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  1. American Music with Chinese food in a German Restraunt. What has happened to America (or Kings Island at the least)
  2. Well if it isn't Screamscape again. Posting a park map before the park opens...wow what jerks.
  3. did this kid get banned?

  4. ^I enjoy anything that gives me adrenilane, But obviously these things should not be taken lightly.
  5. That's what I've been saying! I was with this one girl who never rode a looper before, and she pointed at The Vortex and said, "Hey, you want to ride the loopy one?" later, she said, "You want to go one the yellow one next?" I asked if she was talking about Face/Off, and she said, "What's Face/Off?"
  6. JacksonPKI


    ^O.K., Thanks Interp!
  7. ^I was thinking ocean blue with purple poka-dots, but thats just me. I would have much rather have kept the X-Flight name and colors, but it's CF, what do you expect?
  8. That does look like a cool logo, but i don't think the colors match. (unless....) Flight Deck is a halfway decent name for a ride, As Stated somewhere in these forums, "Most people don't even call them by their names." (or something along those lines.) You're kidding right? Flight Deck is a pretty bad name for the ride experience itself. Maybe the station... but not the ride itself. No, considering that most people don't care for the name,..
  9. JacksonPKI


    Nobody has said, "I'm head of engineering so listen to me" Sorry for being obnoxious but it's true, nobodys posted there status.
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