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  1. I honestly don't think Dinosaurs Alive will be moved. I feel as though the dinosaurs will be removed after this season, and then the path will be used as a Haunt like everything else abandoned at Kings Island hahaha
  2. I don't know if it's worth the hassle! I just don't understand why Kings Island has so many difficulties doing things consistently in regards to employee procedures. Sent from my XT1031 using Tapatalk
  3. We also used the funnel cake coupon on the first Sunday the park was open. We used it in the afternoon so there were no issues with time constraints, but they definitely need better signage. We got strawberries and whip cream. On the pricing sign it just says "funnel cake: x amount; funnel cake with toppings: x amount;" Upon getting to the register the cashier says that the whip cream counts as an extra topping. I forget how much the cost was, but the sign shouldn't have said ToppingS with one set cost. The cashier then proceeded to accidentally charge us for a refill on the season long cup. She said when they scan the barcode, the refills automatically come up as 75 cents, so they have to hit a button to make them free. Why on Earth would they have the free refill bottles come up as 75 cents, for any reason other than to make money off people not paying attention to the total?
  4. I have been on Gatekeeper and Thunderbird. I found both to just be okay. Thunderbird was my least favorite coaster at Holiday World. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion though! If it were up to me Kings Island's next addition would be a nice twister style wooden coaster. I loved The Legend at Holiday World, and I found the last half of The Voyage to be the most fun and intense part!
  5. kjkjkj


    This might be a dumb question, but has anyone tried to use FunPix in one of the park's photo booths? We were going to look in a photo booth on Sunday and see, but the only one that was around when we were thinking about it was out of order.
  6. Yesterday, the line for the Coke Freestyle refill station was super long at the one by Adventure Express. I feel like they shouldn't have to scan the season long refill bottles one by one, to let people fill up their drink. I know they probably do it to track how many refills people are getting with the season long bottles versus regular drinks or day long refills, but there has to be a better way of getting people through the drink lines. At Disney at the resorts, their paper cups have an RFID chip in them. The pop fountains don't work unless your RFID chip is activated. There should be exclusive "Season Long Souvenir Cup refill stations", where the machines only work after you scan your souvenir cup barcode. or something similar? It just feels like something isn't working. You shouldn't have to stand in a line that long, just for a quick drink refill. Especially if all you want is some ice water in your souvenir cup. I know there are bottle refills on a lot of the bathrooms now, but those don't have ice. I feel as though Holiday World has the best set up for drinks out of any park I've been to. I don't think we waited in line for a drink once there, because you just walk right up to the seemingly endless drink kiosks and fill your cup for free!
  7. Taken from the KI Admissions and Guest Services twitter, could we be seeing an update to our entrance within the next year or two? Sent from my XT1031 using Tapatalk
  8. So if you look closely at this picture tweeted by the KingsIslandPR twitter https://twitter.com/KingsIslandPR It appears as though Blackout will be open for a special night event including The Bat and Banshee! More event information can be found at https://www.visitkingsisland.com/things-to-do/events-and-promotions
  9. Looks like the arcade by The Beast might be getting a some new signs! Image provided by the "kigames" twitter account https://twitter.com/kigamesdept
  10. Maybe they are building a new "build your own Funnel Cake" style stand similar to the one on International Street last year? Perhaps the layout and design of the original building wouldn't be conducive to this type of "assembly line" style?
  11. I went to dent schoolhouse last night. They replaced the old playground scene with a new fall festival scene, that is now part of a second queue area. In one of the "festival" booths they have a sign called "Witch's Brew" and they have a car that I think is from the old Kings Island ride, Winnie Witch Cauldrons.
  12. After recently riding Voyage, The Legend, and Raven at Holiday World, I would definitely vote for a wooden coaster. The wooden coasters at Holiday World, are pretty much like no coasters I've ridden before, I could ride those three coasters all day long! They just seem so intense and forceful! As for Holiday World's newest coaster, Thunderbird, once was enough. Anymore I just find most B&Ms to be so smooth that they are just forceless and boring. I really hope that if the next coaster that Kings Island builds is steel, they use a different manufacturer than B&M. Preferably Intamin!
  13. It definitely looks like that could be a stage to hold an announcement about future expansion. Why there though? Hmm...
  14. So, I couldn't make it to the park for Opening Day or Preview Night. So I just wanted to start a topic where everyone could post about changes they have seen around the park, whether big or small. I would really like to see pictures as well! Hope everyone had a great time this weekend. I'm really curious about Tower Gardens, I have heard the waterfall is gone. How does that area look? Also, did the 80s store make a comeback anywhere in the park?
  15. I think the theme is wearing out quickly. The guns barely work, and it just feels outdated. They should just create a new dark ride using the same ride vehicles. They should scrap the whole black light and shooting idea, and go back to something along the lines of Phantom Theater or if Guardian of Wonder Mountain is successful at Canada's Wonderland maybe possibly incorporate some of that technology. I would be happiest if they went back to a classic dark ride style though.
  16. I wondered how long it would be for the effects of Banshee/ Banshee queue to be "left off".
  17. So I bought this yesterday, I would really like to see a list of what exact items at each location constitute as an entree or a side? Like in Festhaus can you get mozzarella sticks and count that as your entree? Or at Jukebox Diner, can you get one of those containers of mixed fruit and count that as an entree?
  18. I think this topic is okay for just general small discussions. Things that aren't really worth starting a new thread over.
  19. ^That sucks about Adventure Express. Hopefully they fix that soon. So for souvenir cups this year, is it the same as last year where you have to purchase the current years to get it refilled for a discounted rate? Or can you bring in older souvenir cups? I have like 50 at my house lol
  20. So is it true that the Raiders of the Lost Ark theme no longer plays in the Adventure Express queue? Anybody notice any other general park improvements or changes?
  21. You do know the actual definition of queer is "odd or strange" right? Which is how BB1 was using it.
  22. Now, I'm not saying we are getting Flying Eagles back, but do you honestly think Don would just casually tell you "Yup, they are definitely making a comeback next year. Don't ruin the surprise for everyone else" ?
  23. OMG you're kjkjkj! I remember seeing your Kings Island recreation in RCT3! Are you still working on that? Hopefully someday it will be completed! It's been a very long time since I've played RCT though Back to the topic, I miss KCKC! Especially now that Tomb Raider/ The Crypt is gone, it seems like it was almost for nothing. It was always one of my favorite rides to ride at night before I started riding The Beast.
  24. Glad to see you back! Excellent pictures so far!
  25. Kings Island really is in good hands now.... I really love all the changes we have heard about so far!
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