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  1. I was just thinking that in the Banshee/Bat area, they should have the Banshee herself walking around for some good scares! Kind of like how Dent Schoolhouse has Charlie walking around.
  2. Last night, my friend came up from my old town and I was going to buy her a ticket with my associate discount. I was already in the park at the time and it was about 8...I was denied going to the ticket booth to buy my friend a ticket then coming back in. Plus I have an associate ID. So I had her meet me at the turnstiles to which I gave her my money for $42! I understand somewhat the no re entry policy (maybe) but this whole situation made me mad. I wasn't the only one doing this either! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Yeah, I'm bored so I made this have a silly title... Last night I went to Haunt - I took off Friday nights from work so I could do so - and I am so excited to go again! First of all: I say this every year, but since it was the first night, nothing scared me...at all. I rarely flinched. But, the mazes have a lot of potential this year. Within an hour, we knocked off Delta Delta Die, KillMart, Urgent Scare, and Slaughterhouse. The longest we waited was five minutes. Delta Delta Die really didn't impress me too much. The last time I did it was when it was Massacre Manor, and they changed nothing except for the theme, which was meh. KillMart has a LOT of potential. There are so many good hiding spots for scare actors (except none of them utilized it very well). My favorite part is the giant pillow pet...watch out for what's under there! This is that one maze that is just really funny and interesting, not scary. Urgent Scare is the same old same old. Slaughterhouse disappointed me greatly. Being the "biggest" maze, it sure didn't feel like it. There were no attempts at scares and in the infamous black tarp thingy, there was nobody! After a few rides on Banshee and Diamondback, we knocked out Club Blood (stupid like usual). As it got darker, we did Tombstone Terror-Tory, Board to Death, CarnEVIL and Madame Fatale's to close out the night. So, all in all, we did every maze except CornStalkers and Wolf Pack, along with a night ride on The Beast. Highs of the night: KillMart's awesome theme. A lot of detail put into it. Definitely the best at KI and on par with Dent Schoolhouse props and setting. Madame Fatale's is really cool. I love looking up to see the large space that once was used for The Crypt. That's it. No joke, that's it. Lows of the night: Lack of scare actors. Yes, I know, first night. It will get much better as the season goes on. I feel like most of the mazes were somewhat cheap and badly done. I didn't notice it last year, but CarnEVIL is just not good anymore. It's too bright, the clowns didn't blend in at all, and even the whole mirror maze part was not used to scare. Boo! Board to Death consists mostly of large curtains with domino patterns, a deck of cards, etc. Not many big sets. Delta Delta Die is just Massacre Manor but with drunk college girls and beer cans laying around all over the place. You get the point. Roaming actors; very nonexistent. Instead of trying to scare people, most of them just menacingly walked around and blowing on people's necks. Whoa, that's just downright evil. "Nightmare Alley" had no actors at all. But I have to give props to the amazing detail; wow, eyeballs hanging from trees?! No fog or Haunt surprises on The Beast. The guy at the front by the fountains usually does such a good job but he didn't talk too much last night. Overall decorations. There are not many and there's mostly just hay and scarecrows. I'm not being a Debbie Downer. Haunt is still an awesome part of Kings Island and last night was still fun. But it just seems poorly set up and very cheap. I think they spent the most time doing KillMart and didn't even worry about anything else! Still, I see plenty of potential for later this year. I will be back, of course...and working tonight for it!
  4. Ahh ok. I have been to Disney World many times, I just didn't know that was on Haunted Mansion. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I was reading the descriptions for everything on the site, and I'm sorry, but this rhyme is downright horrible:
  6. It's Disney World, people. A theme park based off a movie/TV production company. What is the big deal with possibly their biggest movie in awhile getting its own ride? It also fits perfectly, in the Norway section of World Showcase.
  7. Oh...hah! Ok. Awesome! So now we can talk about it all we want. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Kings Island really likes to wait till the last possible moment to announce Haunt. While most other parks have already, KI still hasn't and Haunt is in less than 3 weeks...I'm DYING to see everything officialy released! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Being completely honest, Banshee does go down quite a bit. But most of the time, it's for 10 minutes or so. As CharleyTheDinosaur said, it's all about the sensors on the rides. It's not like the ride is literally breaking down. ...and for weather, ugh! It will storm for 5 minutes and the ride will be down for an hour!
  10. I just read a Facebook review saying they drove 8 1/2 hours away on Monday to KI only to find it closed, and claiming that nowhere on the website does it say it is closed. Apparently there were many other confused people waiting in line behind her at the parking gates. It amazes me how people can plan a trip so badly that they come on a day that the park is closed. This isn't National Lampoons Vacation days anymore - we have Internet, and KIs website definitely says it was closed this past week! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Back when we used to live in Pickerington (suburb of Columbus) we went to COSI a lot. Being a little kid, it was great. But the strange thing is, I feel like I would appreciate it more now, just because I can see how amazing it really is. It's a really underrated place. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. But KI is giving us something - a free season passholder preview day if you renew your season pass this year :-) Let's not forget that Banshee is a world-class coaster itself. Let's allow KI to get some mileage from that ride for a few years before we start chatting about our next major attraction. That's why I said "anything". Even if it means Flying Eagles. I just want something to look forward to next summer! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Makes me jealous. Banshee is great, but dang...and Carowinds isn't done yet. C'mon Kings Island, you gotta give us something for next year - anything! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Just wait for next week...!
  15. I agree with the email thing...it gets really boring having to type in emails all day... It really is an amazing deal, no doubt about it. No tricks here. If you bought one photo from Banshee early in the day, and got another one later, boom, it's already the price of the photo pass which you could've used all day! Shameless sales pitch...
  16. What in the world is this? Looks like an acid trip, honestly...
  17. Well, I'm very sad that the summer working at Kings Island has nearly come to a close. It's been a great season, but, I now of course have to go back to the real world. I still have Haunt, but it's just not the same as summer at KI.
  18. I am hoping the storm ends soon, but it has been going strong for 20 minutes and it is as dark as night outside. And no, I will not go walk into the park. I just find it funny that whenever they predict storms, they rarely come at the time expected, and I thought the same of now, but look what happened! Just my luck.
  19. Decided, hey, I should go to KI now, the storms never came! Now, here I am, sitting in the parking lot, underneath a pretty heavy rainstorm. Best day ever!
  20. I've been on The Beast in the back at night twice in the past week. I am very sorry for my negative opinion of it. I can honestly say those two rides were insane. I still dislike how there's really no forces, airtime, and what not, but I've come to appreciate the "out of control in the woods" feeling of The Beast.
  21. Once you're in line for The Beast, it stops operation at 9:45 and usually begins again at 10:10 or so.
  22. GYK, that was a great article. I totally agree with you. Maverick, as of my last CP trip, is my favorite roller coaster. Second is Gatekeeper. Millennium Force is...third. I didn't get to ride TTD, but still, the smallest of the major roller coasters is the best, IMO.
  23. Whoops...hope I don't cause a stir. As for me, though, there's nothing that comes to mind....
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