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  1. I miss KCKC and i miss 007... and i loved King Cobra
  2. I liked KC, they probably sellin it to another park for scraps
  3. I loved the parade, I was kickin all over the park the day I saw it, lol
  4. I would say they will probably do the nick central expansion.
  5. I hope they do something about the line, I would love for them to re-open the inner que, I loved looking at all that stuff in there.
  6. pkifreak

    Water Rides

    ^^Agree, I loved KCKC, it was way more thrilling than WT.
  7. Great idea, over 30 years of KI history in one place!!!
  8. I remember riding it the year the woman died, actually it was a few weeks before, it was a total blast... I had it so crazy my sister almost got sick!!
  9. I rode one of those at a carnival once, it was pretty much fun but kinda made me sick...lol
  10. I didn't get to go last year because I was sick, what rides are usually not open?
  11. I would chooseWINGS diner cause I love Ribs!!!!!
  12. ^^^ I agree... workers, if you are working on Saturaday, please say where so we can all say hi... I will probably be wearing a Red shirt that says ONE HIT WONDER on it... LOL!
  13. pkifreak

    Water Rides

    I chose White Water Canyon cause it is the longest and gets you the most wet... Also I think it gives you the best expirience because you can look at most all people in the bpoat with you!
  14. It probably depend on the day and the weather if it is busy or not.
  15. I cant wait 4 starbucks and greaters... I also heard a rumer about UDF coming to KI. I can have caffine in the morning... and then mass sugar in mid day...
  16. I shall be there on Saturday, only if the weather is nice. My cousins gonna have his first ride on The Vortex!.. YAY!!
  17. On Wednesday, I got a letter in the mail, and it had the stuff about the sneek preview day.... Is anyone going, I am. Its not this coming weekend, but the following.
  18. My little cousin, who is almost 10, loves that show to death... Who really cares what it's called.. as long as we know it will still be in use and put many happy faces on America's children. Stop complaining!!!!
  19. who voted for neither? and y?
  20. pkifreak

    Longest Lines

    I said Face/Off because it's always hoping with people and on a hot day, it feels pretty good... everyone loves a good rush! :cowboy:
  21. I voted for th Goaster Coaster cause it is a wast of time and money, but the kids really do like it.
  22. 4 wood-The Beast 4 steel- Face/Off
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