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  1. I'm looking forward to the possibility of more theming in the line. The hike back there, I just missed the Top Gun music. And seriously, what a hike! It's nice to get out into the woods tho. I never noticed before, but the ride itself makes a sound not unlike the squeaking of bats at some points. Seems to be an interaction where the car holds onto the track. I like the new colors and new logo. My mom always talked about The Bat when I was a kid (usually mentioning how it seemed it was down more than it was up before it was gone) and I always wished I could have ridden it. Now I feel like I have.
  2. The farther you are from the date, the more chance of error in the weather predictions. Especially in this particular area of Ohio, it seems particularly resistant to predicting more than a few hours in advance.
  3. They very well might, how long before opening do they start ticket sales? I was just worried because the site says processing is done "during park hours" which could mean they didn't start till the gates opened. Since I ended up only sleeping 4 hours last night due to excitement and thunderstorms, I didn't wake up early enough to make it at 9:30 like I wanted.
  4. I got to ride Banshee today. I was in the second row, right side. I went to the back of the park when I got there at 10, and sort of worked my way back, so I hit it around 1. I expected the line to be fairly long by then, and was looking forward to having a Banshee twist cone while I waited. Fortunately I asked the employee at the front of the line how long the wait was before I went to get my cone because he said only 5-10 minutes! It may have been slightly longer in actuality, but only because someone puked on the ride and it was causing some kerfluffle. It turned out that the second row was the one whoever puked in, and it was initially looking like they were going to put us on that train after doing some more cleaning. They had already run it empty at least once. They made the decision to run it empty again, and we didn't get stuck there so it was cool. I did enjoy the ride, but my primary impression is that I've never been so disoriented by a coaster when riding that close to the front (so you can kind of see where you're going). I think I want to try it again from the back car to see if I like that better. I hate the restraints, it felt like they were trying to make me an inch shorter by compressing my spine. I love the theming, though, the graveyard to the hanging lights in the station. My Banshee twist was a bit of a disappointment tho, once I got it. It had one tiny stripe of blue, in a sea of vanilla. It tasted good but I wanted my smurf ice cream, too. I should have just got an all blue one when I was in the kids' area earlier.
  5. I ended up in line for processing a minute or so after they played the anthem and opened the gates, so it didn't ultimately matter whether I could have gotten it processed before 10. But, I did ask at the parking entrance, and she said that processing did start early so I could go get it right away. In case anyone else wants to know. Also, there is a sign next to the processing entrance that says you don't need to have your pass processed on your first visit. That the print-out from the website can be used at the entrance gate one time without you having a physical pass and picture. So, if anyone else plans on getting there for ERT and if the processing isn't open, it won't be a deal-breaker. You can come back out later and get it done.
  6. Wow, that's so cool! I've been to a JJ, but I don't remember which one. I will have to try to get there to check out "my" snail... See if they'll sell it I went to KI for the first time this summer today and I did see a penny smasher near the front gate when I was leaving. I, of course, had forgotten pennies. But, I plan to be back many many times this summer, surely I'll eventually remember. I wore my Fascination (when the bell rings, roll 'em) t-shirt to the park today. Granted the image on it is based on the Cedar Point game building, but I thought there had been one at KI at some point as well. I miss that game. If anyone recognized my shirt, they didn't mention it. If I go again this week, I'm wearing my Outer Limits Flight of Fear tank. People are more likely to get that one. I really wanted to ride FoF today but it was down
  7. KI's site says that season pass processing is done during park hours. I was wondering if anyone knows, does that mean that since the gates open (to the public) at 10, I can't begin to get my pass processed till 10, or if I get there early, can I maybe get processed early enough to get some of the ERT for pass holders that starts at 9:30?
  8. Most rude people are just hoping for the chance someone they mess with will give them a confrontation. The desire for attention is their main driving force toward harassing others, and nothing gives them attention from everyone around them more than a big scene. I really think it is best to let the people who can actually remove them from the line and/or park deal with the situation than be dragged down to their level, personally. If you think someone is unaware they are bothering you, by all means tell them, but if it is clear they're doing it on purpose you are just playing into their game to directly confront them.
  9. I'm not a big fan of strangers touching me, even by accident. If it is a child, I am more willing to cut some slack, because they often just aren't aware of the concept of personal space yet (although I am not above shooting looks at the parents of children who repeatedly run into me). I'm always a little in awe of the adults or teens who repeatedly bump me during a wait in line. Do they not realize they're doing it? How does it not bother them that they're touching someone they don't know? Often, it is hot and I'm sweaty, and the last thing in the world I want is anyone standing so close to me they might bump me, whether I know them or not. Not because I'm smelly, but because it makes things even warmer. I agree that smelly people can be a big problem too. Not just the unwashed, but those who think perfume is a substitute for cleanliness. Many strong perfumes are a migraine trigger for me, along with being overly warm, so most days in the park I end up with a headache. I'm just grateful that they no longer allow smoking in the queues (and hope there is decent enforcement this year). It's a worse migraine trigger for me, so it was always bad when there was a chain smoker in the next row of the cow corrals, and I knew I was going to keep ending up close to them as the line moved along.
  10. I'll have to take some pennies when I go, then. Last time I took a bunch of brand new pennies but couldn't find any smashers. That reminds me of another memory. The year my sister got her driver's license, I was 13, and my parents got us both season passes so we could go more or less whenever we wanted that year. We were both always big on playing the games (she was pretty darn good at bowler roller, I loved the crane game). One time, in the late afternoon, we had both gone through all our cash playing games, but really wanted a drink. In the past, we had discovered you should check the back of the seats as you get on coasters, especially The Racers, because people often lose their change into the seats. So that day, because the lines were short and we loved it anyway, we kept riding The Racer (backwards, of course!!) over and over until we'd finally collected enough spare change to get a drink refill. Oddly enough, I think it was $1 to refill a souvenier cup back then too, although I think the initial cost was less (and I think it was a smaller cup).
  11. I just thought of a couple more things, although they might still have one of them. Does anyone remember the table-service sit-down restaurant they used to have above the entrance gates? It seemed so fancy (tablecloths, waiters, air conditioning, crystal chandeliers) that I always felt likely to be turned away in our shorts and sneakers, but they seemed to be happy to have anyone there. I think they got very little business, because the entrance was a unmarked or very obscurely marked door next to the inside of the gates, and you had to go upstairs to the restaurant itself. The prices weren't particularly high, especially for in-park food, and seemed even lower when you took into account you were being served and the air-conditioning. One whole side of the dining room was windows overlooking international street. I always felt so special eating there, with the combination of the posh surroundings, the view, and the feeling of exclusivity (just knowing it was there and open to park visiors was hardly common knowledge). Another thing I loved was smashed penny souvenirs. I just happened to find a couple today in an old purse, alongside skee-ball tickets and prize tokens from 20 years ago. The smashed pennies I just found are in recognition of Phantom Theater (something else I really miss, even though it wasn't there until I was a little older). I went a couple years ago and didn't see any penny smashers, does anyone know if there are still any around KI?
  12. I love the expressiveness of this statue. It fully gives me the impression of a kid excited and wanting to share his excitement with someone else. I can almost hear him saying "come with me, look at what great things are over there!"
  13. I've decided to get a season pass this summer, even though I've only been to the park a couple times in the past 15 years (to be fair, I was living across the country part of that time). I'm really excited about it, and I find it is making me nostalgic for some of the things I remember that I know aren't there any more. I used to go at least a couple times every summer growing up. The thing I loved the most when I was spending my time in Hanna Barbara land back then was the giant house of cards. On the outside it looked like a stacked playing card house made from very large (six to ten feet maybe?) cards, and on the inside was a funhouse, with weird mirrors and such. I don't remember it too well, only that I loved running through it over and over. Of course there was the Smurf ride, which I loved back then, but for some reason the thing I miss the most from it (possibly because they stuck around in the grassy areas of the kid's area even after the ride changed) was the pastel, friendly-faced, 4-6 foot tall giant snails. Every so often I will remember a specific snippet from one of the stage shows they had back then. It was a song acting out aspects of a day at King's Island, and one of the characters repeated at different parts of the song in a strained voice "and I've gotta go to the BATHROOM!" I guess potty humor was the best humor to me at that time, so it has always stuck with me. I think that particular song was included in several years' shows for me to have remembered. Something I still get cravings for every so often is deep fried cheese on a stick. It was much like a corn dog, only with a cheddar-ish cheese food replacing the hot dog. I could never actually finish one by myself back then. So what are some of the subtle (or not so subtle) things you miss from KI?
  14. Somewhere I still have a picture of me from when I was 12 years old, laminated in a season pass shell (just the clear plastic, no paper other than the pic). The employee processing passes that day thought the first picture he took (with my eyes closed) was funny/cute, so he laminated it up in addition to the second picture with my actual pass. I think it would be cool to still have pictures on the passes. This will be the first year in over 20 that I'm buying a pass again, I can hardly wait!
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