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  1. I posted this last week in a different situation, but it comes in handy all the time.
  2. Boring, long, straightaways, slow, long turns (specifically in the tunnel), annoying brakes not too far into the ride, slow lift hills, etc. Take out the whole first part and leave just the helix and it's an awesome coaster, but the first part is just boring. I sound like a troll right now but I truly believe Beast is a boring coaster.
  3. Out of the two major chains, Skyline > Gold Star. My favorite other chili place is Blue Ash Chili. I love the diner feel to it and the menu has a lot of great stuff besides just chili - but I of course always get a 3 way.
  4. Really? Half the website had photos of Diamondback and Gatekeeper, and the other half had the "Lorum ipsum" thing.
  5. Or it's a fake website, and that's not the ride we're getting.
  6. No, it's not. That was a photo of Gatekeeper.
  7. While I agree with people saying The Voyage is very rough now, it's still my favorite. I love how out of control it is. The Beast, on the other hand, is tame to me (except for the helix).
  8. Candy: Twix Desert: Sahara Dessert: Chocolate chip cookies
  9. 1. Millennium Force 2. Maverick 3. Magnum 4. Top Thrill Dragster 5. Raptor 6. Mantis 7. Gemini That's all I rode when I visited last.
  10. I wouldn't say that. The Minneapolis-St Paul metro area has 3.4 million people, and Valleyfair isn't too far from a big tourist attraction, Mall of America.
  11. Because girls look at a guy's shorts and think, "wow that guy is so hot!"
  12. Cargo shorts are a fashion no no? Really?
  13. Did someone find some more blueprints? I found the blueprints for KI's 2022 coaster, if that counts.
  14. ^I don't think that's an inversion.
  15. secondson (don't want to quote your big post), I was just kidding about the fake blueprints...
  16. They might be planning to change the name of the webcam soon and just haven't yet.
  17. The first time I saw it I thought it said "Americans ruin videos".
  18. What if Kings Island leaked fake blueprints... Dun dun dunnnnn
  19. I don't think it was big enough to be put online.
  20. There are more than four wing coasters in the world. I see a problem. Edit: Nevermind they said country. Sorry!!!
  21. But there are more than 4 wing coasters.
  22. I don't understand what they mean...leaves riders hanging off the side of the track?
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