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  1. Its all fun and games until you become the target
  2. Firehawk didnt open until 11 and then Drop Zone and Son of Beast were closed all day.
  3. My guess would be track because that is what they have been working on the past month or so.
  4. That is awesome i am turning 14yrs old on 8-1-07 I am short so no making fun of me LOL I have also already RSVPed how tall are you?
  5. People go down to Florida to see what all they have down there and not up here like im sure they wouldnt build an animal kingdom type adventure at KI and if they see people staying in Cincinnati they would think of a way to either get people back down to Florida or have us pay a little extra although we wouldnt be happy i can see them doing something like this after all no matter what prices jump every year at the park
  6. That does suck when you make the walk all the way over there and you get denied on your chance to ride but i will be going probably all next week and am looking forward to that wait for Firehawk that is only half as long as usual
  7. derek9312


    Sucks you didnt get a ride on SoB or FoF
  8. That is horrible news to hear and now i guess we can call this the year of amusement park accidents.
  9. To be honest welchce and everyone else i love the idea and i love Disney it is one of the best places to go and experience and all of Disney's shows arent lame as you told Vortexallday i may be 13 and not as many kids this age watch Disney related shows but i still do and i would love to see them take the park over, but my only question now is if Disney were to buy at least KI would the prices for admission go up or would they stay pretty much the same?
  10. Hey thats the same situation im in.
  11. I hear stuff like this every time i get ready to ride The Beast because parents scare their kids by saying that Vortex is The Beast while they are at the enterence.
  12. how old are you 13 the only problem i have is that without an answer from my mom i have no ride so that is my only problem and i havnt gotten an answer yet.
  13. I'm hoping i can go i have to wait until my mom gets home and then she's going to look at it and then hopefully she will say yes and hopefully i wouldnt have to go to Indiana that weekend
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