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  1. Oh wow! I'm blown away! Especially by the waterpark! This will definitely bring competition to Holiday World & Splashin' Safari. They need to step up their game as well!
  2. I just don't think Kings Island is good enough with theming to theme a whole area to "Spooky Hollow". Maybe just split off The Bat/Banshee like X-Base is from Coney Mall, and name that part Spooky Hollow? I wouldn't mind that.
  3. None of them. In my honest opinion, Soak City's slides are boring. The funnel slide (I have a mind blank to what it is called) is the only relatively thrilling slide there. Everything else is too gradual and slow. The twisting pretzel slides would be fun, but the water sprays in my eyes and feels like a fire hose is aimed straight at my face...oh, and the mat slide I hate because I feel like I'm going to fall off...
  4. Well he graduated from Moeller so I like him already!
  5. "something scary" would be an awfully odd name.. Yeah...I know. It wouldn't even be capitalized! That bad grammar would bother me to death!
  6. So who's still going to call it Top Gun? I love this! It took me by total surprise. KI should section off that area of Action Zone like X-Base is with Coney Mall and rename it something scary!
  7. This is gonna sound stupid, but the main reason why I don't like this is, now there's really no "landmark" in Animal Kingdom. Magic Kingdom just has the Cinderella Castle, Epcot has Spaceship Earth, and Hollywood Studios has the hat. But at Animal Kingdom, there's the Tree of Life, Mount Everest, and now the floating mountains. I like being able to tell each park apart by their landmark, but I'm not really sure now what it will be at AK. Other than that silly complaint, this looks great. But nothing will be as good as WWoHP.
  8. Peyton Manning is superhuman. That is all.

  9. Me neither. Yet, apparently there are teens who do cause disruptions. I see idiot teens who make fun of the actors and taunt them just for giggles. I also see a lot of them running around, and even one time two kids who were fighting each other (not for real, just for fun) in the middle of the pathway. It gets annoying. The thing about the "persons under ___ not permitted unless with parent supervision" is, there are mature teens, and I'd rather not have my parents following me around at Kings Island when I'm with a group of friends.
  10. Banshee and Vortex are nothing alike. They're on opposite sides of the park. Everyone needs to stop worrying about Vortex's future.
  11. I think all the supports should be tan. I hate the red-yellow combo (not just on Diamondback, on any roller coaster...past Invertigo for example) and the tan fits in with the theme much better. Yellow just doesn't relate to the woods, snakes, and things of that nature...tan does. I think it's like this to make the hill stand out, definitely. When you're coming into KI and see the "big yellow and red ride" it would probably stand out more than if it was all tan.
  12. Not in the house, but you can hear it when you're outside. Plus, when you're in your 70's, it can get pretty annoying...I guess. I can't wait to hear KI though. Plus, you can see the fireworks!
  13. ...like my grandparents! They're already complaining about Banshee. My family is moving into the neighborhood right next to theirs and our house is in the back of the neighborhood; you can see every ride at Kings Island popping out over the trees. I can't wait to hear the screams from Banshee next year!
  14. Diamondback: Either the very front or the very back. The Beast: Very front, again. I love seeing the track. The Racer: Back. Flight Deck: Front. The wind blowing into your eyes makes the ride so much more intense. Vortex: 5-1. Firehawk: Any outside seat. Can't really think of any other specifics.
  15. Last night I went to Halloween Haunt with my friend at around 6:30pm. The line to get in to the park was already way, way back. We waited for about 45 minutes. Walking through International Street, there were no monsters walking around, which slightly disappointed me. Oh well. After walking around for an hour, waiting for the crowds to disperse, we got in line for Urgent Scare, one of my favorites from last year. Unfortunately, I wasn't scared a little bit at any time during the maze. Not because the actors had failed scares, just because they didn't attempt to scare. Too many characters were walking around in the maze, getting in your face, and whispering in your ear. No surprise jump scares, and much to my disappointment, no one followed a victim throughout the maze like they did last year. Urgent Scare still has a great set up (the elevator effect is great) but, sorry to all the actors on here, they need to step up their game. Next we walked all the way over to Club Blood (my friend had drank 2 Nos's and wanted to run around everywhere). Once again, no scares, and in some parts of the maze, there were no actors! The bar part and bathroom part of the maze had no actors at all, and when there were actors, they were just walking around slowly again instead of trying to scare us. I so badly wanted to go through Board to Death, because last year I didn't go into the new mazes. Finally I would be able to go through a new maze. Board to Death has a great concept and it's really well done. I found myself laughing around every corner. Twister was my favorite part. ONCE AGAIN, no one attempted to scare us. But this maze has a lot of potential. I'm known to hate on The Beast, so I decided to ride it at night. I'd been on it at night before, but that was a few years ago and it wasn't completely dark. I still think it's very overrated. I enjoyed my ride, don't get me wrong, but I still can't see what's so great about it. The out of control, through the dark woods feeling is fun, but it doesn't give me the adrenaline that other coasters would. Lastly, before leaving, we did Slaughterhouse, always my favorite maze. I'm not even going to repeat myself, because it had the same problem as all the others. I'm disappointed this year. Yes, it was only the second night, so maybe next time I go it'll be better. Here's my ratings. Urgent Scare 6/10 Club Blood 5/10 Board to Death 7/10 Slaughterhouse 6/10 The Beast 8/10
  16. I'm not sure on the height of the structure but I believe the ball itself can travel as high as 230' I believe it goes to ~260 feet, depending on weight of the ball. tuxedoman52 is replying to this. Make sure you use quotes... I despise getting next paged.
  17. Oh, Lord. Remind me not to be anywhere near Action Zone when this is happening!
  18. ^^Where'd you get that from? I can't find it on the website.
  19. I love the howl you hear at the top of the first drop on The Legend at Holiday World. The Banshee scream should be included in the ride just like that.
  20. Really, really? What do you see in Kentucky Kingdom that is so great??!
  21. Minors at KI, what job is that and age? You can be 15 and have the Admissions Associate, Games Associate, and Character jobs.
  22. That's not my point anyways. Kentucky Kingdom currently has 4 coasters, 5 next year. How, in any way, would that make you want to get season passes compared to Kings Island with its 14 coasters? Really? Plus, KK's coasters suck. T2 and Roller Skater - the kiddie coaster? So you only have two relatively thrilling and good coasters left.
  23. So Millennium Force is boring now? It's been at Cedar Point for 13 years.
  24. Are you kidding me? One Intamin giga coaster is going to change your mind? I didn't know Kentucky Kingdom had the world's longest wooden coaster, a 230ft B&M, next year the longest B&M invert, an indoor alien themed coaster, a flying coaster, a classic racing wooden coaster, a 315' Drop Tower, an award winning kids' area, a replica of the Eiffel Tower, and I could go on and on. Oh, and the KI coaster count compared to KK: 14 - 5.
  25. I don't need German music playing or anything, but if they could get rid of Sling Shot, that would just be great. It's an eyesore for that part of the park. I love how they added the Bier Garten, which is definitely a step in the right direction, but the next thing they need to fix is the Festhaus. I love Panda Express, but how does Chinese food fit in a German environment?
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