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  1. Just got this phone a few months ago and haven't really played with camera settings yet. Hope to figure it out some more before winterfest. Gotta get some decent pics of the completed lift hill. Lol
  2. Nope, galaxy s10+ just really screwy lighting. Phone didn't know if it wanted to go into low light or not. Lol
  3. A couple pics I took Saturday night. I thought it looked pretty cool with the moonlight.
  4. Just getting caught up on the past couple days. Doesn't look like I've not missed too much. Lol
  5. We were discussing the route at work (if it is indeed going to KI) There is lane restrictions on 71 south in Grove City I think. So maybe it was heading that way. Kinda excited if so. That means lift hill soon. :-D
  6. It was red. Looked quite dirty. Lol. Not sure if it was Clifford or not though. Never seen it in person. Just found it interesting. Sorry I couldn't get pics. Maybe I can con my company into giving me the dash cam video. Lol
  7. Saw a huge crane going down 23 just south of Columbus a little over an hour ago. Couldn't get pictures as I was driving. Thing was large enough they had an OSP escort. Not sure it was heading to the park unless there is maybe a lane restriction on 71 somewhere. Just thought it was interesting. can't think of anything else that would require that big a crane down 23 anywhere.
  8. 9 visits this year and no perks. Heck I can't even seem to get newsletters anymore even though everything is setup correctly.
  9. I personally would love to see another attempt at a wooden hyper. This time from a company that can actually do it. RMC has said they can everything with topper track they can do with the I Box. I think a ground up topper track RMC would be great at KI. plus they could add to the wooden track they already have. We need wooden inversions. Lol
  10. I personally can't wait to see what the area will look like with the Area 72 retheme. What's everyone's thought process on it. I am on the fence as to weither or not it's eventually going to be an entire new area (extending down to the old DA entrance). I dont think we'll see that during this off season though. I still feel that they are eventually planning to move the maintenance shop out to the new building that was built earlier this year and removing the current shop. Don't really wanna see much past the end of Racer though. I think the fact the turnaround is secluded (sort of) will add to this ride.
  11. I remember seeing an article about 15 years ago that started Millennium Force had an actual drop measurement of like 299' 10 3/4" or something like that. Not sure where I saw it. May not have even been legit. But I'm not gonna argue with less than 2 inches if that is the case.
  12. I get what you're saying. My point is this. Would Fury be any less of a ride experience if the ground under the lift were 30 feet higher. Same drop and remainder of the coaster bsing the same. I'm holding off any judgment on Orion until I ride it. At this point I guess I'm at an "advantage" over others. I have not had the opportunity to ride Fury or Leviathan. Therefore I can only compare pov videos. Fury looks amazing and then kinda fizzles out. Levi looks good. Orion looks like it'll be full out from drop to brakes. That fan turn looks sick. Can't wait to ride them all. Not comparing I305 or Millie intentionally. Going foot a straight apples to apples comparison. Those 2 look awesome as well
  13. Here's my take. We get everyone together and dig a hole under the peak of Orion's lift that is 81' deep. Now we have the tallest giga in the world at 368'. The we take the dirt from that hole and build a 40' hill under Fury's lift, 10' under Leviathin's and the rest under Millie. Now we have the only "giga" in north America. I mean it would cost to much to ship the dirt to Japan for steel dragon. But hey with my plan, Orion is now the only "true giga" as well as tallest in the world by this definition. That is how stupid this argument is. People are arguing this thing isn't a giga because of a stat that could change with a backhoe and 30 mins of excavation. Drop is the most important stat anyway. I've yet to met a single person sya that the observation platform of the ET is more thrilling and exciting than the first drop of Diamondback.
  14. I would live to see any campground, private or park owned, nearby again.
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