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  1. The times for the reservations are going incredibly fast so if you have the chance to get one now, I would take it. The 1030 time for the 3rd was gone in about 30 minutes.
  2. Is a repaint of Diamondback in the near future?
  3. As much as I enjoy a ride or two on The Bat, I do see it leaving in the next 10 years or so. I don't see it being the next to leave but due to its location and such, I do see it leaving. I could see Invertigo leaving next which sadly would bring Congo Falls down with it. As much as a good ride on Congo Falls is on a hot, busy, summer day, it takes up a lot of room in that area for such a simple ride (a lot of which is que line). Now I could see Invertigo leaving because it is such an unpopular ride that seems to be down a lot when I am at the park including the time it valleyed and was down for a while. Also these boomerangs just seem to be leaving everywhere and even with the Stinger trains, I had multiple rough rides and such that were not enjoyable to me or the other people in the group. This ride is becoming so uncomfortable that even GP are not enjoying it. Although I do not personally enjoy FoF as much as others, I don't see it leaving anytime soon. It is always a favorite to everyone I know and it always has a long line. Especially after Orion opening this year, there is going to be even more crowds over there naturally. There are of course other options such as a retheme but I think that for now at least, FoF is safe as is.
  4. This too was taken on last operating day (October 28)
  5. Taken on last operating day this year (October 28)
  6. Thanks for checking for those of us that cannot!
  7. I tried but the school has it blocked to play it so im always refreshing it to see it. This is the first day its been like this.
  8. that is so weird maybe its due to me using a school computer but it doesnt normally do this
  9. Anyone know whats up with the Diamondback cam? Maybe its just my computer, but its still showing its night.
  10. I can still see it; the roof just blends in with the concrete. I can see why it would look that way though!
  11. Actually, it can get tuned out. As someone who lives right next to a busy highway and is under a busy flight path, Ive learned that it gets tuned out if you really want it to.
  12. I would LOVE a water coaster. The water coaster inside Great Wolf Lodge is very fun and that's where I spend my time when my family goes It would be a HUGE hit in Soak City with older kids and their parents and its a more thrilling ride that Soak City is lacking imo. And the few thrill rides we do have in Soak City always have HUGGEE waits. Just my two cents but I am all for it!
  13. Lines are outrageous now. Earlier they were fine. Diamondback still doesn't even have trains out of transfer shed.
  14. I came on here to ask the same Also, lines aren't as bad as I thought they would be. Crowds are picking up but everything is currently at a 20 minute wait.
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