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  1. I'm not too excited about this...it's a waterpark, a "zip line" like this is kind of dumb. I was hoping for an actual zip line where you fall into the water.
  2. Wouldn't it be awesome if inside the UFO was a pre-show? Instead of the movie being played while waiting, which means less people are actually paying attention, make the riders watch it. There could be a door before the staircase up to the UFO and a door at the end of the UFO. When each pre-show is done, they load up the riders onto the ride. I'm not talking a long pre-show, maybe 3 minutes that just sums up what's happening. Or, possibly, they could still show the movie in the queue, but add onto it with a pre-show. I don't know. I like pre-shows...!
  3. One ride is a two-person zipline featuring a 600-foot drop over the wave pool. Well, that's safe! What is that number supposed to be? I like the additions. Not much detail, but I'll just have to wait and see. I haven't been to The Beach since 2011, but I could possibly go this summer.
  4. Everyone's liking my post from a year ago about Murica but reading this article again, it's Murcia. Not Murica...
  5. Yes...that's exactly what I was picturing!
  6. Based on that webcam picture, Banshee just looks to flow really well. I love how it looks. So "majestic". I'm probably the only person who understands what I mean...
  7. Those restraints look so comfortable. Doesn't look like any head banging.
  8. So many depressing pictures. I never went on the antique cars (Antique Cars? Not trying to start another argument, actually asking if they were called "Antique Cars"), but that made me depressed - then The Italian Job with its yellow track, "splash" landing, overall better looking theme, and that waterfall^. So sad.
  9. UC Bearcats are the 2014 NCAA champions!

  10. I'm very happy I went to Universal last summer, but dang, that means I won't be able to go this year! This looks absolutely amazing. I love rides like Spider-Man and Transformers, but is Escape from Gringotts just like those? It's getting kind of old now. I'm sure it will still be an awesome ride though. What I love about Universal is the every little detail they put into things. I enjoy Disney World like everyone else, but honestly, Universal feels more magical to me. I don't know why...that's just me, I guess.
  11. It's been a month since I applied. It says they start accepting and scheduling interviews on January 1. It still says my applications is being reviewed by the same division (merchandise) since when I applied. Ugh..what's happening?
  12. For me, they were not personally attacking anyone. They were, as you said, grumpy. My waiter acted like he hated his job and made a lot of funny jokes. If they personally attack you, then that's not good...at all.
  13. Yes! I love this place! I went to the one in Chicago. The food is alright, but it's one hilarious experience! My mom and I didn't know what it was, and when we got in, the host stared us down and said, "what do you want?" Then when he asked us for drinks, I said water (I don't like soda)...he made fun of me and when he came back with a glass of water, on the side written in marker, in quotations, was "water". The waiters are really mean and funny...what a weird experience it was. Like I said though, the food was OK. I don't really think that's the point of the restaurant, though.
  14. Can someone explain to me exactly what I'm looking at here? And what's with those hideous outfits...oh, the 70s, that's right...
  15. Wait..what? Sorry for getting off topic, but, Cartoon Network shows are 1,000x weirder than Nick shows... Adventure Time, while funny, is weird, Regular Show is weird, don't even get me started on Uncle Grandpa... If I saw Uncle Grandpa walking around Kings Island I would freak out.
  16. Sorry for the double post - this is important. Are references important? I'm finalizing my application and don't really have any references...
  17. I'll be honest, getting a job kind of scares me, but I'm about to apply for one!
  18. Wow, the white snow really brings out Banshee's colors. It's looking great! But it's also making me want Winterfest...
  19. I'm bringing this topic back, as I'm sixteen in a month and want to apply for a job next summer. I'll be living five minutes away by that time so I just have to get a job at Kings Island! Can you experienced KI workers give me some ideas of what I'm doing? How the interview is, how it'll be starting my very first job at Kings Island (if I get it), if it's as fun as I think it is (to be honest, I wouldn't even care about getting a job as a sweeper..!)...or should I just get a job at Kroger?
  20. Nothing next year...we're moving up to Maineville and don't have the money. But, we are five minutes away from Kings Island, so I guess going to Kings Island anytime I'd like might be better than not getting passes and taking one trip to Cedar Point (which was an option that I denied...).
  21. I actually find this really stupid. I won't even consider it a coaster. It's just a big spiral. I'm disappointed that this will be the new tallest...
  22. This is just a weird pet peeve of mine, but I hate when people refer to it as "Disney". Disney is the last name of Walt. Disney World is the park you visit.
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