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  1. Yes, it makes a big difference for the unit holders as well regarding taxes. I owned units for about 6 years and never had to pay taxes on the distributions as you normally would as a shareholder because of the depreciation of assets and financial factors that go into being a passive unitholder.
  2. The stock prices, as a dollar figure comparison, are not remotely important. It's apples to oranges because SIX has 84~ million shares outstanding and FUN has 56~ million shares outstanding. Market Cap. = what all the shares would cost based on current share price. SIX = 5.5 billion FUN = 3.2 billion Even that comparison is silly though because it doesn't take into account debt or a million other relevant factors.
  3. My Citibank Costco card eliminated foreign transaction fees a few months ago.
  4. I thought all the prices were tax inclusive? In addition, with the drink deals, meal deals, etc requiring the use of your pass now, how could they not replace at another park if you lost it there?
  5. I was wondering if the prices on Canada's Wonderland website are in US dollars or Cad dollars. I actually visited the website through a vpn making it look like I was in Canada and the prices for platinum passes and meal deals are the same price as their American park counterparts. I have to assume the majority of visits are from Canadians and that they expect the prices to be in $Cad. Considering this, I assume prices are indeed $Cad. If prices are $Cad, wouldn't platinum holders be wise to process passes or add-ons through the Wonderland website and therefore rendering a greater than 20 percent discount based on a current currency conversion rate of .7934 usd = 1 cad? If anyone that has experience or knowledge of this could post or pm me I would appreciate it.
  6. There was no entrance that didn't require park admission. As mentioned, there were combo tickets that provided great value. There were also stand-alone tickets for concerts for those that had passes or had already purchased a park admission. In the early years $5 was the typical price. In the 80's I saw...38 Special, Beach Boys, Air Supply, Huey Lewis, Starship, Reo Speedwagon, etc.
  7. If someone actually buys this book, I would be interested to know what Kinzel's side of the Appolo story actually is. I can't begin to imagine what a person could say to try to justify that criminal behavior.
  8. In regard to the VR reference: http://www.toledoblade.com/Retail/2015/08/05/Cedar-Fair-ride-to-test-tech-thrills.html
  9. It's really simple....do you think anyone is reading this thread to see whether you like tapatalk or anything else not related to Kings Island? It's hard enough to read this thread with all the posts without reading a bunch of useless non-sense. I realize you are probably part of the "ME" generation, but have some respect for WHY people are on here. I can assure that this is not a forum or post about your preferences for utilizing the internet. Peace out.
  10. What i am having trouble understanding is why would this particular coaster cost so much? Lets just say it is an invert. Why so much more of a price tag than other inverts around the world? It could be very long. We don't know for sure 100%. Of course, the cost of steel goes up every year. Plus anything else that we have not yet decoded. The cost of steel has generally been DECREASING over the last 3 years or so.
  11. millennium force will always be till this day the greatest intanim coaster of all time. It's forcefull, reliable, with great ride capacity, what more can be asked for in a rollercoaster? Millenium Force< I 305
  12. How could an accident that no one has determined the cause of change Intamins status with Cedar Fair? It may have been a maintenance issue, it could have been operator error or it even possibly (but appears unlikely in this instance) could have been a problem a guest caused.
  13. Same experience for me except I am 5'10" and 190. After an extended wait on the final break run due to technical difficulties I thought I was going to die. Very comfortable until they have ratcheted down so tight that you can barely breathe.
  14. A fairly current book "Rumor Psychology: Social and Organizational Approaches" discusses workplace rumors. One of the studies included in Rumor Psychology surveyed public relations professionals from Fortune 500 companies about the veracity of organizational or workplace rumors from their own experience. The authors found that most workplace rumors are 95 percent accurate.
  15. Really? There is a chance they might not have went with a company wide decision which would not have made it 50-50. Further, although the odds may have been miniscule at best, RC could have got the contract. Lol
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