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  1. So after 2 backseat rides (single rider luck both times) and a WHOLE LOT of off season/other GCI hype, my first impression is to give this thing about a 7.5/10. Solid addition, I see nothing wrong with the ride itself, just didn't quite have that "wow" factor my top 10 wood coasters have. The course was pretty forceful and fun, but I feel like the first half was a lot more intense than the return trip, and that the ride could afford to be just a bit longer. Theming and ambiance were top class, even if the shed was a bit overhyped (still enjoyed, but not main focus for me), and I'm sure that once I don't have to wait 2-4 hours, it will be alot more enjoyable. Like I said, solid addition, easily the best wooden coaster there (besides Beast purists), and just what the park needed. It just didn't have the initial OMG AMAZING 10/10!!!1!!1!!ONE reaction that I've had from other wooden coasters, and as I said first impressions so I'm sure my oppinions will change throughout the season....
  2. Sounds like paper cups are the way to go if it's the same price. I've never done the souvenir cup in the past for the sake of ride storage...Does anyone know if the same plan works for the rest of the parks if you go Platinum? I know it does for the souvenir cup...
  3. So many new photos. Can't comment on them fast enough.....Words cannot describe how excited I am for this thing. Very low to the ground means lots of speed and delicious g forces, and I think I've already stated my track record with GCI and how it's my favorite wooden manufacturer besides RMC. As for my thoughts on the blueprints-interesting. From what I can gather, there will be an entrance that diverges into the the Fast Lane and a curvy segment leading to what I assume are lockers before the main queue switches. I definitely agree that the exit goes toward the train station, but I don't see any divider walls or anything to differentiate between MT and Train riders, so that should be interesting.
  4. Can they use some of the land back by Bat? It feels kind of weird working at GWL knowing they basically took over the old spot, but the road to the lodge seems to turn right past the employee parking lot. I can see some easy construction to expand that back toward the park for a new campground, and it makes enough sense to be right by the whole resort area.
  5. I mean, KI pretends to have themed lines, but if the recent rework to the FoF queue is any indication.... Can we just borrow from Busch Gardens? I'm thinking my recent Tampa trip and how cool the lines for Montu and Cobra's Curse were....
  6. Glad Apex hasn't dropped the park. Haven't made the trip in a few seasons, but IB is another great Indiana park...Nice atmosphere, especially with alot of the attractions placed over water, and it never feels busy so you can relax and spend the day however you want. Not to mention some great coasters like Cornball and Steel Hawg. I'll have to try and make it back there this season....just not sure if the pass will be worth it if admission is cheaper (single day prices not up yet)
  7. I'm always for Voyage, hands down. While The Beast is a legend that must always be respected, you can't argue that Voyage just does its job better. Beast is an insane speed run through the trees that basically boils down to being a glorified mine train with a very forceful helix finale. Voyage has an insane amount of airtime, some pretty intense lats, lots of twists and turns (though that kind of cheats for being a newer coaster), and lots and lots of tunnels. I'd say the only similarity is them both being fast wooden coasters that hide from the rest of the park, but with the park's newest expansion, Voyage doesn't do that so much anymore. I suppose in the sence of being hidden, Beast does win, but Voyage is a much better ride IMO. That said, Raven>Voyage>Legend for the Holiday World trio
  8. I dont know. Working Monster/Scrambler/Dodgems back when we had the Spectacular, I kind of liked it. The music was very atmospheric to the area, and the lights and bubbles were a nice touch to that otherwise empty midway between attractions. That said, Kings Island is basically famous for it's night ride coasters (Beast, Diamondback, Banshee, very likely Mystic Timbers), so most guests didn't stop to see the lights until after the park closed.
  9. 100% agree. Also, that turn after the second drop looks pretty wild-expect some nice forces once it drops into the woods. I love the interactions this thing is gonna have with train and WWC, both for MT zooming by it, and the older attractions getting an added experience. Kind of like Millenium Island with Dinos Alive (and the old pirate haunt that was 10,000% best part of CP Haunts before that). In the #whatsintheshed
  10. Looks like last hop before the turn into the brakes, and one of the hills right after the second drop?
  11. I need this to be my new background. Simply beautiful ^Also, the entire last portion of Raven. I want that ejector drop into the twisty woods portion+Thunderhead physics to be the entire ride
  12. It must be the forced perspective again, but that turn looks a lot lower than I initially expected...
  13. I have to agree on the clicker system being super simple, but also pretty easy to botch up. I remember having to count while driving Vortex/WindSeeker/Planet Snoopy rides. It takes no time at all, but staff can also just as easily spam the button to "boost" capacity, so its also a matter of trust and honesty. Granted, with the low capacity attractions such as circular flat rides and 6-passenger coaster trains, it shouldn't be too hard to record....
  14. I can smell the airtime now. That hill looks like more of a speedbump, but just imagine the forces we're gonna get flying over that thing...
  15. The Dippin' Dots guy at the mall told you the Dippin' Dots guy that may or may not exist at Coney told you Coney is changing how they monitor ride traffic?
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