Top Gun: 1

Sling Shot: 1

AE: 1

Racer: 1

Viking Fury: 1

Shake, Rattle & Roll: 1

Vortex: 2

Italian Job: 1

Spongebob 3D: 1

Flight of Fear: 1

The Beast: 3

TR:TR: 1

Run Away Reptar: 1

FX Action Theater: 1

Avatar: 1

Eiffel Tower: 1

Zephyr: 1

Face/Off: 1

Delirium: 1

Dodgems: 1

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Total Trips: 1

Trip 1 2

Viking Fury: 1

Days of Thunder: 1

Face/Off: 1 1

Eiffel Tower: 2 1

Congo Falls: 1

Whitewater Canyon:1

Adventure Express: 1 1

Tomb Raider 1

Vortex 1

Racer(backwards) 1

3d spongebob 1

Topgun 1

Train 1

The Beast 1

La Rosa's 1

Bubba Gumps: 1 1

Festhaus: 1

Fed the Fish: 1

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My 2006 Ride Count


Eiffel Tower--1


Plankton's Plunge--2

Phantom Flyers--0

Top Gun--7

Adventure Express--3


Flight of Fear--4

Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera--2


The Beast--6

Son of Beast--3

Tomb Raider: The Ride--6

Italian Job: Stunt Track--2



Drop Zone--3

Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Castle--7

Fairly Odd Coaster--0

Spongebob 3D--0...(I haven't seen it open all summer)

*I may be missing a few rides

Edited by Delirium13
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~The RingMaster's 2006 Ride List~


Plankton's Plunge--1

Phantom Flyers--2

Top Gun--4

Adventure Express--2


Flight of Fear--1

Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera--2


The Beast--3

Son of Beast--0

Tomb Raider: The Ride--2

Italian Job: Stunt Track--2



Drop Zone--0

Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Castle--1

Fairly Odd Coaster--0

One 17-year-old in the middle of screaming 9-year-olds on Avatar--priceless.

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  • 2 months later...

*bumps with change in count*

'06 stats:

*Vortex-14 laps

*Beast-4 laps

*Racer(Recar)-3 laps

*Racer(Racer)-3 laps

*Adventure Express-4 laps

*IJST-5 laps

*Avatar-6 laps

*FoC-4 laps

*SoB-1 lap

*Top Gun-3 laps

*Cheese Coneys-4

*3 ways-4

Trips: 4

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Smurf's Coaster Count

KI Trips: 1

Beast: 1

Vortex: 2

recaR: 2

Italian Job: 1

Delirium: 1

Top Gun: 1

Viking Fury: 1

Avatar: 1

Tomb Raider: 1

Face-Off: 1

Drop Zone: 1

Flight of Fear: 2

Asked to fill out a credit card app: 2

Singled out by a game op begging for players: 3

Was told my excuse not to play was a good one by said op: 1

Tempted but fought off temptation to have LaRosa's pizza: 4

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1st ever season pass to KI

4 trips




SOB-1 too many

Top Gun- 3

Drop Zone- 4

Avatar-first, last and only time


Scooby Haunted-4

Flight of Fear- 4

Racer backwards-1

Racer Front-1

Runaway Reptar-1

Fairly Odd Coaster-1


Adventure Express-1

Bumper Cars-1

sponge bob show-1

pictures-1 (scooby haunted)

food, 2 times in park, festhaus-1 and skyline-1, 1 t-shirt and 5 games

not bad for someone who had never rode a coaster untill age 41 (2004) long story....

next up, Cedar Point the 26th and 27th for my first trip there!

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Trips to KI ~ 1

Blue Slushies Eaten ~ 3

SoB ~ 1

Beast ~ 1

Vortex ~ 1

Racer ~ 5

-Backwards ~ 1

-Forwards ~2

-Headaches From Racer ~ 2 (OUCH!)

Shake, Rattle, and Roll ~ 1

Congo Falls ~ 3

Drop Zone ~ 1

Delirium ~ 1

Hours Spent In Line For FoF Before My Friend Chickened Out ~ 1.5 dry.gif

Cups Of Dippin' Dots Eaten ~ 4

Concerts Watched ~ 1 (SpiritSong...WooHoo!)

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