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  1. The music does seem louder (a little too loud) this year to me also.
  2. GYK - understand your point and agree with it to certain degree, but like Terpy don't think it a good thing for the park to be so unclear with food allergies. Forgeting the safety piece, and look at from a revenue peespective - one child gets sick eating the supposedly GF fries at rivertown Potato works and this info gets shared via web group and it will cause many future GF visitors to skip eating at the park. I guess I didn't do a good job making my point though as in reality: - I was happy with the level of knowledge of the associates at Feathaus where the food was served - I think my input is that the associates at Guest Relations need better info available to them when asked. There is no way for them to know everything, but they need to have quick access to the right data. Seriously just trying to provide some constructive input.
  3. I doubt it uses that much info also, I was just trying to point out the potential complexity and avoid the I met the generalization but didn't level up complaint. By the way, I love the fact that the system gives you options on what perk to choose. Also, for those that have earned perks, have you used them prior to earning more or does the system let you accumulate multiple Perks without use?
  4. As one of the 'new for 2012' food items was Gluten Free Pizza, I have been excited to take my boys to the park, ride some rides, and enjoy a pizza dinner (not something we've been able to do in the past with my 8 year old with food allergies - including gluten). The Good News is we did that tonight and he totally enjoyed his GF pizza in the festhaus! Thanks Kings Island/Larosas for this add to the park food lineup! Also thanks to the festhaus crew for being knowledgeable about it and willing to help (table delivery)! The Bad News is that KI continues to risk allergen issues and/or lose potential customers through poor understanding and management of allergen info at Guest Services. While I knew GF pizza was available, prior discussion here on KIC made it less than clear where it was available so I thought I'd check with GR when I arrived. Here is the ups and downs of the encounter: - first I was given a copy of 2 pages from a manual at GR. while this seemed helpful - and the first page was as it was a listing of Skyline Chili GF info, the help was limited as the second page detailing the rest of the park food was a printout of an old (from 2010) special diet web page that was not updated with the new site, has incorrect info on it, and mentions nothing about the pizza. - Next I was told that all LaRosas pizza in the park was gluten free; the associate decided to call and check as I disagreed with this. - Finally after the phone call I was told that I could get GF pizza by asking specially for it at any laRosas in the park I'm glad we got to the right answer at the end and enjoyed our dinner, but I can't help but wonder about the lost opportunity (and risk) the park faces by not being more up to date, clear, and knowledgeable about the special diet offerings. The website now has limited info and directs people to Guest Services - if this is the approach, the associates in Guest Services need better info available to them.
  5. This afternoon, there was no bag check/wanding when I arrived.
  6. If I'm asked to do something that I don't know how to do, I do some research or hire a capable person to do it. If I was responsible for finding someone to reopen an amusement park I was responsible for, I'd make sure I was maintaining it to assist reopening.
  7. Boddah - there may be nothing random about it, but I doubt anyone will be able to decode the system on this site. My guess is you would need to know the following for everyone you are tracking to build even a generalization as they could all be parameters in the system: - Personal Info (age, sex, family size, distance travelled to KI, pass type) - Visits Info (frequency, arrival time, prior year data also?) - Spending Info (by visit, number, amount, location, time) - Perk Redemption Info (usage of, choice of) I'm sure there are others I'm not thinking of, but systems like this can be highly complex and the knowledge/data just isn't there.
  8. One wonders what the fair board was thinking or doing? I also recall that when Mr Hart was in the mix, he supposedly (iirc) was putting lots of his own money (that he has since asked the state to return) into maintainance in hopes of reopening the park - what exactly was that money spent on. Of course, this could be a little overblown posturing by the Koch group (to protect their image) if they are having issues on the financing side.
  9. going to holiwood nights is bout as close to blindfold as you can get. >;} My first ride on Voyage was in the darkness of HWN having never even watched a POV - Wow! When you can't see and don't know what is coming, rides can be amazing experiences!
  10. According to KingsislandPR, in the flashback to opening day thread - http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/24872-flashback-till-opening-day/page__st__450__p__454698#entry454698 It opened with 5 car, 4 bench trains in 1979, but moved to the current 6 car, 3 bench trains in 1980, although there is also a picture of it testing with a 4 car, 4 bench train.
  11. So wait - you are saying it isn't dead, it's only SBNO, which assuming you have inside information means its going to reopen, with a new loop, and ... Just pointing out that you can read almost anything into the most basic comment. As for closing the thread, Do you remember the days when SoB threads were closed/magically disappeared? I wonder what we could interpret from the fact that that no longer happens?
  12. There are actually 5 Happy Valley Amusement parks in China according to RCDB. And it indicates the coasters real name might be: 木翼双龙
  13. If you scanned your pass to enter parking earlier in and the day and lose your receipt, i assume you can use a gold/platinum pass from anyone else in your group to re-enter the lot.
  14. Wouldn't you prefer a bolt instead?
  15. From what I understand, an account is required to register each card. My 6 and 8 year olds have accounts (not that they know it) - but I figured why not, if this system continues, maybe they'll benefit from a longevity standpoint one day.
  16. Based on the Online Enthusiast Morality article/discussion generated by the thread Terpy started about GL yesterday, I wondered: - What Industry/Enthusiast sites do you enjoy (visit, trust, use) online - what do you feel makes them good? - What Industry/Enthusiast sites do you avoid (mistrust) - what is your biggest complaint?
  17. That's why KI isn't "liked" on my FB account. Same info available elsewhere (twitter, blog, newsletter, even here) without the distractions.
  18. Understand that frustration - but also have to admit to having done many a stupid thing on rides in my younger days (things I'd now smack my kids upside the head for doing). Sometimes growing up is just that
  19. 4th of July could be an interesting holiday crowd wise this year with the 4th itself being on a Wednesday. May reduce the weekend crowds (will be a split of which weekend people travel, and may limit travel for those who can't make a long weekend out of it).
  20. If it were to be refurbed and/or changed significantly and reopened, many of the tear it down folk might try it again - and if accurate admit "even though I wanted/thought it would be torn down, they actually made it an ok/good ride". Remind me again, except for just having a bad attitude, why would you be laughing?
  21. An interesting read - although really two articles in one: - one on GL - one on the coaster enthusiast community As said - interesting.
  22. Thanks for sharing info on parks/places I haven't been to.
  23. Not everyone has flexibility on when they can go. Many people do travel to Cincy/KI over the long weekend. Some people want a place to cool off on a hot day. There are many reasons for people to go on days like this.
  24. It wasn't our flume but Colonel SOB Fan/Bret has a story from his Disney days about THAT in line for Splash Mountain.
  25. His point (I'd assume) is that he finds it either weird or awesome. That is the question raised by the OP of the topic.
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