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  1. Well, I mean, we’ve been talking about it since the poster with the QR code which links to the petition went up on the fence yesterday morning. It seems KI’s Twitter machine itself is a little behind, so don’t feel too terrible
  2. I think it would be a huge mistake to get your hopes up for more than what the blueprints have shown. Is there a possibility that there is something we aren’t seeing there? Yes. But the likelihood is low, and this is likely to be an amazing coaster for KI even with what the blueprints show. Better to be possibly surprised by it being “better” than you expected, than to be disappointed that your wildest dreams weren’t feasible.
  3. Well I plan to be at the park tomorrow so I will be able to let you all know very early if there’s something new and interesting.
  4. Ok, I just ask that if you reply to this, PLEASE do not quote it! This thread is long enough to slog through without half a page being repeated for a short comment. Good pics of all of the signs as of yesterday morning, when none had tape/stickers and were printed directly with the info that had previously been corrected using the tape/stickers:
  5. I love that the petition has a comment from “Mr. Christopher,” considering that my two favorite quotes from the FoF preshow are “Pleeease!!! Dick.” and “Mr. Christopher is on the loose!” (if you don’t recognize the references rewatch the queue-line video courtesy of @BoddaH1994 )
  6. Considering the Shooting Star was never at KI, it was at old Coney Island, I can’t really wrap my head around how this map is supposed to work...
  7. If you have free parking with a gold or platinum pass, you can pay the difference between regular and premium parking at the parking gates to receive access to that lot. I believe that you need to go to one of the green “all parking” lanes to pay for the upgrade.
  8. I like the name Cataclysm in view of the current teasing campaign.
  9. No new posters except if you considered they replaced the ones with the corrected version (no more tape )
  10. The past couple weeks my experience has been that while Red is still always ahead by the top of the lift, Blue has caught up to either win or come very close by the return stretch.
  11. For some reason people are like “it’s jerky, therefore it’s bad/breaking down/at the end of its life”. No, it’s a runaway mine coaster, it is meant to feel wild and out of control, and like you might get chucked out. It isn’t and was never meant to be a smoothly transitioning glide through the woods. So other than the effects, which are showing their age (some years more than others), the ride is giving the intended experience, feeling just like it has been since it was installed.
  12. Maybe they changed their minds on how they wanted to present the number/letter combo edit: the stickers are really strong adhesive or at least it looked that way from where someone appears to have tried to pick one off. I am nearly certain they will not be removed in a grand reveal.
  13. From the park Guest Assistance Guide: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/help/rider-height-safety
  14. I try to follow and read the whole thing but I was unaware the song had been posted too, and considered doing so this morning. The song is probably going to be stuck in my head for the next month regardless.
  15. I’m going with Zodiac or Delirium as my guess
  16. It looks like someone has already tried to peel off some of the tape, but it doesn’t seem like it came off at all easily. I don’t think there are any plans for a grand reveal, pulling off the tape. I’m fairly certain it’s just there to cover “mistakes.” However... I looked closely at the changes that were made on the first two posters and they definitely were just printed that way. Which means, if the signs are printed up at CP, two versions of each of those were sent from the very beginning. I still haven’t come up with a scenario there that I feel makes total sense, tho...
  17. Can confirm the two areas of tape/sticker that were posted by emotional_rollercoasters are there. One is fixing the incorrect ridership for FoF and the other is correcting whatever that means on Bayern Kurve. Also, not directly mentioned, the change of FoF’s sequence number was also done with tape/sticker. (hope it shows, I can’t see my phone well)
  18. Sorry, I’ve been enjoying my day at the park so I missed all the tape talk. I’ll go check it out and confirm or deny. It may have changed again already tho the way they’re going
  19. This is what yesterday’s looks like as of today: I believe it is still the same as yesterday
  20. Quick analysis says at least the first two haven’t been changed again yet
  21. Ill get the full wall after I ride fof
  22. In case anyone is champing at the bit, I’m here today and will take and upload pics this morning as soon as possible. (Watch, there won’t be a new one today :))
  23. It bothers me when people don’t use apostrophes for possessives (or use them for plurals) but I think the “the” in the title is for the rattle, not the ride. To rearrange a little, it is saying “Does the rattle on Banshee bother you?”
  24. Yep, ever since they restarted Winterfest, they’ve been using that stage to start setting up the artificial trees
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