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  1. The one thing that continues going around in my mind, why should we believe anything China tells us?
  2. All restaurants and bars have been shut down by the governor in Kentucky. National quarantine is coming.
  3. These are certainly days that none of us have ever seen in our lives. Some panic, some are in denial and some just go on and do what we can. Some people want to place blame and point fingers, why? What does that accomplish? At this point all we can do is hope that everyone does their part and do what they have been instructed to do. I'm supposed to go to Disney the first weekend in April for a few days, then drive back up for the first rider auction and opening weekend. If it doesn't happen, it's not the first or last time I'll be disappointed in my life. No entertainment or thrill is worth risking your life and the lives of others. We all should just carry on, hope and pray for the best outcome. Stay strong and God Bless Us ALL.
  4. You can still see Vortex standing on Google Earth with 3D and terrain on. Heck, you can even see SOB!
  5. I was on WindSeeker Oct. 27th (last Vortex day) and two teenaged boys were spitting on the ride in front of me. I told the operator, he made them apologize to me!?! I thought it was against Ohio Law to do that?
  6. Kings Island Inn. I know it turned into a hell hole in the end, but it was great when the park first started. The bus pulled up right up to the front entrance. If KI would build their own hotel right on the park where you could walk right in like Breakers at CP, that would be great.
  7. I have a question. Will we walk by all season and look at the ravine, or will they put up a fence to block the ravaged area where the murder occurred? It would take a bunch if fence to hide the area.
  8. It's all over with now. All we have remaining are the memories. Farewell and Godspeed Vortex. (via WeatherBug)
  9. That's the turn before first drop. Pic via @Waltny
  10. True. What I'm saying that if they wanted a park of this nature, they would make it happen.
  11. I think if Disney wanted a thrill park they would build one at Disney World. Lord knows they have the land to do so. Must be nice owning almost 45 square miles of land.
  12. Did you wait for the buzzard to be circling over the corpse...or was it just a lucky shot?
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