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  1. If you ride Vortex...but brace yourself while doing so...it's a decent ride. You can avoid the head banging by simply pushing your head forward, unless that hurts your neck too much.
  2. Well, I guess I would consider the least fun coaster The Great Pumpkin Coaster - my least favorite, meaning I can't stand it, is Invertigo.
  3. I understand coming to a new site and being excited to join in on the discussion, but there's really no need for 4 new threads as soon as you become a new member...just sayin'. But my least favorite coaster is probably The Great Pumpkin Coaster..not sure what other coaster would be someone else's least favorite...I mean my #2 is The Beast...
  4. If PG-13 - being 13+ - was actually true, then I've been a bad kid. I watched a lot of PG-13 movies around 7, 8, 9, etc. Movies like Spider-Man (blood and language), Pirates of the Caribbean (blood, language, pretty scary moments), even I Am Legend...Jurassic Park really isn't all that bad. I'd still consider it a family movie. Now Jaws is pretty scary...I wouldn't recommend an 8 year old going to the Dive In movie for it. Not because of the blood, but because of the fact it involves a shark attacking people...something that could very well happen! Dinosaurs escaping from a dinosaur theme park on the other hand - nah.
  5. Don't worry, I have no clue what Bypass 4 is either. Please, do tell..
  6. Why would someone not be allowed to wear a shirt...?
  7. That is great!! Thanks Don for your sense of humor!!
  8. Remember, a lot of the GP really wouldn't know that roller coasters getting stuck on lift hills is normal...but the thing that's bothering me is how people are commenting "this park is a death trap", "this is why I don't go to Kings Island", and "roller coasters are dangerous". Since when does a mechanical problem such as getting stuck on a lift hill constitute as a dangerous issue?
  9. A lot of people make this question seem really stupid, but in a way, it's a valid question. Most likely they're asking how they can get to it...
  10. I'm Shipping Up To Boston, Dropkick Murphys
  11. Wow, Tuesday, June 10th sounds like an amazing time! Edit: At the time of posting this the above post was blank except for "Tuesday, June 10th"...
  12. I always hate turning left onto Western Row when going to employee parking, hopefully this will make it less of a hassle. Recently I've been taking the long way to KI - driving down Montgomery then turning onto Columbia, and going straight into the employee parking. Much easier and less traffic.
  13. I don't see how Hollywood Studios wouldn't be a studio park. It's called Hollywood Studios, first of all, and there's really no way to destroy every single building in the park that looks like a "studio" building, and then replace it with all new rides. I'm not sure what the problem is, anyways - I like HS...why are people so picky when it comes to buildings? I'd say it's what inside of them that matters...look at Harry Potter & The Forbidden Journey...you can see part of the show building in the queue line, but that doesn't change that it's one of the best rides out there.
  14. Don't worry about lines. Just make sure you ride the three woodies - The Voyage, The Legend, The Raven - and Liberty Launch. I honestly feel like Holiday World could use some bigger thrill rides, because other than Liberty Launch, there's mostly carnival-like rides. But their three big coasters make up for it all, and well, the amazing prices, cleanliness, staff, food... Are you planning on going to the water park at all?
  15. Probably Boomerang Bay merchandise...
  16. ^You don't. If you did, now that would be being a creeper. But you probably missed some good photos...
  17. Why am I a creeper? He posts pictures of him a lot on here, he was wearing an OSU shirt, and he just posted that he was at Kings Island. Sorry for being observant...
  18. ^I saw you while working. You never came up close to the Banshee ride photos, though...
  19. The park closed tonight at 8:15. Not sure that was said on here. This rain is flooding everything!
  20. Interesting article. It seems like Disney makes a lot of mess-ups. Didn't realize California Adventure was such a bad park before. I also didn't know Islands of Adventure had bad attendance! It's amazing how fast they grew in just 15 years!
  21. What's King's Island? And why would you love to see it there?
  22. Associates really shouldn't be telling any guest what is up with a ride. It makes for misleading information most of the time.
  23. Really enjoying reading this. I really can't get myself to like the zoo - not the Cincinnati Zoo specifically, because it's rated one of the best - but something about staring at animals sitting down or sleeping isn't that exciting to me. Keep up the report!
  24. An hour and a half opposed to three and a half...although one is a small water park and one is a world-class amusement park.
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