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  1. This season, I actually had a handstamp that said "Firehawk". I was wondering if they were changing things up this year.
  2. Lately there have been lots of topics and discussions about theme - of individual rides, of areas of a park, of theme v amusement for a total park. My question is - for you, what would be good theming? My answer: I like an area of a park to be themed: buildings, food, music - with rides lightly themed to fit in (for example King Cobra in the then animal/safari area) I have very little need/interest in highly themed individual rides.
  3. IIRC - Iron Dragon is a 46" requirement and Flight Deck is 48". This was the one that always surprised me as the car and restraints seem the same although the FD ride is more forceful.
  4. Me personally, I don't know and don't care to know how the tricks work. I was rather entertained by the show as always. Yeah, me neither. I'm ok not knowing.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to post these pics and Trip Report - an interesting and enlightening read (never would have guessed ohiocolts either).
  6. Hmmm - funny, but I can't find my pass anywhere
  7. Kaitlin - welcome to KIC. At the risk of being rude, however, I'm also going to ask you to think about how often you post about your "love" of SoB (which is mentioned in your first 5 posts to the site - and is part of your Avatar). You even admit to only riding it once the week before it closed and it being very rough in another post - not exactly the foundation for undying love. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the forums - just wanted to give you a heads up that always posting about SoB won't earn you much respect or many friends around here.
  8. Voyage and Thunderhead top my list, although I don't have a huge list of credits to compare.
  9. Mcarthy - we all would like to have access to inside information because it would be fun to know things ahead of others and the GP. Do you at least understand why those of us reading this thread would doubt you, however? We've all heard the official statements, some posters have/do work at the park and know how it works, and there are even a few posters here that have close ties to park and industry insiders. So what is the difference between you and them: - you make statements claiming to have an inside track but also referencing emailing Cedar Fair multiple times and getting a response finally (which is it) and are unwilling to - others have a history of sharing info when allowed but staying quiet at other times, only sharing options of what might be true Your credibility for future posts would be improved by coming clean and sharing further info to back up your claims.
  10. Cobra - why ask? It's BB1, who likes to talk in the third person and must post in every thread to raise his post count whether he ha something of value to add or not.
  11. Maybe you do already, but I'm guessing not from this statement so - One day, if you end up with kids, you'll know the answer to this question. It is quite easy for even responsible and protective parents to lose track of a well behaved child - as for the yelling, you'd be doing it also as it is quite the scary experience.
  12. KIfan1980

    Best Hotel?

    Best Hotel at an amusement park - Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney Best Hotel Chain when traveling with the family - Country Inn & Suites Best Individual Hotel - So many to choose from with the Vegas Hotels. My choice would be Venetian/Palazzo or maybe Wynn/Encore or Bellagio or Mandalay Bay - although in some ways NY-NY and MGM are more my style.
  13. Nice report and video! I'm glad my photos were useful to you - I especially liked the ones off ET and coming down the first drop. I'm having fun playing with the new camera and lenses - its nice to have a lot of megapixels, good zoom, and ability to play with settings to stop high speed action.
  14. The system change I was talking about was for fun perks. It would be easy for them to only give the free refills wristband offer to one person per family versus all five. Also, not suggesting this isn't a common practice or that you should lose sleep over it.
  15. Didn't we just prove that if a ride had a problem with its foundation (whether shifting, sinking, or just not right), they did make changes - and quickly.
  16. I guess the question is - do you believe that this is the intent of the refillable souvenir cups and the fun perks offer? I'm sure the system can be adjusted in the future to only give perks to one family member.
  17. Oh my God, this made my day. This just goes to show that it's not just the young who are clueless. No kidding - I mean everyone knows it was called Boomerang Bay when the dummy fell off WindSeeker That rumor is a good example of how quickly false info can travel - I'm amazed at how often it is shared.
  18. I should have said - this was based upon a picture I saw shared on Facebook (by Orgamac - if I remember her KIC name).
  19. I obviously need to get to know more of you so I could highlight you all like I did Indy/Avatar/Gator in my pictures. Or maybe y'all don't want that exposure Anyway, even for those I don't know, I hope you look at the full set of pics at photobucket and use any you like - I know it's not always easy to get pictures of yourself riding. You all, whether you rode 30 or 100+ laps, deserve a kudos as well for supporting the cause. BTW, did anyone see any news reports on the event? I know WXIX 19 was there in the morning, but didn't see it on their 10pm broadcast? Enquirer also was there, but I don't get a paper and their website isn't useful in my opinion.
  20. And it's been said that KI WindSeeker got stuck at the top for 20 minutes today - and hadn't reopened as of last knowledge.
  21. Well I didn't ride in the event this year (man I hope I can next year as it looks like so much fun), but was able to stop by The Racer and take some photos including a couple from along The Racer track - special thanks to KingsIslandPR for allowing me to tag along as he escorted a member of the media back for some pictures. I offer these up to any participant in the event for use as desired including for PTR's here on KIC if you like (please feel free to edit as you'd like, I've literally just uploaded the images, except for those I've included below). Full album can be seen on my photobucket account: http://s766.photobucket.com/albums/xx309/KIfan1980/Coasting%20%20for%20Kids%20at%20KI/ For fun, I've included a few pictures below - enjoy:
  22. Glad you enjoyed your trip and thanks for sharing. These reports just go to show how much time is really needed to see and do everything at WDW as I found myself cringing at times that you missed something that I really enjoyed at a park like the Lion King show at AK (which is perfect for a rainy day), but your memories and enjoyment are based on the fun you had doing what you did. And you can try some new things another time.
  23. Kings Island is so many things that it would be impossible to describe it as eloquently as it deserves - it is an escape, a place that feels like home, a special park that has been involved in developing many memories over the past 32 years. I've visited with my family (parents, brother, cousins from Europe, wife, kids, in-laws), my friends (high school, college, work, those I've met through the park, those I've met through my kids), and by myself and have memories of each. From rides on Bayern Kurve with my Dad, to Antique car hi-jinks with my friends (when I was young and dumb). From marathon rides on King Cobra/Racer as a kid to marathon rides on Diamondback as an adult. From family outings with three generations riding Fairly Odd Coaster to first Racer/Vortex/Beast rides with each of my boys. Shows, fireworks, water rides, games, pizza, coasters, ice cream, and flats - there are memories everywhere at the park for me, and more to be created on my next trip.
  24. BB1 - if you want to call rides by old names, go ahead. Many do for Top Gun, Beastie, and other things in the park. Heck, I don't even know the new names in Soak City anyway. That said, what was the point of this TR? It comes across that you wrote it JUST to be able to make the comment that you wont say the new or old names now - which as mentioned above comes off as childish. You obviously enjoy the waterpark and have good memories of it as Boomerang Bay - enjoy those memories, but let yourself move on and develop new memories in Soak City without carrying around the BB baggage.
  25. Not picking on you, but I find it funny that people blame autocorrect - that only comes into play if you type something wrong to begin with. Want to blame something, blame the smartphone keypad! Edit - thanks gator.
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