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  1. I don't understand the seatbelt thing. There is no reason for it. The ride is perfectly safe the way it is, and adding seatbelts would take away the best part about the ride!
  2. I was looking at some more comments about opening day and I saw a few people say "this will be our last year as season pass holders". Uhh....you have the whole rest of the year to go...it was OPENING DAY. ^Banshee got stuck yesterday on the lift hill. Seems like a little kink that needs worked out.
  3. On Thursday some kid asked me if the first rider T-shirts were out and then he said, "Oh, then I'll just get it on eBay!" Thought that was funny...
  4. Oh - really? That's not good. I was just talking in general about Fast Lane, though. But the shirts thing isn't ok. Although I'm not sure how they could stop that.
  5. I can understand some of the complaints about bad management of the front gate yesterday, but I've seen some complaints that "I didn't get a free T-shirt even though I waited 5 hours" - the T-shirts ran out at around 3pm yesterday! It was for the first 5,000 people - sorry you weren't one of them! Also, the whole Fast Lane complaints. I don't see what is unfair about them, at all. They are a way of making money, and it's not "unfair". I saw one good comment response to a Fast Lane complaint, and it was something like "it must be unfair for some people to not have a cell phone, or computer, or TV" - I just don't see what's unfair about it. Every amusement park has upgrades to things. Is it unfair if you can't get a suite at a hotel and have to stick with standard rooms and no complimentary breakfast?
  6. Finally, Holiday World updates their website - it's been the same, outdated website for a while. Kind of a shame Pilgrim's Plunge is going, though. That ride genuinely scared me.
  7. I love the ride - the first drop is the best part - didn't realize how forceful it would be. I had myself lose my breath the whole way through it. The rest of the ride is very fun. The constant inversions and flipping over make for a wild ride. The twist at the end is very weird, too. Seems out of place, but an interesting element. Other than the coaster itself, I love the station - those lamps hanging from the ceiling are so cool!
  8. You guys are so silly...I understand we're all coaster enthusiasts here, but relax, go to sleep; Banshee won't be going anywhere...
  9. Seeing those nighttime webcam shots makes me so excited for my first night ride on this thing...going down into the valley in the dark should be pretty cool.
  10. I'm not even sure what the point in people shooting POVs is - many coasters already have perfectly fine POVs, and when you're the one riding it, why do you feel the need to video tape it? Just take pictures and videos...off ride...that's sufficient!
  11. ^^The Bat's trains look awesome. Although the orange still looks too bright to me.
  12. There's Whipty Do over by where I live - never been there, but it looks a lot like this. They have blue ice cream!
  13. Is it summer yet?!

  14. It's snow - we've been getting on and off heavy snowfalls here. Kind of crazy for late March, but who knows with Ohio weather.
  15. I just find it odd to be open on a holiday like that...
  16. I don't mean to go off-topic, but this seems appropriate to post here. I just realized that KI is open on Easter Sunday...and yesterday when I did my schedule for work, they said nothing about it. I'm confused...
  17. Wait...am I really behind? I see no one talking about the tent-thing in the Action Zone circle. Or is that in another topic?
  18. March m-m-m-m-m-mad-madness...by Muse

  19. I've never liked OSU. Just too big and not "college" enough for me. By that I mean a small college town like Athens or Oxford. OU's rolling hills, wooded campus, bike trails, old 1800s architecture - I love it. But I also love UC's modern look. OSU just doesn't appeal to me. Anyways, good PTR - their restaurants look really cool!
  20. I'll be honest, it looks kind of dumb. I know they just posted a 2-minute video, but it looks like 1/100 of what Cirque De Soleil is. Oh, wow, people roller blading over a hill - cool!
  21. Yes, I think we can all agree it's very hard to understand BB1...let's move on... Referring to an above post, can we expect a Banshee POV on media day? I would love to see it. Just realized this is a thread about the Action Zone circle; oh well.
  22. No, it wouldn't. It's a small space, guys! Putting an attraction there would fill up that whole area and leave little room. Remember there's also a queue!
  23. Seriously, you guys are thinking this area is so big. It can probably just fit a tree, some flowers, and benches. Not a whole new ride or a stage for Luminosity.
  24. There's no way they would fit in that circle. And even if they did, that space would be way too cramped. Also I'm not really sure why Flying Eagles would be in Action Zone, the part of the park with all the thrill rides. Doesn't work.
  25. I'm pretty sure the Creation Museum is meant for religious visitors. If there wasn't a message, then it would be pretty pointless. Why would you go anyway?
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