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  1. Edit: Actually never mind. I'm going with @BeeastFarmer with this one. Beast for the win! I'd say Diamondback has my vote. It is my number 2 for the park while Mysti is my number 4. As much as I love Mysti I think Diamondback gives some killer floater and it's grater speed gives it the advantage imo.
  2. Oh! That makes more sense considering that all the other photos I've scene of Cobra entrance have all looked different. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. I never got to see The King Cobra in real life since it was torn down a year before I was born, but I've seen a picture that shows an entrance on what I presume to be in Action Zone/ Adventure Village. It only had an entrance and an exit sign instead of the King Cobra sign with the snake on it. Does anybody remember this? Edit: I've found the photo I was talking about at http://www.casabrian.com/parks/pki2001.html
  4. That's how I got my high score(only 2,000 and something). That was back when it was Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle.
  5. I defiantly agree that if the lights from the turnaround are visible(and I also agree with you that they will most likely be hidden by trees) that would be something cool to see, but I can see how spotting them during a night ride could be disappointing to some. As you said though, seeing lights from Orion for a few seconds should not change the quality of the other 4 minuets of The Beast nighg ride.
  6. As bright as the lights are, I think there are enough trees between the turn around and that section of The Beast to where they won't be too noticeable. At least, that's what I'm hoping anyway.
  7. No! We can't lose another one! Especially not that one!
  8. I don't think anything will kill my hype to get back on The Beast, but this came awful close. It's gonna be even harder not seeing Vortex from the top of the second lift.
  9. I've never noticed a rattle on Banshee until the 2019 season. And, usually I'm not one to complain about a rattle. I've noticed one on Kumba, and that coaster is in my top five. But last year both a rattle and the vest restraints(which I'm not usually bothered by either) made both of the rides I got on the invert painful, which is a shame since Banshee is one of my favorite B&Ms. I'm hoping that I can get a better ride on it this season.
  10. El Toro Ryan also did a pretty interesting video on the history and leagacy of The Beast. I definitely recommend it to people who haven't watched it already.
  11. really? That's interesting! I ussaly try to stay closer to the front, since the closer to the back I get on most coasters the rougher they'll be. I've noticed The Beast is an exception.(though I found the front car to be rather smooth) That's just my experience though.
  12. @dbackdreams My advise for ridding The Racers is to not sit in a wheel seat and sit closer to the front (though as gforce1994 said, try to stay in the middle). Try not to staple yourself. When pulling down your restraints make sure you leave yourself a bit of wiggle room. Finnaly, remember they sell aspirin in the Banshee gift shop. You can try taking it before you ride to see if that prevents your headache or makes it less severe. Also I highly recouldmend the backrow of Diamondback or the front seat at night. I hope you have a chance to experience both this season.
  13. This video shows the mountain and climber as well as an incomplete pov from the ride(The Beetle clips start at around 4:18). Judging by the home video, the ride seemed kinda rough. For those who got to ride it, was it or was the recording just really shakey?(It was taken on a video camera from the 1970s)
  14. Guys, I found it! I found the perfect replacement for Vortex!
  15. I'm sad to see it go, but I knew it wouldn't last much longer. When I rode it for the first time last year I found it plesently forceful and not that rough(the only rough spot I noticed was exiting the helix). I hope it's replacement is just as forceful.
  16. I'm very confused. They said that Immalmmens are a type of element found on inverted coasters, but aren't they also commonly found on Dive Coasters? Does it have to be an invert for the inversion to be considered an immalmmen?
  17. I've heard people call it The Screamin Demon Screamin. Were did that name come from? Was it ever official, or was it a nickname?
  18. Does anyone remember the rideing The Demon or ridden another Arrow Shuttle Loop? We're the launches and vertical loop forceful?
  19. I'm glad I'm not the only one who wants more flats and games in Coney Mall. I would prefer a tilt-a-whirl over a Faris wheel, though. I've always felt it would suit Coney Mall's fair theme very well and that the area was missing something like it.(I'd love to hear everyone else's thoughts on Coney getting a Tilt-a-whirl) The mesume idea and the sky ride idea are both genus! I love the idea of both of those being in Coney Mall!
  20. I hope that means there willing to perchase flatrides from them. I'd love to see some CF park's receive a drunken barrels model, especially KI who needs more flatrides.
  21. Im just saying 15 years is a good minimum, at least for me. If a coaster is ment to last a short time(say it has problems or some other reason), I hope it can last at least 15 seasons.
  22. Yeah, I must admit that the 15 year mark does seem rather short considering how long a coaster like a B&M can last. I wouldn't be too upset to only get to spend a decade and a half with a coaster, though. Don't get me wrong I want to see any good coaster have a lifespan as long as The Beast's, but if it only gets a short amount of time then I hope it can at least make it to it's 15th anniversary.
  23. Do you think it will reach it's 15th anniversary? Idk about the average lifespan of a RMC hybrid, but that sounds like an ok lifespan for a coaster.
  24. This sounds very similar to what happened with The Bat. Do you think SV will have just as short of a lifespan?
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