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  1. I love the giga rumors. Basically the only reason it is a rumor is because we all want one. Heck, I could say right now the rumor is we're getting an Intamin Maverick-style ride and people would jump onboard the bandwagon.
  2. People who move into houses near amusement parks and know full well that it will be noisy yet complain about the noise are ridiculous. I would somewhat understand if an amusement park was built next to a neighborhood that people have already been living in, but in most cases, it's the former. Don't move next to an amusement park if you know it will be noisy!
  3. Goodness gracious, that Dare Devil Dive sounded like a horrible experience. It's funny because we had all predicted this before it opened with the VR. The "assembly line" cleaning of the headsets is simply ridiculous, and they shouldn't have to be tested by a ride operator - which also in turn nullifies the point in cleaning them in the first place. Was this the first day it was open? If so, I guess I can kind of understand. But they better get it figured out quick.
  4. OK, here's my opinion. Tower of Terror, regardless of Twilight Zone being old and outdated, should not be changed. The ride does not hinge on guests' knowledge of the Twilight Zone. It works well as a standalone ride. And, yes, actually, changing it would be bad. It would definitely make the ride much different. Tower of Terror is scary, eerie, and very well themed. Guardians of the Galaxy taking it over would no doubt make it into a funny, cheesy, and colorful ride. It would ruin it. Tower of Terror could be there for thirty more years with the Twilight Zone theme and I don't believe it would really matter. On the other side of things, I think we're going a little to tough on the "pixie dust snorters". Being a fan of Disney is not being a "fanboy". I love Disney just as much as Universal( well, maybe not as much). Universal has also made very controversial decisions. The destruction of Jaws was met with a lot of outcry. I know even I was somewhat upset when Disaster and Twister closed so they can open a Jimmy Fallon (uh, why?) and the Fast and Furious ride. Disney has done the same things, but I actually believe they've done it much less than Universal, at least recently. Disney has maintained a lot of its traditional, classic rides. Oh, and also, Universal has the whole Harry Potter craze going too far. I'm really hoping they don't get rid of the Lost Continent in order to make way for more Harry Potter expansions. But I do, really, plead that this rumor is completely false. Input Guardians of the Galaxy somewhere else, please!
  5. Yes! Yes! Yes! One thousand times yes! It might be weird that I'm extremely excited about this, but working at Adventure Express and having to use that restroom in the summer was horrendous. Thank you Kings Island. This is better than any giga would be.
  6. I am screenshotting my post so that when Kings Island does in fact announce a coaster this year (and it is thunderstorm themed), I'll repost it here and you all can bow down to me. #TheStormIsComing #KI2017
  7. https://twitter.com/KingsIslandPR/status/710217297219231745 This is obviously a hint that we will be getting a new giga coaster for 2017, with a thunderstorm theme. Kings Island is storm ready. Hopefully we're all storm ready too - ready for 2017.
  8. Don't even get me started on that whole thing. Am I the only one that dislikes Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory? How come nowadays we get so ticked off when movies don't stay true to the books, yet Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory gets a pass?! The movie Charlie & The Chocolate Factory was nearly identical to the book (besides Willy's backstory) and they actually used the name of the book as the title!! I understand the "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory" idea, because it's his factory and all, but that's not what Roald Dahl had written. He even said he didn't like the movie that much. He would've loved the Johnny Depp remake - er, original, honestly. Well that was a waste of a post, but, besides that, this looks really awesome. I love candy stores...Chicago has an awesome Hershey's store, I can't imagine what Universal could do with this.
  9. This thread makes me want Nickelodeon Universe back. Planet Snoopy is great and all but nothing beats late 1990s-early 2000s Nick with some Scooby-Doo mixed in between. As I was typing this I completely forgot that the kids' area at KI had essentially three different themes at one point. When I was younger, I remember Hanna-Barbera Land, Nickelodeon Central, and the generic "Beastie". Now that I think about it, that must have been pretty strange. My timeline is all off too. Was this thread started after some announcement that the kids' area would be transformed completely into Nickelodeon Universe? Someone help clear this up for me...give me a history of the KI kids' area, actually. Because I remember being little and riding Scooby-Doo Ghoster Coaster (I was crying my eyes out on it) but I also remember some giant slime station or something related to Nick??!
  10. Oh, but Universal only has 3D simulator rides! The park has become so cheap and boring. Disney World for the win!
  11. Yeah, I know that. But what you posted about was just for KI Drive. That's what I'm excited about! Although the Western Row/Columbia Road improvements are much needed as well.
  12. Nothing in the world makes me more happier than that news right there. I was really, really hoping they'd not only make traffic flow better but also spruce the area up. As it was before, it was not very exciting driving on Kings Island Drive as you approach parking tolls. But with the additions of all new medians, curbs, gutters, traffic lights, signs, lights, and that bike path...wow! Makes me so excited! I'm kind of worried, though, about the timeline...Kings Island opens in a little more than two months... Edit: Oh...completion date December 2016? That kind of killed my buzz there...I expected all this construction to take place over the offseason...
  13. It wasn't just the ribs really, I didn't even enjoy my cheeseburger...how can you mess up a cheeseburger? Honestly, just have Chick-Fil-A cater a bunch of chicken nuggets and I'll be set. Okay, let's stop talking about the food now...
  14. Let's just hope the food is better this year... I will never, ever forget those infamous "ribs".
  15. The decision to work rides last season at Kings Island was one of the best decisions I've made. It's so much fun. It doesn't even feel like a job. The people are great and there is nothing better than making a guest happy. Unfortunately, as I've posted in the "Kings Island Dreams" thread, when I go to sleep after a full day of working, I usually sleep-work in the middle of the night...putting my thumb up and saying all clear, and getting self-conscious by the fact I'm wearing pajamas to work. But that's another story... So, anyways, to all KIC members who have thought about getting a job at Kings Island: do it!
  16. ERT = exclusive ride time. Not early - at least in this case.
  17. I am honestly very tempted to get me one of those. My favorite smell is that dark ride smell. This might be a dream come true.
  18. One of the toll booths is being built currently! I didn't take a picture as I was focused on driving, but I'll try to get one when it's finished this weekend. Only twelve more to go!
  19. The new Scene 75 in Milford is pretty neat. It's a lot like Krazy City but it doesn't have big thrill rides. It has mini golf, bumper cars, arcade games, go-karts, laser tag, a laser maze, 4-D interactive movie, and mini-bowling.
  20. I really do wish I understood all this business talk...I honestly have had no clue what anyone's been talking about in this thread since it started. Whoops!
  21. Current wait time: around 5 and a half months...
  22. Hello darkness, my old friend.

  23. Sounds interesting! The Studios park needed something like this because each and every year, the "studios" part of it is fading away. Dang...Universal is getting the Volcano Bay water park, Reign of Kong ride, Fast and Furious ride, and now a Jimmy Fallon ride. They're crazy!
  24. "What did you say, Ethel" That made me laugh more than it should have. Thanks for that. Hah!
  25. I can hear the Banshee scream from my house somedays...I don't have a problem with it - it's pretty cool! But it does make me laugh how there's a retirement community right next to KI...you can hear everything ​from there. Great place for a bunch of elderly people!
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