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  1. Although I've mostly learned my lesson on not getting hyped up for a world record record breaking coaster at Kings Island from Cedar Fair....I so hope they go all out for this one. I remember being lied to by my sister back in the day getting me on this ride telling me that it wasn't as tall as The Beast, then going up the lift hill and them pointing out how much higher than The Beast we were lol very fond memories. As years went by and my back got older I all together quit riding, but I always stopped to watch it because it was just a great viewing ride. I am sad though that I wont be able to give it a farewell ride because of back issues, I do not see how this area can accommodate walking paths or flat rides because it would cost so much money to grade this terrain. The only thing I think will make sense is another coaster but that could just be because I'm so used to seeing this coaster here. Let's hope for a unique amazing coaster to take the place of this historic Kings Island landmark.
  2. I said it from the get go, I knew there would be controversy over calling this a giga. I'm not bashing the ride and I'm totally looking forward to it but I agree that since the worlds first giga was height of at least 300' and drop of at least 300' that should be the standard. To add to another comment from here, say a coaster started on top of a mountain and dropped over 300' but the lift hill was only 10', why wouldn't that be classified as a different type of coaster? Maybe it should be named a terrain giga? Or a drop giga? Idk I'm sure someone could come up with a better name but the point is that when you here your going to get a giga coaster and you see how every other giga coaster has been built it kinda sets it's own standard as to what is expected for it to actually be a giga. When Kings Island is coining this one as a giga it just seems like they are trying to pull one over on people and actually are taking away from the term giga in my opinion. FYI I'm a big fan of Kings Island and Cedar Fair ,I just feel like they dropped the ball on this one. They should have atleast coined a new term which could have made it a world record holder and could have attracted more people wanting to ride the worlds 1st. To each his own...just my opinion.
  3. Absolutely agree. I've rode several rides over the years that weren't record breakers or have crazy stats but were some of the most fun rides because of their layout and design and actually (at least for me) they seem better because it's that unexpectedness that makes them great. So not knocking this ride until I ride it.
  4. Idk never rode them nor do I know their stats off hand. I'm a local Kings Island guy, been to CP once rode MF and TTD, been to universal florida a few times. Not a coster expert by any means just speculating what I see by definitions. No hate here on the new ride.
  5. True true, also just seen wikipedia says a height or drop of 300' so guess we get to call it a giga...
  6. Oh I'm definitely no knocking it's going to be a great ride and yeah 300' drop is awesome but just think it's a stretch calling it a giga. I see some controversy in the future.
  7. I dont agree with that assessment. Maybe I'm a stickler for stats idk. Will just be weird seeing a ride being called a giga with a hill height under 300'. All the other parks will make fun of us...lol
  8. I dont wanna be "that guy" but I think they might be trying to sneak one in on us calling it a giga. At least according to this site.
  9. Ah I see, the hill is 287 feet tall and has a 300' drop. So is that a grey area as far as being a giga concerned? Is it drop height or hill height that's gets it that title?
  10. Is that all it is short of MF? 2 feet shorter and 3mph slower?
  11. I am...I can be happy and disappointed at the same time. Geez
  12. Still gonna be a great coaster and addition to the park.
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