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  1. Yeah - why doesn't Kings Island, and other Cedar Fair parks (not sure about Six Flags), have pre-recorded spiels? On every Disney World ride, like with Busch Gardens^^, they play those, then start the ride. It's a lot more professional sounding, and prevents from goofball ride ops getting carried away with the mic.
  2. But then there's the people with screaming children who can't just upgrade to a park-park ticket, and the children start crying because they can't go take the journey on the Hogwarts Express like Harry and the gang did. I'm just saying, I hope it's made very obvious that the ride is only for guests with park to park tickets.
  3. ^^How will the tickets work? I have a feeling there will be a plethora of people who have a single-park ticket, and are upset when they see they can't get on the Hogwarts Express.
  4. I hope the next thing Universal adds is original and different. I love Transformers, Harry Potter & The Forbidden Journey, Spider-Man, and now this looks great, but they really need something new. Maybe just a normal dark ride like you'd find at Disney. No more simulator/moving ride combos!!
  5. I just can't comprehend this weather. It was 85 degrees and sunny two days ago and now, all of a sudden, it's 53 degrees and cloudy. Isn't mid-May supposed to be the time this stops happening and we start getting consistent weather?! At least Soak City was never planned to open this week.
  6. jdawg1998


    Hampton Inn. Not sure where it is, but it's there, and Hampton Inns are the best! Always clean, comfy, and cheap.
  7. This ride looks like it will be absolutely amazing. Better than HP&FJ, better than anything at Disney World, better than...everything. Still no exact opening date, though. A lot of the fans are getting restless. I can understand why. I'd hate to plan my Universal vacation for the day before it opens!
  8. Well, Vortex of course! I went to Kings Island with my dad when I was twelve, I think. I was afraid of roller coasters before it and I could only manage to ride Flight Deck...err, The Bat. One day, I decided to be a daredevil and said to my dad I wanted to ride some bigger roller coasters. So, we did. We started off with the normal The Bat ride and then I anxiously got in line for Vortex. My dad said it was "smooth" (total BS) so I believed him, rode it, and from there on I kept riding more and more. Really, though, inversions aren't bad at all. I don't see why I, and a lot of people, were/are so scared of them.
  9. WindSeeker has ran a lot this season so far. Don't know where you got that from. Sure, it has its downtimes, but it's been up and running more than Drop Tower, of course!
  10. Hopefully I'll be around for their 100th! "I'll tell you, grandkids...back then, we had this ride called Vortex...but it sank into the ground!" *shock and awe on grandkids' faces* "...and Son of Beast, don't even get me started..."
  11. It's the life of a Kings Island enthusiast. I'm always looking forward to the future of Kings Island. I can't even wait for what happens in 2018. Or 2030. What?! What can it be?!
  12. I really like undercovertourist.com. It has a crowd calendar, discount tickets, ride listings, etc.
  13. I can understand you guys getting upset for people actually cutting in line, or "holding their place" while going to the lockers - but the rest of a group joining with the others is not a problem to me. I don't see what the problem with that is. It's only going to add what, 3 minutes to your wait, and it's not like they're purposely cutting in line so they can wait less.
  14. Yeah, the crowds were just like a Saturday today. It's amazing what Banshee has done to the park. I rode Banshee at night on Friday, and I gotta say, it's downright impeccable. It might be my new favorite roller coaster after riding it four times.
  15. Is that the actual, full POV? It seems really short. Looks fun, though. And you're right - it looks a lot like Expedition Everest.
  16. Replace Firehawk with Flight of Fear, then you've got it right... I love Flight of Fear. A very underrated ride.
  17. Ok, ok...I think Banshee is the best of the three. 1. Banshee 2. Diamondback 3. The Beast (out of these three, not my favorite out of all coasters)
  18. Saw someone on Twitter with at least 10 tweets complaining to Kings Island about tweeting today that the park was closed. They bought all their tickets and everything. 1. Kings Island actually tweeted and posted on Facebook yesterday the same thing. 2. Before going to the park - LOOK AT THE HOURS! Why would people not do that? Do they just assume things? 3. Don't blame the park for being closed for a private event - something that is on their website and has been said several times. Blame yourself!
  19. It's not even the summer season yet. I'm sure there are still some ride ops that need to be hired and trained still. This is also still the second weekend, things will be figured out eventually.
  20. You guys are crazy. The first drop is by far the best part of the ride. Not because the rest of the ride isn't good, but because the first drop is too good.
  21. By the way, I never meant any disrespect towards The Beast. I get that it's 35 years old, the longest wooden coaster, and revolutionized coasters and what not. I think it's a great thing that Kings Island has, and I hope it stays at the park for as long as possible...it's just the ride itself I don't care much about! The Voyage is my favorite woody...the out of control feeling on it, the airtime, the speed, the turns...it's crazy.
  22. I really am just exaggerating, I do like The Beast. I just feel like it's not as amazing as it's made out to be. The brake run really ruins everything, and from then on to the helix, I can't help but fall asleep. It just doesn't feel fast at all to me and it's completely forceless. I rank Banshee, Diamondback, Flight of Fear, and The Bat (yes, The Bat) over it.
  23. No. Adventure Express is more exciting than The Beast.
  24. Yes...but the actual ride is still slow and boring...except the helix...
  25. If you somehow know something before the public does, you shouldn't release that information. Also, I don't see how the restraints could just randomly fail in the middle of the ride. It just doesn't happen.
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