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  1. The Mystic ride ops are terrible at moving people. The regular admission line is moving faster than the Fast Lane line. Unbelievable.
  2. Exactly. You even had people on the Facebook page bragging about being there since before 6 AM in line, when they had reservations for 11:00 AM. You're the reason people with 10:30 reservations didn't get into the park until after 11:00.
  3. If the B&M multi-launch works for Sea World, I could definitely see something like this being our next coaster in The Vortex area.
  4. Coaster Sally seems to like using the "confused" reaction for every post he/she disagrees with. If you're that confused, I think you need to educate yourself. Intamin's safety and reliability has a well-documented shady past, and it wasn't a distant past, either.
  5. At this point, if we have a Haunt this year at all, I'll be ecstatic
  6. Man, Kings Island's IT department sure has a lot of issues with software upgrades.
  7. Cedar Fair is going to see increased locker usage, and by extension, increased $$$$ from it. I'd bet we never see those pouches again. If Cedar Fair was decent, they'd make lockers free for mandatory locker use.
  8. That sounds like BS. I had no problems being secured in my seat with things in my pocket in 2018. Just a BS explanation. I'm not sure about this year, but in previous years? Nope.
  9. It’s hard to remain non-political when the reason we’re in this giant mess is strictly political. The ruling party has pushed out to their cult that masks are unnecessary and frowned upon, that the nation’s top infectious disease experts are not to be trusted and that we need to CUT testing in order to make the whole thing disappear. States are going BACK on lockdown for a second time because we have a complete void of leadership in the White House. Ban me or delete my post if you wish, but you cannot refute these facts.
  10. Top healthcare facilities and professionals, sure. Top healthcare? Not so much. We’re probably not in the top 10. And yeah, let’s not beat around the bush. Our leadership is awful right now.
  11. If Cedar Fair didn’t want to seem so cash-grabby about it, they’d offer lockers for free for however long the current ride wait time is, then charge after that time elapses. Steel Vengeance is an absolute joke in that Cedar Point makes you pay for park admission, then makes you pay for a locker to even get on the ride you already paid for. It’s slimy and shady.
  12. Let's be honest - RMC's reliability is on par with Intamin, and the capacity is even worse.
  13. I've had 20 rides on Orion thus far, in all rows. I've never greyed out on Orion. In comparison, I grey out about half the times I ride BLSC.
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