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  1. I definitely saw it while going up the lifthill. Even pointed it out to the guy sitting next to me. It didn't seem too far above us at the crest of the lift.
  2. There is a test seat at the ride entrance. Feels like a standard B&M seat to me.
  3. Pretty sweet ride I must say! Back in line for my second ride. Fury feels more of a rush the whole time, but Orion doesn't let up either. They're only loading half the train at the moment so the queue appears longer than what it really is.
  4. BSBMX

    Decoding 2020

    @DustinTheNow mentioned it earlier, and I'm agreeing with him, there has to be some hints in the total rider throughout numbers. There's zero chance of any of these numbers being accurate to the single person, so somebody made up some of the digits on these numbers. The millions digit is likely accurate, but after that, who can say for sure. Here are the numbers (and rides) so far: 6,280,935 (ROT) 6,762,893 (FH) 8,237,308 (BK) 8,434,897 (ZOD) 11,554,278 (INV) 17,290,319 (FOF) (note that this number was originally 6,761,893, which is exactly 1000 off from FH's) 45,152,095 (VOR) Plucking out some digits from these throughout numbers, here are some possibilities: Length: 5152 (about 60' off from my estimate) 5209 5542 Drop Angle: 80 Turning degree: 237 (nearly matches up in CAD with the reverse ambersand) 520 (nearly matches up in CAD with the helix) Speed: 93
  5. BSBMX

    Decoding 2020

    Both trademark applications are tentatively approved pending required subtractions. Both ORION and POLARIS applications shared common language with several existing trademarks, so the examiner listed several items that would need to be removed from the new trademark applications in order to be approved, including sunglasses, shot glasses, carrying bags, keychains, and anything Class 25 (clothing, footwear, headwear, etc.). Now CF has 6 months (1/17/20) to respond the examiner's request, either agreeing to the required subtractions, or offer an argument that what they're applying for would not cause possible confusion with existing, similar trademarks (which I doubt they'll try to fight). If no response is given in this 6 month timeframe, then the applications are abandoned. Applying for new trademark applications could happen as well. Now on initial glance, this looks great--both trademark applications are basically approved, right? Well, the notable required subtraction is anything Class 25, which includes clothing. Meaning, they would not be able to sell any t-shirts, hats, etc. with the new coaster's name on it. That's not exactly a deal breaker, but can you imagine a giga coaster that doesn't have its own matching shirts to go along with it? For this reason, I think they'll add a modifier to one or both of these names to get around this sticking point, meaning they'll need to file new application(s)... something like Polaris 301 or Orion 301. That, or they'll pull a whole new, different name the day before or day of the announcement, which CF does have a history of doing as well. Totally up in the air at this point, but I'm still checking on the trademark applications every morning, and I'll update when there's anything noteworthy. Below are screenshots of both applications' approval-ish letters. Note that each has its own unique list of items that need to be subtracted from the applications, but for the most part, they're similar.
  6. BSBMX

    Decoding 2020

    It crossed into giga threshold back on page 296.
  7. BSBMX

    Decoding 2020

    I'm still here. Just no notable updates in a while. I did email Mason again this morning asking if any new blueprints are available. Still waiting on an answer from them.
  8. BSBMX

    Decoding 2020

    KIGA update: two new recent videos popped up on YT that show some interesting things. First is a clip from Friday. This one is interesting because it shows the pier drilling machine in use and near the helix area of the ride. The existing blueprints do not cover this, so there's either some new blueprints out there that we haven't seen, or not every single blueprint needs to be submitted (rather, just a sampling is necessary), or they're going rogue and doing work that hasn't been approved yet by the city (doubt it), OR maybe they're allowed to drill holes all they want and only the concrete pouring needs to be approved. Regardless, we haven't seen the approved plans for this publicly. I have the drop backbone footing circled in yellow (as reference). I'm estimating the pier drilling machine to be somewhere in the red. There's a lot of equipment in action around this area as well and an unloading semi trailer near Racer's turnaround. Lots of action! Second video is from today and I'm only including it because it shows a bit closer images of new footings in progress that the last video didn't show very well. First, the footing for the backbone's beginning has a form around it. It'll be just a day or two that we'll see the concrete here. Below is a close image of Fury's equivalent of this, though they're slightly different shapes on the rear end. On the front end, where the backbone attaches, you can see how complicated that form needs to be to accurately locate all the necessary studs for the backbone attachment. Second, one of the large footings for the lift's crest also has a form around it as well. In the recent WGT's 12th update, we saw this area was getting prepped for a form, and now it likely already has the concrete poured or will be poured soon. They're moving quick! First video is: Second video is: Fury's footing is from here: https://www.carowindsconnection.com/highslide/images/large/9-20-14-6-Wormy.jpg
  9. BSBMX

    Decoding 2020

    KIGA update: so yesterday at about late morning and early afternoon (both after my daily morning check), both the ORION and POLARIS trademarks got an update. After the initial application, the first step on the USPTO side is for each application to get assigned an examiner and have an initial database search (to see if these new trademarks could potentially be confused or infringe upon existing trademarks). Yesterday, both trademark applications had that happen. These are called "XSearch Search Summary" if you wish to look them up. Comparing both Orion's and Polaris' search results to Hangtime or Copperhead Strike doesn't really reveal much. Even the original "Fury" application, which got temporarily refused due to "likelihood of confusion" with another existing trademark, looks similar at this point, so I cannot see any indication for approval or refusal at this stage. BUT, if I use HT or CHS's applications as reference, then we should see additional updates to both Polaris' and Orion's applications next week. The examiner will send a letter to CF for both trademark applications with results in their search, which will then tell us about initial acceptance or refusal for both. Over the next month or so, I expect to see several updates to both trademark applications. If either gets refused, then can could signal that CF will abandon that trademark, or modify it slightly (similar to what changed "Fury" into "Fury 325"). I cannot link to what I'm viewing because it's an active search (and would only show "SEARCH EXPIRED" on your end), so you'll need to search it on your own if you're interested. One of my past posts in this thread goes into detail of how to do this, if you're interested. Shown below are screenshots of the initial search results. Note how complex their search is, even including misspellings and slightly different spellings of the words.
  10. BSBMX

    Decoding 2020

    Yea you're right about not needing a huge foundation for the compressor room. They moved it quite a distance (from where the old Firehawk trains are) just to get it out of the way, though. Maybe the next leg of foundation work will start somewhere over there, whenever that begins. Yea! I saw that last night and wanted to post it here but figured it would be taken down quickly. This past Sunday, a user here posted either drone footage and/or pics but it got quickly taken down before I could even see it. I'm wondering if this video is the same person's content. While it's cool, it is several days old (the T-shaped footing had not yet been poured in that video). Kinda curious how long your link to that video is going to stay on this thread... Last night, WGT also posted their 12th update. Nothing huge but some cool updates. Despite what he says in the video, there's at least one footing left to be poured in the station (in green), and the lift's beginning backbone looks ready to have its form installed around the rebar (in yellow). The drop's backbone footing has still yet to see any activity recently. The near-ground rebar has still get to be placed. The L13L footing now has its rebar in place as well, waiting to get forms put up around it. Also, there's a furry friend walking around at the 2:15 mark in the video! Last, they're taking up existing slabs of concrete from the dino walkway to prep for piers/footings for the helix area. Here's a link to his site and video. He noted several future pier/footing markings as well, not shown in his video. http://www.wildgravitytravels.com/kings-island-2020-update-12/
  11. BSBMX

    Decoding 2020

    The pier drilling machine looks a bit shy of the first turn, but I have to wonder if it's there for the new compressor building? The building would be tied to the electrical grid, part of the released blueprints. As of Monday of this week, there were no new blueprints for further pier/footing work (for the coaster), but I could see them potentially working on the compressor building right now. I'd estimate the pier drilling machine is somewhere in this yellow circle, which is about where the compressor building is.
  12. BSBMX

    Decoding 2020

    They have two access roads to this back area. I'm guessing they'd take the red-dashed road since it's right off the highway, which would agree with what @Maverick44 is saying about webcam activity.
  13. BSBMX

    Decoding 2020

    Here's an update of CSF from yesterday. No big changes from what I can tell.
  14. Update time. I reached out to Mason's engineering office via email again to check on any new blueprints that exist, and they confirmed that no new blueprints exist yet outside of what we already have. Doesn't really make sense since they're marking further footing coordinates at the site (so where'd those coordinates numbers come from?). I do have to wonder though at what line are blueprints not submitted? There are blueprints for the trains, but Mason won't get those. There are blueprints for each track piece, but Mason won't get those. So at what point are blueprints not submitted to Mason? Perhaps Mason only gets a sampling of the blueprints. Maybe we're already seeing the full extent of the blueprints? Anyways, I found the video linked below from today. As @collin.klopfstein mentioned in the Decoding thread, the T-shaped footing is now complete. Looking good! Looks like the large rectangular footing in the station and the large backbone beginning fitting are still waiting to get forms built around them. The blue circled footings are complete, and the green/yellow correspond to each other. Also, at least in the area the video shows, the large rectangular footing shared between the brake run and the lift is still waiting to get a form built around it. All pics are from the below video.
  15. BSBMX

    Decoding 2020

    Roposting here from the construction thread since this thread gets more eyes and potentially more people to check on new blueprints. The WGT video was posted earlier but not the site, which has some more interesting pics in it. WGT's 11th update. Some good stuff in here! Big news! As he noted on his site, there are now some coordinate markers for the final turn (before the brake run) as well as part of the helix (best I can tell from his images). Note the proximity of these markers to the existing concrete path. This leads me to believe there's now more blueprints available that give more X/Y coordinates for these markers and possibly more. Hopefully someone can check on more blueprints! This is the first time I've seen work being done that is beyond the existing released blueprints. Also the T-shaped footing at the end of the brake run looks like it has been poured or will be poured soon (the tarp over it is either helping it cure overnight or is keeping the area relatively dry prior to pouring concrete). http://www.wildgravitytravels.com/kings-island-2020-update-11-work-site-and-track-update/
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