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  1. Am I remembering correctly that with a gold pass we can only go once to Winter fest?
  2. We have five season passes and four of us received the perks email yesterday. My minor child was the only one who did not. We got a 9.99 t-shirt deal, a $19.99 bring a friend, a move to the front of the line pass, and 15% off food. Can the perks be used by a different person? My mother is in a wheelchair and cannot ride roller coasters so she won't be using her pass to skip the line! The email says it's on the season pass :/
  3. BoddaH, where on Earth are park phones? I've never noticed any. I'd think it would take longer for me to find a park phone then any delay in Warren County talking to KI dispatch.
  4. DonnaFan


    I'm not even special needs and would have preferred the sensory-friendly show. I saw Gravity twice and swore never again. I thought my eardrums were going to burst. It was so unnecessarily LOUD. Especially during that laser part, the music had my head vibrating.
  5. Seriously, this. I already feel nickle and dimed. Now I feel drawn and quartered. Similarly, I couldn't believe that a Smurf cone is $6.50 with sprinkles. They charge $1.35 for SPRINKLES.
  6. Sounds great, thanks. Is that on the meal plan, by any chance? I can't wait for a normal food phase for the whole family.
  7. You all know your stuff! I didn't even know about such technology. The last I ever used was a crappy thermos in the 80s that didn't do anything to keep soup hot. Thanks for all the helpful ideas and tips, everyone.
  8. Dumb question, then, what do you put in a cooler? I'd think anything that needs a cooler would be really hot after sitting in a car for hours in the 90° sun.
  9. My little one only wanted breadsticks so I ended up getting pizza at LaRosa's. I want to try other stuff someday but with a little kid it's hard. It was so crazy hot Sunday! It's going to be even worse this weekend. We've gotten our KI fill for a few weeks.
  10. Vortex was walk-right-up before noon today!
  11. Yep that's why I put quotation marks around healthy. Because some people think pizza is just fine as part of a balanced diet, and it probably is but I felt rotten after LaRosa's and Chick Fil A yesterday. Everyone has their own definition. Some salads would be a calorie explosion over fried nuggets but the fiber would feel better on my tummy than fast food!
  12. What would be the "healthiest" option in the park? I went today and feel really gross from pizza and fried foods. We're going back tomorrow and ugh, the thought is making my stomach hurt already. What isn't fried or covered in cheese?
  13. DonnaFan


    I saw it today and they didn't toss her nearly this high! I was waiting for it and it did not look like this. Also a bicycle trick guy at the beginning didn't land on his bike. He was way up in the air and fell hard straight onto the floor with a sickening thud. I was really afraid for him. He was okay and finished the show.
  14. DonnaFan


    Which part of the show does this happen? I don't know who the different characters are. We saw it for the first time last week and there were a couple hiccups in the performance so I don't know if I saw what you described.
  15. This is my first time back in about two decades. Looks like I picked a good season to return!
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