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  1. I never got the hate hate either. I thought they were fine on coasters like Val Raven or Bluehawk. The only coaster I've had problems with vest restraints on is Banshee. I got a few rough rides on it the last time I visited and the restraints just made it even more painful. But the pain I got on the ride was not the restraints fault.
  2. I think its both. They added it there cause it's The Beast car but they put the blue car next to it to remind us that The Racer has a red and blue side.
  3. Oh, I see it now. The light blue color threw me off a bit.
  4. what ride does the second to last car on the right belong to? I've been staring at it for five minuets now and I can't put my figure on it.
  5. I have riden SV and my top two are The Beast(night or day) followed by Maverick. I like SV but the restraints were to painful for me to consider it a favorite.
  6. Well considering that Vortex has already been demolished now, I guess I pick The Beast. But, I'd probably pick The Beast anyways because it's my #1 coaster and the park's most legendary ride.
  7. Thank You! Its good to see Im not the only one who thinks its bad. I hear so much praise for that ride, but I just can't like it. It has a nice setting but its to rough, and thats coming from the person who got off an SLC for the first time and wanted to run back in line to do it again. I've only been skimming through this comment thread, so sorry if someone did say it, but I'm surprised no one has said Green Lantern at Magic Mountain(soon to be vipere at La Ronde). There are. very few coasters I don't like, but there's only one a completely despise. Hopefully La Ronde has better luck with the thing then Magic Mountain, cause, good god, that ride hurt so bad.
  8. I think this is an awesome way to describe why so many people love The Beast so much! Well said!
  9. I know this thread is about your top 10, but I'd like to share only my top five since I'm not very good at ranking things. 5. Banshee at Kings Island: Even though I got a pretty bad ride the last time I rode it, I still love this ride. It is extremely forceful and I love the feel of the inversions (espescaily that barrel roll at the end) 4. Kumba at Busch Gardens Tampa: I love the roar this ride gives. I've never had a rough ride on it and the inversions and setting of this ride is wonderful. My only complaint is the lift hill. When ever I ride this coaster the sun always shines in my eyes all the way up the lift hill. 3. Furry 325 at Carrowinds: This is the last B&M, I swear. This ride has a perfect balance of speed, momentum, and force. It has an awesome drop, interesting elements, and great airtime moments. The treble-clef element is amazing and I'm excited to see that Orion has one too. 2. Maverick at Cedar Point: I see this ride get less attention now days because of Steel Vengeance, and that kind of saddens me. This ride is very well paced and very well laid out. The drop is amazing, but it's just the beginning. Twisting in between the man made rocks, that airtime hill that's parallel to the lake, the fast inversions, the awesome second launch into the helix over the manmade lake, all those things make Maverick a memorable and exhilarating ride. The funniest thing is, when I went to Cedar Point for the first time, I didn't know what the ride was called so I just called it Babby Millenium Force(cause it had a smaller drop then MF and had the same track design). But after ridding Maverick, I think the rode is more intense then MF. 1. The Beast at Kings Island: God, where do I begin and where do I end when talking about this ride. For a ride thays mostly straight tracks and is trimmed to death, it is awsomely unique! I can understand the hate for this ride, because I've had dull slow feeling rides on this ride before. But that's the thing about The Beast. It's very tempermental. You can get a different experience every time you ride this ride. The ride changes depending on the time of day, the temperature, the weather, and what seat you sit in. A front row ride on The Beast has to be the most peaceful experience I've every experienced(you get a nice breeze and a brilliant view of the woods around you), while a ride in the later rows can feel wild and out of control like the ride is dragging you insanely through the layout. Not to mention the night ride or the ride while it's raining/after it gets done raining. I have so many stories from me and my family riding The Beast, like when I pointed at a rabbit I saw and my dad panicked cause "you're supposed to keep your arms and legs in the car" or when my niece was ridding the ride for the first time and her head kept knock into my elbow while I held her hand. She still had a lot of fun and so did I. Anyway, that's my top five. It might change with the addition of Orion and with the more park's I go to.
  10. The only ride that has bruised me up is The Beast, which I love to death. The first time I rode it I rode it near the back and I got a bruise on my leg. My mother, who loves the ride too and has rode it a million times since the 80s, called it a "beast bruise" and said that she got them a lot after riding The Beast. We always have a good laugh when one of us gets a little busted up on The Beast and I still have a pic of me in front of The Beast sign with my injury. p.s R.I.P Firehawk
  11. I think the restraints are comfortable at first, but, once you hit that airtime, your restraints can come down more mid ride and staple you. It doesn't always happen, but when it does it's god awfully painful. For the Arrow Loopers, I think they would be worse for me if I haven't ridden them so many of them. I've kind of gotten used to them. As for the SLCs, I've only ridden one (Kong at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom) and, it was very rough, but I found it fun actually.
  12. This is an awesome recording! Tbh listening to the Maestero is a whole lot more entertaining then anything on fun tv
  13. I don't know about the Phantom Theater pre show since the ride closed the year I was born, but I remember the Scooby preshow fondly. Hearing Shaggy explain how to use your blaster always got me hyped to ride the ride as a kid, no matter how many times I had to hear it while standing in line. It was a huge shame when they put the TVs in. It ruins the atmosphere now. When was the last time they brought the Phantom animatronics out? Have they been out recently?
  14. Are the restraints on RMC raptors any more comfortable?
  15. If they do that, I hope they keep some of the Boo Blasters animatronics or at least have a nod to the ride (like I said Scooby Doo and the Haunted Mansion was my Childhood). And I really hope they use some of the original Phantom Theater animatronics. I don't know if they still have them, but I know they kept them for awhile and displayed them during Haunts.
  16. I think 2020 will be the ride's 10th season. That's how long all the other dark rides in that spot lasted, with the exception of Scooby Doo and the Haunted Mansion(which sucks cause that ride was my childhood).
  17. Isn't it apart of The Beast's theming that there is a mine in the woods of Rivertown? Maybe they could retheme blsc to that. But, personally, I like it's car chase theming better.
  18. Oh my god! I thought I was the only one who found RMC's restraints uncomfortable! I wanted to like Steel Vengeance and Lightning Rod so much, but the restraints on them just hurt me to badly.
  19. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I think Coney Mall is a shell of its former glory and needs some work. The area it's self doesn't need work. They've added new restaurants and the area has plenty of benches and trees. But, Coney Mall used to seem like a small amusement park inside of an amusement park, and now it just seems like another themed area.
  20. Im new hear, so I don't know if there has already been a similar topic, but I'm interested to see if you guys have any fun stories about any past or current rides at Kings Island.
  21. Oh sorry. That's good though. They should use that land for something.
  22. The rumor was apart of a larger Rivertown expansion rumor. I believe there a thread about it.
  23. Rumor has it they're just going to let the brush in that area grow out. I hope they don't. Coney mall needs a few more flat rides or another roller coaster even. I think your right about that. They did remove the ride rather quickly and CF was way more secretive about it's removal then they were about Firehawk's.
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