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  1. These videos mean so much to me! Super rare footage. Thank you. My brother and I were watching them the other day and getting very nostalgic.
  2. Whenever I hear "water ride" I get worried after the Shoot The Rapids debacle. When it could get through a ride cycle, it was a pretty awesome ride! One of the best I've ridden actually. Haven't been up to CP this year yet. But I assume it's still SBNO
  3. The more stuff from our childhood, the better. Or at least a museum like Cedar Point has where remnants of attractions are shown. One of my favorites as a kid was The Flying Dutchmen (or The Wooden Shoes as I used to call them). It's now at Kentucky Kingdom. I believe the Flying Eagles are at Carowinds.
  4. I got to play Fascination again for the first time in years last year at Knobel's in PA. Great park if you ever get a chance to check it out.
  5. Magenta, one of the 4 ft tall smiling snails is in the parking lot at Jungle Jim's right near where the monorail station is. The monorail is of course from KI as well. Oh, and Jungle Jim's also has the elephant that used to sit in Hanna-Barbara Land and shoot water out its nose. Check out JJ if you haven't been. There are two locations. The one mentioned above is on Dixie Highway. The other one is newer, but has one of the spinning witch cauldron's I used to ride as a kid.
  6. And to clarify, when I say "you", I don't mean you specifically. I just mean people in general
  7. Vortex, I hold my glasses case in my hand on Banshee. The rest of the rides have bins (except for Firehawk & FOF) but a glasses case is little enough. And jdawg, they may not mean to but if that's the case and a friend of yours is lagging behind, the proper thing to do is wait on them. It's the same as holding the door for someone to go inside while you wait on your friends. You don't call dibs on a space and then see if your party is ready. It's rude. True, people only have to wait a few minutes longer, but it's rude.
  8. True, though I'm not sure people that would start a physical altercation should be allowed to be in the park anyway. Therefore, it's good if they are removed
  9. R.L. is a friend. He grew up in Columbus but lives in NYC now. I asked him where I can find a copy of The Beast 2 as I never got the chance to read it. He said he didn't even have a copy of it, haha. He said he remembers when he was prepping to write the book, they put him on the ride several times. He then commented it was one of the most "hair-raising" moments of his life because he doesn't usually ride coasters So if anyone has an extra copy of part 2, let me know!
  10. I was #9 for the A Kid Again event and I wanted to meet and say hello to other KI posters if they were there, but perhaps some other time
  11. Oh wow! Thanks for pointing that out. I could've sworn I've commented before, haha. Well, I've been a member for quite a while anyway. Figures, I'm kind of a stand in the back of the room and blend in sort of guy, haha. Well, thanks for the welcome and here's to my second post! haha
  12. Hey everyone I don't comment on much on KI Central but this is a topic that angers me as well. But the issue is simple manners. As a Platinum Pass holder, I try not to get too angry when someone cuts in front of me because I feel that maybe they are only here for one day and I can ride anytime. But there was a time on Diamondback when it happened and it's the only time I've ever said anything. They ended up removing them from the park and the group threatened to stab me in the parking lot. I thought to myself, "really? threaten someone's life because they caught you being a selfish idiot?" But there was that part of me that also didn't want to get stabbed in the parking lot, ha. The most common form of line jumping I witness I like to call the "restaurant reservation". A group of 10 will send two people to "hold their place" and the rest of the group thinks it's okay to meet up with them well into the line. They really think this is ok. I have a friend that is one of the higher ups at the park. Sometimes, I want to text them when these things happen so they can send security to the ride, haha. Maybe undercover isn't such a bad idea Anyway, I'm done venting. I've always loved reading the posts. Carry on, haha.
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