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  1. I totally agree with the chef, BOTH!!
  2. I would choose both... Only because I like good fearful fun, and a nice look of the park while its cold and snowing! But some disagree.
  3. Over the past couple of years, the scrambler has been getting a filled que line. The scrambler attracts many differnt age groups, and is a family fav. So i dont think it will be leaving any time soon.
  4. My little cousins really liked the Nick Parade last year, so ill be glad to see it back in '05!
  5. The best pki perk is ERTs because you can get all of Action Zone done in an hour or less, and spend the rest of the day out of that section of the park!!!
  6. I think RTC3 is great!!! The graphics are really good, and you can make familys, and make people walk in groups. All you can do with RTC2 is build it and watch them ride it. You also can personalize your own people.
  7. Since most of you voted for coney mall in my last poll, which of the rides needs the most updating?(scrambler just had an update so i didnt include it)
  8. I can't wait till IJ:ST! I didnt care for the eagles, but the antique cars was my grandma's fav ride and it was the last ride she ever rode in her life, when she died, there was a picture of me, my sisters and her on that ride in her cascket, so i will miss them a lot. But she had a love for coasters, so if anything were to take the cars place, at least its a coaster In loving emory of Helen Leistner
  9. pkifreak


    Personally, I think it is Coney Mall, it is just that mostly all the rides have busted lights, and they need to be repainted. Like, look how great the scrambler looks, thats how all the rides should look.
  10. I just wanna say that it does not matter how many picyures threr are, just be happy someone took them!! I never got to ride the flying eagles this year becaue any 1 i was with didnt like it because of all of the people who get to crazy and hit the ground or do something to make it shake. :censored: But n-e-waz... On the ijst issue, i think that this i one of the most advertized rides i have seen besides The Beast and its son, and it will be quite busy for the most of the 2005 year. :offtopic: :offtopic:
  11. Well we started out by going to Drop Zone. We only had to wait for one round then got on seats 22 & 23. Then we went to Top Gun. That back seat is somthing else let me tell ya. After that we waited15 mins. for SoB. Then we rode AE which was great in the very 1st seat. Then we ate at the Festhause before the main lunch crowed came in. Then came The Racers Forward only because we didnt have time to ride the backwards because we had to meet some 1 at the Scrambler. Then we meet up with my aunt, Uncle and my baby cousin. It waas her first visit. So then we went to FoF in the 1st seat. Then we rode The Beast 2 times in a row in the Front seat. Then we walked right on TR:TR in the Front row. Then we got soaked on White Water Canyon and the Wild thornberries. Then we rode Runaway Reptar and I rode Yogies sky tours with my 11 month old cousin, she loved it. the whole time she was laughing and saying again! again!. So the we rode Scooby Doo then the Eiffel Tower then left. Over all it was a great day!! Se Ya
  12. In my Opinion. Top Gun is the smoothest But we all dont think the same way SE YA
  13. I would have to go with Snowy River Rampage, I like to ride with people, and the line moves quickly!
  14. I would change the seats on the SOB to make it more comfortable
  15. Which water ride do you think is the best
  16. How long dose it usualy take you to get to pki?
  17. The Beast is way better then tthe SoB The SoB hurts my legs and arms way to much and the seats on The Beast are more comfortable
  18. The Beast is way better then tthe SoB The SoB hurts my legs and arms way to much and the seats on The Beast are more comfortable
  19. I can not stand going into AZ It is so d@mn crowded all of the time, but Rivertown never is really that busy, unless it is on the weekend, But there is 1 thing I do not like about RT, They wont expand it and make more rides. Action Zone has enough rides right now, so put more rides in RT. Use your god D@mn minds ya'lls!! PEACE
  20. I would have to go with Rivertown. It does have the best scenery and pki's signature ride: The Beast!!!!! Action Zone dose have good rides but Rivertown has more that that... .better rides .better food .better scenery It's just that simple The Beast RULES!!
  21. I would have to go with a three way tie..... Top Gun SoB SDGC I don't really care to ride then as much as other rides like The Beast & Tomb Raider. I'll still ride them of course, but I have many other first choices :stupid:
  22. pkifreak

    June 7th

    Sounds fun!! Im going again in about 2 weeks! I KANT WAIT THAT LONG :whacko:
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