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  1. My favorite peice of senery would have to be the stuff on Wild Thornberrys, I just think it looks alot like the stuff from da show......other then that, it would have to be N-Ething in FoF
  2. Do u guys think the new seatbelts make The Beast a little less shaky, I think it kept u in place more. I liked it the other way, shaky, bumpy, and rough, same wit u guys?
  3. I would call it a ride, just not a thrill one. It is a great ride for when u have little kids, or after u eat! Dont want that ta happen
  4. I was jus wonderin wat yall's favorite thrill ride is. Not roller coasters, jus thrill rides like Tomb Raider, or Delirium!!
  5. I rode the scrambler, it was a little bit smother, but semes the same to me
  6. Should rides like The Flying Eagles & the scrambler be tookin out? Or maybe remodeled? :cigar:
  7. I would settle for one restaurant with FREE refills for Gold Pass holders. Then I wouldn't have to keep a pop cooler in my car.
  8. I'm no rocket scientist here, but I am guessing that the cost of keeping ride themeing working is a lot less than that of having to redo it after it sits for a few years and gets corroded with dust and who knows what all. As a season pass holder, I expect things to be kept up in good, working order. If I wanted to see stuff that didn't work, I would go to a junk yard for amusement instead.
  9. So, why is it that KI can't keep up with the themeing on rides. AE used to be so cool with the arrows shooting in the one tunnel. Hopefully this (or something better) is coming soon. Top Gun used to have the bottom platform section open that was pretty neat. Now it is closed off and as you enter the ride there are banners that are ripped off. Can't these be replaced or just removed completely? Whats the deal with this? Anyone know?
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