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  1. Nah. They're just messing with us.
  2. I don't see how you can call people who are disappointed ungrateful. It's a roller coaster. Now if I were disappointed with a Christmas present I got and said to my mom, "Wow, really? This is stupid!" that's ungrateful.
  3. Why? You got everything you were hoping for. Exactly. You folks should be beeming — pun full-well intended — with joy. I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic.
  4. Have you been here? It will break the record for longest, and not for height. Have you seen the announcement?Neither have I. There could be more than one record being broken. Why would they only have a picture reading "longest inverted coaster"?
  5. Have you been here? It will break the record for longest, and not for height.
  6. Why? Did you think it wasn't going to be an Invert? Cause all the proof was there. No, I was getting excited for tallest invert. Also I change my mind, it doesn't suck, I was really just hoping for tallest.
  7. Well..I'll be honest...this sucks.
  8. It would actually be pretty cool if they separated that part of Action Zone just like X-Base is from Coney Mall.
  9. Yes, I am being bias. That's what an opinion is. And I don't hate it, I just find it overrated.
  10. How in the world would that work?
  11. 1. Adventure Express 2. The Beast 3. Flight Deck
  12. yes it did... I was just as surprised as you are. It did not have a 4 hour wait. Sorry, but no.
  13. Can someone explain to me why MaXair's cycle is longer than Delirium's? That seems kind of unfair.
  14. How dare you say that. Madame Fatale's is the best thing Haunt has (as of last season.) My favorite flat ride that is open throughout the whole season is better than one Haunt that's open for a month.
  15. Wow you're right. Those who say CP is landlocked, look at Knott's!
  16. Kings Island definitely needs just one more flat ride - I would love a Screamin' Swing like Skyhawk at CP, maybe in place of The Crypt's building (is there enough room?). I would get rid of one haunt taking up a giant building for an awesome flat.
  17. http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/27958-watch-the-2014-announcement-live/
  18. Wow, you're right. So far I see two things: "amazing" and "horrible".
  19. Glad I'm not alone in considering GateSleeper boring. I haven't ridden it, but I don't get how it's boring. I know a POV doesn't convey how thrilling it is, but there's a 164ft drop with 6 inversions at speeds close to 70mph, while hanging off the sides of the track. It's really disappointing that such a good sounding idea doesn't work out as well as planned.
  20. A simple coaster? Early? It started in April. From April to April 2014 (opening day), that's just a year to build a world record breaking coaster.
  21. This is also a lot better than posting on the forums. The forums would explode when the announcement starts.
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