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  1. My song has still not been found. Thanks everyone for continuing the search. But I believe it might be time to accept defeat. It's possible my description of it is completely off, as I find it difficult to describe music, or this song actually doesn't exist and it's a figment of my imagination. Either way, I have to retire. You all can keep the search ongoing as you please, and I will listen to each and every song you post on here, but at this point I am nearly positive this song is impossible to find. Adieu.
  2. I don't really feel like making my own TR for Holiday World, so APE, if you don't mind, I'm going to give my two cents on my trip last Wednesday to HW. I love, love, love Holiday World to death. It is so relaxing and stress-free. While at places like KI and CP you're freaking out over what ride to get on next, at HW, you can take your time. All four of their "big" coasters are amazing. Thunderbird is way better than Gatekeeper or Wild Eagle (the two wing coasters I've been on). The Legend's track work has made it one of the best wooden coasters around. The Raven has gotten very rough as of late, but it's still fun. And then The Voyage - still might be my favorite ride of all time. Pure insanity. Not only do they have these awesome coasters, but there's nothing like walking up to a soda fountain and getting free soft drinks whenever you want. It's also quite pleasing to actually see smiles on the food associates' faces, and when I ask them a question they give me a very helpful answer instead of looking at me like they want to die. My group went to the waterpark in our clothes and decided to ride both Wildebeest and Mammoth - again, in our clothes - and that was seriously awesome. I'm in love with Mammoth. Most fun I've had on a waterslide. Overall, HW makes me not only hate KI's waterpark, as you said, it kind of makes me dislike KI as a whole. These small parks always ruin KI for me, really. I mean I obviously still love my home park but dang, HW just does everything right.
  3. Yes...as of 2010. It is 2016. Rules have changed...I believe 2014 was the last year. Roller coasters must be operated by someone 18 years of age or older. Flat rides can be operated by those 16 years of age and older.
  4. I just made a quick trip to KI solely for the food trucks. Empanadas from Empanadas Aqui were delicious! As was the absolutely insane bacon grilled cheese from that 1776 place. I also had a tasty strawberry smoothie from Maui Wowi and a cup of Chocolate Devotion from Cold Stone. ...I rode Viking Fury right after to see if I could handle it. And I succeeded! I hope the food truck festival keeps coming back.
  5. Well. That was actually another song I was dying to figure out. So thank you for that. But that's still not the song I've been describing.
  6. About the pitch change: (considering the fact I have absolutely no knowledge of music)...it reminds me of, to keep it related to Kings Island, a roller coaster. It goes up and up and up and then back down.
  7. I have used every app possible. I've hummed it, I've sung it, I've even attempted to play it on a virtual keyboard. I don't know what to do with my life anymore. This has consumed every waking hour...
  8. electricsun is still on the right track. It's that same style. But not that song. I tried humming it everywhere possible. I've asked 40 people at once while working. I've gone through the Billboard Top 100 charts for both 2016 and 2015 and haven't found it. And it's also not a song from ERT. It plays during normal park operating hours.
  9. Moderate. Starts off slow. I don't know. About to go punch a wall...
  10. This post right here - I will edit it each time I get a new song from one of you. That way I don't have to keep posting. I assume this might be getting annoying for some people. But it's necessary.
  11. Boy oh boy this will go on forever. But thanks guys for helping me. electricsun, that's about the closest song I've heard so far. I knew it wasn't Sia though, because the singer in question has a much higher voice.
  12. So far - no, no, no. None of those. I feel like it's not a very popular song, as I think I would know it. It's a very unique sounding song. Not very poppy. The singer's voice is quite different. I don't think it's by Zedd or some DJ like that, as the song doesn't have any beat dropping or anything like that - if that makes sense. I have no clue. Nevermind. Goodbye. I give up. Edit: It's also not Gwen Stefani. No way.
  13. Guys, this is truly an emergency of epic proportions. It has been way too long that I have searched for this song. I brought it up once before, and I still have gotten no help. There is a song that plays at Kings Island that I cannot get out of my head, yet I have no clue who sings it. The singer is female. It is somewhat techno/electronic. The singer in the chorus moves up a pitch (or whatever the term is) at a time until she sings as high as possible, then she goes on to say something like "for you", "but you", "it's true"; something, I don't know. It has a fairly catchy beat, once again, electronic, BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS. Please. For my life. Help. I have hummed into my phone, I have sung it to other people, I've even asked a whole boatload of people at Viking Fury what the song was as it played. I have run out of energy.
  14. Oh...okay...that makes more sense. When is this train "tour"?
  15. I thought it was said that the train ride was a "must-do"...from the looks of it all there was were the same old survey markers.
  16. I just wanted to make it clear I was jokingly saying that about Don not denying a coaster for next year. But, really, look at that smirk he had on his face. I'm assuming the angle at which his smile is directed is a hint at the angle of the giga's first drop. I also believe that his statement "off the wall" is a reference to the coaster's layout; the coaster will make a near miss with The Crypt building, turnaround, having a "bounce off the wall" effect. Time will tell. Am I trying too hard to parody 2017 speculation? Oh...sorry...
  17. The way the interviewer worded that question was pretty smooth. Don didn't deny it was a roller coaster, did he?
  18. I am pretty sure Sweet Spot is not a part of the food department, but the merchandise department. Still, though, that's not right!
  19. That was pretty funny though. And it ended on a happy note, not a sad one. Trolling us by teasing The Racer leaving and it end up not leaving, instead getting new toll booths and a waterslide complex; much different that hyping up a potential new big attraction and basically lying to us.
  20. It was discussed before, but c'mon, that would be a PR disaster if Kings Island decided to completely troll us. Especially with all these other teasers like the "they will come" tweet. No way would they risk ticking off a ton of enthusiasts and maybe even some of the GP over some laughs. It may not be a giga but I highly doubt it's solely the new entrance for WWC they're working on.
  21. I love the potential for Coney. I honestly think, even despite Kings Island being a major competitor, that Coney could be more on the map. I love the location, first of all (although historically it's not the best) and I love the old-time feel to it. It's like a permanent state fair. Sunlite "Adventure" could definitely use some new water slides - or, maybe, more pools or a lazy river?
  22. It's not a clue. It's a reference to DJ Khaled. That's it. They also posted a snap referencing Adele today. They do things like this a lot. It's not a clue. If it was a clue, then we need to take the Adele reference as a clue too.
  23. I think - no, actually, I know - the "major key" Snapchat is simply an attempt from KI to appeal to the younger generation, referencing DJ Khaled's Snapchat stories. Seriously. That's all it is. http://www.techinsider.io/dj-khaleds-snapchat-key-emoji-2016-1 Move along now. Edit: I realize this has already been said. Oh well, I'll say it again.
  24. I don't want to quote as it would take up too much room, but I am going to respond to a reply on my post about how silly the Dinosaurs Alive! rumor sounds... The aforementioned reply said that there were no new big additions in 2008 and 2013 in order to prepare for the big additions in 2009 (Diamondback) and 2014 (Banshee). So, this could easily be the case this year - moving DA! from Coney to Rivertown in order to make room for a giga in 2018. Yeah, sure. But I don't remember there being a so-obvious hint at a new attraction for whatever happened in 2008 and for the Reds Hall of Fame Grille in 2013. The fence is most definitely, 90% positive, teasing a big new attraction in 2017. I'm not saying it's a giga. It could be a cool new flat ride. But it is not simply a relocation of DA!. How dumb would that be, to tease us like this (in the same fashion as Banshee, with its fence), and it end up not even being for something in 2017. That's pointless. I posted earlier in this thread that everyone is allowed to speculate and have their own theories. I know, I came across as somewhat contradictory and rude with my ridiculing of it; but really, that DA! rumor came outta nowhere and has no validity except in the dreams of some enthusiast's mind. Lest us not forget that "watch out for falling trees" is not just some random phrase they decided to put up on that fence. It has significance. I don't see how that can translate to a relocation of a dinosaur trail.
  25. Goodness... How in the world do some of you come up with these things? Is there really any possible clue as to KI moving literally all of Dinosaurs Alive to Rivertown? And I think we seem to forget the fence and "watch out for falling trees". Look, I know we are skeptical of Kings Island's PR department, but I highly doubt there'd be such a blatant teaser for a big upcoming ride -- and it end up being a quick moving of a trail with animatronic dinosaurs. Next, you all will be saying they'll move Drop Tower. Oh, wait, I think that's actually already been said...
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