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  1. When I was 13 I did the guess your age game. I look really young and at the time looked 10. Somehow, he guessed 13 as my age. It is rigged. The people they hire are psychics.
  2. kinda rude? You've been on here long enough to know this joke.
  3. Well that's kind of dumb. You have to be 18+ to get on that page. :/
  4. I am in the minority for everything on this site. No one else likes Flight of Fear?!
  5. 2015 - From a realistic budget standpoint, no new attractions, but new planters added in Action Zone, repaint the buildings and Delirium. 2016 - New Screamin' Swing in Rivertown in place of The Crypt's building. 2017 - Water coaster in Soak City, finally. Not longest or fastest or anything like that, just a simple water coaster. 2018 - Congo Falls removed, new log flume opens in Rivertown 2019 - After "saving up" by adding small investments to the park, a new Intamin giga opens - 380' and with a cable lift! Breaks the record for longest coaster in the world with 8,500ft. of track! 2020 - No new attractions, minor improvements around the park
  6. The thing is, I started using Google and never had the idea to change to Bing. It seemed pointless to me.
  7. Enter Sandman by Metallica. It's kind of scary sounding, I guess...
  8. yeah, not very comfortable. I feel all the blood going to my feet on that one. This is a thread for least thrilling. People that are saying Invertigo actually have reasons for it being thrilling...
  9. I'm not worried about restraint malfunctions because it rarely happens. Stop worrying and ride on.
  10. If you don't like water up your nose, don't ride the middle slide of the "Pineapple Pipeline" complex. It's listed as a "moderate thrill (3/5)" according to visitkingsisland.com. It's not. Water up my nose is one of the few things about water attractions that genuinely scare me. Anything in that water has a direct path into my body at that point. The Abyss and Leap of Faith at Atlantis in The Bahamas are absolutely horrible when it comes to water spraying in your eyes and nose, and is one of the reasons why I hate water slides.
  11. I hate this water slide. Coming out of the tunnel before the drop, I nearly fell off my mat; if I had, I probably wouldn't switched a lane!!
  12. Every time I get on Diamondback, it doesn't go down all the clicks. Me, being a skinny guy, worry about this; when going up the lift hill, if you just keep pushing it down it will eventually go down another click. Never failed me before.
  13. The amount of complaining on KI's Facebook is ridiculous. "Just a pink and blue Raptor" "Kings Island continues to suck" "Zzzz I want speed! We need something like Top Thrill Dragster!" "Why'd they tear down Son of Beast for something like this?!"
  14. School? School?? It's August 9!
  15. Sh...did you hear that scream?

  16. I just realized something. The two "longest in the world" coasters at KI do this - progressively build up speed mid-ride instead of on the first drop.
  17. KI could have replaced SOB with a sand box and that would have been less of a failure than SOB. Investing around 20 million into something that was open for around 7.5 years (I could be wrong, plus or minus a bit considering the extensive SBNO times after the accidents) is a failure on massive proportions. sob was a failure because it was beyond its time, plus paramount did not take care of its coasters, it paved the way for most of today's modern wooden coasters.
  18. Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potato.
  19. I tried telling my friend how cool the coaster was and he doesn't care. This is why I love my KIC family.
  20. More impressed than Diamondback.
  21. Pros: Awesome colors, awesome inversions, awesome restraints, awesome station, awesome theme, NO MCBR! Cons: NOTHING
  22. Those are trolls. Don't listen to them!
  23. An inverted, winged, Intamin giga.
  24. I'm pretty sure everyone thinks I'm a troll now because I don't like The Beast. I can assure you I'm not trolling.
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