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  1. In my opinion, the introduction of Potter has rejuvenated the Orlando parks and will continue to drive the area forward for years to come - which is a good thing for those of us who love parks. What I find interesting is that on Universal Orlando commercials, when they talk about 2 great parks - they almost leave the impression that one is called "Wizarding World of Harry Potter"
  2. If a train is past the MCBR, then it should coast safely to the brake run - no power generation required. Any sensors required for braking should fail safe to the break condition when power goes out.
  3. for additional info check out this thread. http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/26032-eiffel-tower-upper-platform/page__pid__478431#entry478431 Also, you can use the search function to try and see if questions you may have have already been asked and answered.
  4. Anxiously waiting for standbyme to respond to this thread, although I know there are others with massive collections also.
  5. More proof to my theory about the save SoB crowd - so many who loved it and/or wanted to save it only rode it once or twice (if at all). I think many were in love with the concept, the records, and built a better memory of SoB as time wore on than the reality of the ride deserved. Again, this comes from one who enjoyed SoB (more with the loop), rode it when in was open, initially wanted it to reopen, but long ago realized that the current path is best for KI.
  6. It is not up to you or Terpy to define what is a reasonable accommodation. In addition, there is no easy answer as it may be different in what might otherwise look like similar circumstances. Terpy's not trying to be vague for the sake of frustrating you - it is a vague definition to meet.
  7. Well, that's kind of eerie if you ask me
  8. Last night I posted in another forum about them becoming harder to stick with - thanks jandb as your post is a great example of why I do.
  9. I don't beleive any of the Space Mountains are bobsled coasters.
  10. I know, it would be hard for me to admit it as well Tggrr
  11. Seriously if any Admins are reading these forums anymore - is it possible to limit the number of new topics a user (especially a new one) can create in a given time period? Seems like every couple of days we get a self described noob posting 5 new topics - most often covering something easily searched. Either that or run an auto search on a topic title before allowing a new topic to be posted and ask "do any of these existing topics cover your question"? Getting hard to enjoy these forums.
  12. Do a search and you'll find this discussed in plenty of topics, some with pictures, some with auditor website land records. Bottom line - plenty.
  13. For more accurate info, please refer to Shaggy's post on page 1 of this thread. While your post does reflect some reality (where some of the deaths occurred), it also embellishes with data that can not be known.
  14. If it were me making decisions, I'd rule out: - a wooden coaster - anything with the name Son of ... As you don't want comparisons - a connection to X-base As I don't think the landscape makes sense - a single ride As the space exists to build out Action Zone more efficiently.
  15. Jr - a couple of points. I beleive that guest safety is extremely important to the leadership at KI, however responding or not to this thread doesn't prove that or not. The only person I am aware of who posts is KingsIslandPR. Likely the only response he could provide here would need to be reviewed by KI lawyers and would say something along the lines of - if you are concerned, see a Dr, and if this happens again please feel free to have an associate contact health services for immediate assistance. Beyond that, you obviously feel that KIPR is only active on these forums to promote money making ventures for the park. I'd note that they have done more than that - answering guest questions, sharing park news, supporting charitable causes, and alerting us to new opportunities like tours, special fireworks seating, etc... You know, the things you'd expert the PR team to be doing on forums like this.
  16. Sorry your favorite coaster is officially going away, but I'd hope you realize that the park doesn't just remove a ride because a few people can't handle it. I used to really enjoy SoB as well (with loop) and it had some thrills without loop also, but understand its time to move on. I also hope that you've found other rides and attractions to enjoy at KI in the 3 years it's been SBNO so you can continue to enjoy the park. What was is about SoB that made it so great to you?
  17. Jr - why should KI staff (not that I'm aware of several reading these forums every day - but I'll take your word for it) respond to this thread any more or less than you or I.
  18. Dude - you had a bad experience at a restaurant, they refunded your money - be happy with that and move on. In all seriousness, it looks like your order might have gotten lost as it rarely takes 10 minutes to get Skyline from my experience (park or outside), but after you alerted them to the problem, they were making it (but after waiting ten minutes - the normal two more seems really slow) before you asked for your money back. Are there times I wish the workers (ride ops, food stand) moved faster - yes. Are there some that should be coached better by supervisors/leaders - absolutely. What is the best way to help make that happen: pout, stomp your feet, whine on KIC, and demand a refund, OR share balanced feedback (kudos for good service and input where help needed) with GR or managers/supervisors.
  19. It is not uncommon for riders to grey out/black out on rides, so there is likely nothing to worry about, but talking to your doctor if you are concerned is never a bad idea. Note - susceptibility to g-force blackouts can be affected by many things that affect blood pressure (how hot was it, how hydrated were you, what had you ridden previously, did you run/ walk fast/ stroll leisurely over to Invertigo, did you get a good nights sleep last night, what was your stress level).
  20. Interesting that after complaining about the length of the queue, you then ask for it to be extended through the lower level!
  21. Why not just send him a PM to his KIC account? Jon - a little advice (if you choose to accept it). I'd be surprised if you were banned for one comment saying "SoB was a mistake". Also, Why should KI making a decision on SoB cause your banning to be overturned? Maybe the best bet would be to PM or email Don, but do so with a little bit of respect (saying I was wrongfully banned isn't the right approach as obviously they felt it was correct) - I'd go with a more conciliatory or even apologetic approach along the lines of: As a huge fan of Kings Island I'm disappointed that my prior posts about SoB led to me being banned from your FB page. I can understand how they were (insensitive/ inflammatory/ uncalled for - I don't know what was said but assume something fits), but think that I have grown from the experience and would appreciate you giving me another chance. Also be prepared that you may not get the answer you want. Even in that scenario, it is important to remain respectful with a thanks for considering response - anything else would prove them right in not giving you the second chance.
  22. A couple of points - the biggest complaints with Fast Lane are because it is new and different. When it is an established system the complaints will die down. Paying more gets you more a lot of places in the country: Want to go to California - you have options including: - Don't go because you can't afford it - Take buses and trains - Drive - Fly coach class - Fly first class - Fly a private jet Each of these has a different cost/benefit equation like the following for amusement parks - Don't go - Go on a discount ticket (busy company party Saturday perhaps) - Buy a ticket - Buy Fast Lane - Buy a VIP tour We each can make our own choice As for FB comments - today on a Beast picture, someone proudly stated that they first rode it in 1978!
  23. Loved reading your TR - brought back special memories of days with my boys. Thanks.
  24. My opinion on lift hill speeds - get me to the top as fast as possible. The ride is the ride - I get soooo frustrated at the slow speed on Beast (it wasn't always like that) but enjoy Millie an DB.
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