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  1. Question: To a normal family visiting Kentucky Kingdom, just for a fun day at the park, is it actually that bad? Or does the hate for KK stem from Hart? Because I feel like people who know nothing about the history of the place would still enjoy it...despite it being pretty expensive.
  2. I'm probably really late on this - I've just started looking into Kentucky Kingdom now - but I see that tickets online are $40?? And for a child it's $34? That's absolutely ridiculous! For $4 more, you can go to Kings Island with tons of more rides, shows, dining, a much better experience, etc... ...now I can begin to see why this place is so hated... Edit: ...and they're only open 8 hours during the weekdays in the summer?!! Holy moly!!!
  3. It is very, very busy. Adventure Express had about a 30 minute wait. Even Viking Fury's queue was half full. There were people everywhere! I'm thinking the rainy day yesterday made everyone postpone their trip to today...
  4. Well I thought since I was just listing quotes from the article, I would put " ",.
  5. Wait, what? I have no clue what you're talking about...
  6. In that same article is "Race For Life Charlie Brown", "Dodgem's", and numerous times, "The Diamondback", "The Drop Tower", and "The Banshee". Minor stuff, but really annoying to a KI fanatic...
  7. I thought they were much more fun than I expected.
  8. I hope anyone who rode Adventure Express today had a good experience. It was my first opening day working it.
  9. Um, you're making fun of him? I agree, that's the worst thing that could have happened. I can barely handle "It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all..." for the duration of the ride...imagine being stuck there for a few more minutes! Aggh! Nightmares...
  10. Mystery Mine really is a cool ride. I can't get over how it's not more talked about in the enthusiast community. I keep trying to add pictures but it's always so difficult for me to make the pictures smaller...I give up...
  11. My family just got back from a trip to Dollywood! We bought season passes last November and wow, was that a great idea. My sister, Emily, was 47" last time and couldn't ride any of the bigger rides. Now, she's 48" and she got the yellow wristband! Which meant she could ride Thunderhead, Mystery Mine, Tennessee Tornado, and Barnstormer. She's quite a daredevil and went right on Thunderhead without any hesitation. She absolutely loved it. As did I. It's still my favorite wooden roller coaster. You get some insane airtime on it. To those who don't like The Voyage due to it being rough, try out Thunderhead sometime. It's much smoother. Mystery Mine is in my opinion one of the most underrated roller coasters. The second drop always catches me off guard. I love the theme, the music, the effects, and most of all, the ride itself. It may be short but I still think it's amazing. Emily started crying when she realized the lift hill goes straight up but by the first drop she loved it. It's now our thing to sing the song ("if you whistle in the Mystery Mine..") everyday. I still think Wild Eagle is overrated. It doesn't thrill me at all. It's a nice peaceful ride. That's it. It's way too short and doesn't really excite me. Rides like Thunderhead, where you feel totally out of control, are much better. Gatekeeper > Wild Eagle though wing coasters to me aren't that fun. Tennessee Tornado is your standard looping roller coaster but much smoother than Vortex. Barnstormer is a fun little ride but even Emily was somewhat disappointed by the length of the cycle. Firechaser Express is an amazing family ride. Something like this needs to be in every amusement park. We left around 3pm on Thursday. Friday, we planned to go to a silly Pigeon Forge attraction indoors since the forecast predicted storms all day, but the weather ended up being perfect so we went back to Dollywood. And absolutely nobody was there. We waited 0 minutes for Thunderhead, 0 minutes for Mystery Mine, and 0 minutes for basically everything else. Most of the day we spent looking in the quaint stores, buying candles, and watching the Festival of Nations shows. Dollywood is a great amusement park. I am probably forgetting some things so I'll add them if I remember. I also have some good picture so I'll post them soon!
  12. TTD was down the whole time due to wind when I was there along with Power Tower and WindSeeker. Granted, the winds that day were ridiculous, but still, I was really disappointed that TTD was closed...
  13. I prefer to stay away from that area, honestly. It's all tacky and way too overwhelming. Dollywood is really the only place where you can get that Smoky Mountain charm. Gatlinburg is full of those danged Ripley's Believe it or Not museums, mirror mazes, and arcades, along with dumb earthquake simulators and others like it. Pigeon Forge is just one long road full of go-karts, mini-golf, thrill rides, and dinner shows. Of course, plenty of people enjoy this stuff but I wish Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge would be a more calm, tranquil area than hopping and buzzing with all those tourist traps.
  14. Hey, I will be too! The biggest tip I can think of that's really helpful is, walk all the way to the back of the park as soon as you get there. Wild Eagle, Firechaser Express, and Mystery Mine are all near the back and all don't have long lines early in the opening hours. Then just make your away around the rest of Dollywood. Watch a show. This week they have an international festival with music and entertainment from different countries. I'm sure it'll be really good. Dollywood's shows are amazing. That's all I've got...just enjoy your trip there. It's an awesome place!
  15. We got season passes for this year...looks like we might need them again next year!
  16. I think he's referring to the video...it's well done, but I mean c'mon, it's pretty cheesy.
  17. They did a poor job handling it as well. Never should a company's social media resort to using memes and calling people "trolls". That's just unprofessional, no matter how annoying these "trolls" are. They should have instead just attempted to answer the legitimate questions and ignored the others. It's as simple as that!
  18. I'm five minutes away from Whipty-Do yet have never been to it. That's pretty crazy. I'll make it my mission to go this summer to compare their blue ice cream to KI's.
  19. I know Live E means Live Entertainment, but that just sounds weird..."Not only does Kings Island have world class rides and attractions, we have great Live E!"
  20. It's on the weekend...I don't think people have exams on the weekend.
  21. I'd personally say Adventure Express is the best roller coaster in the park, but whatever...
  22. You get free admission to any Cedar Fair park. Cons...it's still a job. But other than that, there are no cons. I just got a new job at KI as a ride operator at Adventure Express.
  23. I can't wait to see another new 3D dark ride at Universal! I do love Universal. All of their 3D dark rides are amazing. But I'm sure King Kong will be the same old same old technology like Spider-Man, Transformers, The Simpsons Ride, Minion Mayhem...those are all great rides, but they need something different! I am excited though. I went in 2014 and maybe a trip in 2016 is in the works? (as a celebration for my high school graduation!)
  24. When you can't even come up with something clever because you're about to lose your mind from the offseason...
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