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  1. maybe KI gets its RMC this year, and CP starts MSs RMC conversion at the end of the year, but doesn't open till 2018?
  2. referring to the "missing" green train on Millennium Force?
  3. depends on what the park requests. Hot Go Park's track had its name on it.
  4. They still have to keep track of the pieces throughout the process. imagine if they messed up labeling later and caused delays during the install
  5. less crappy version: https://www.facebook.com/528819877202301/photos/677199952364292
  6. i thought that it was a cardinal rule of taking screen shots that your phone be below 10% battery?
  7. Before i read the story, I was expecting it to have happened during Mamba's breaks. But i do agree that Timberwolf is a rough ride.
  8. Could also be implying something to do with the old pirate ride building.
  9. New track shots: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=649698781781076&id=528819877202301
  10. It's a nice little park, but not much there. DavidW, who's first park experience was there.
  11. They have said that its going to cost $30M and be 300+ feet tall, nothing else has been confirmed. There has been some plot plans that have footers that seem to resemble Leviathan, but those plans haven't been proven to be recent or for this project.
  12. Lets try this again... Final Banshee Construction Time Lapse Video Final Video: Angle 1 Here are some interesting facts: * I captured images for 261 days, 20 hours, 6 minutes and 58 seconds Or 8 months, 18 days, 20 hours, 6 minutes and 58 seconds * I captured 365,758 images that took up a total of 31.7GB disk space * I created 27.2GB worth of video Here is another interesting link; the first image I captured and an image captured from the last day: http://imgur.com/gallery/tDCIM
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