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  1. I've been voluntold ( @IndyGuy4KI) to post. Umm...wow. I've always loved the little quirks of ride but the work was well worth the wait. It was really smooth, the laterals feel great, and the helix was perfection for me. I was bracing myself for the brakes in the brake shed but I agree with @The_Reaganator and it didn't feel as harsh or intense as before. I rode in row 13 and Indyguy4ki were in row 14. I'm now a bit tempting to ride again in a rear wheel seat to see just how much the ride has changed. As we were walking out the exit, a woman was telling another man that she is not a roller coaster person and get motion sickness but the ride was amazing.
  2. It's funny ya'll think I need an incentive to marathon Drop Tower. I'll happily ride DT any day or time.
  3. I would love more non-fried food options and better vegetarian options. I'm not vegetarian but during the summer those are great options for me on super hot days. The salad at Chicken Shack is one of my go-to items but I think the park needs a better variety.
  4. @King Ding Dong you made me laugh as he ONLY rides in the left seat. So he has no idea how the right side feels. I'd say it likely feels as good as the left seat but I wouldn't know. Lol.
  5. I, for one, am glad it was still around in 2016.
  6. @jimbo t - this was last year's iternary: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/play/events/coasterstock . They haven't posted in for this year's Coasterstock. After going to all three, I would expect a mix of behind the scenes walk throughs/picture opportunities, talks, two meals, and lots of ERT. KI will likely post more information in January/February regarding cost, clubs, and additional details regarding the 2018 event.
  7. I do want to mention one thing. If you haven't been to BGT before, the layout can be a tad confusing. Make sure to get a map. It really will help for this park, especially if you want to see all the animals.
  8. I've been on SheiKra and it's lots of fun! The views from the first dive are astounding, especially at sunset (same goes for Griffon, tbh). I would say that if you are nervous, that hold on top can feel like forever even if it's only for a few seconds. The first dive holds for a few seconds longer than the second dive. The first dive holds you at the edge, looking straight down. If you are unsure about that, sit in the third row as you will be facing more out, instead of straight down. The second dive is more like a pause...you will get to the edge and as soon as you realize it's another dive, you are moving. I hope this helps! I've been to BGT several times and it's a great park!
  9. I'm sorry for the delay @Gannersdaddy. I wanted to look on my laptop instead of my phone...and things have been a bit hectic. Looking at KI's website, a different organization is running the program. When I did it, it was through Camp Kern. Teambonders is running it now - https://www.teambonders.com/ - according to KI's website: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/explore/groups/corporate-events/teambuilding Based on that, I'm not sure if my previous experience would be helpful. We did an "Amazing Race" type experience where we had different challenges to do worth different points. Our group of 13 was split into two groups. Some of the challenges included an orienteering challenge around the fountains, playing a game, riding roller coasters and getting the on the ride photo (had free tickets for this and game), figuring out some equation with the Eiffel Tower, and creating a rope long enough to connect two objects. As we had some in our team that did want to ride roller coasters, it was nice that the challenges didn't require everyone to ride. Regardless, I would expect that your group would be split into smaller groups to complete the teambuilding. As we had to pay admission for the park, in addition to the team building cost, we were able to stay in the park after the (about) 2 hour experience. I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful! This was my post about it 3 years ago:
  10. I did in 2011. I can post more information about it later when I get off work. Pricing for teambuilding doesn't include admission which is required. Also, how large is the team that would participate?
  11. Yes, as chugh43 mentioned. I didn't have any so i don't know how it compares to the stuffing in the FestHaus.
  12. If I remember correctly, most items looked to have flour - pumpkin pie, cookies, chocolate cake, pecan pie. I didn't see ice cream. I personally wasn't that impressed with dessert but I'm also really particular.
  13. There were also green beans (with something in them...not sure what) and a vegetarian pasta dish with veggies. @iheartbeast79 learning to live with new dietary restrictions isn't easy but the payoff is huge as you will feel so much better. (I still remember my pre-pork days and wouldn't go back - I'm allergic). I think there are some people on the board with similar dietary restrictions that hopefully can chime in about options throughout the park. Good luck!
  14. I personally haven't seen the single rider line abused. I would consider it misused if the KI line seperator at the top of the stairs would let people from the Single Rider in like they let Fast Lane into the station. I haven't seen that happen. We were in line last weekend when a huge group of teens came up the single rider line. They were clearly together. The line seperator did their job well and slowly had the people from the Single Rider line fill in seats that would normally go empty for odd numbered groups. And that is what a KIC group experienced yesterday. To me, that means that if there is a line seperator, things will move fairly for both queues. If a group of friends decides to go to the single rider line, they are doing so knowing they will ride with a stranger. They are making that choice...why should I judge that? Honestly, the single rider line is a great way for the park to fill those otherwise empty seats and keep the line moving. They are trying to be efficient. And I appreciate it. It wouldn't help efficiency (or customer service) to have ride associates at the entrance question guests if they are truly a single rider in addition to their more important roles of checking height and bag checks. As someone who personally wants everything to be fair...I have far more concerns regarding Fast Lane use than single rider use. I hope you can let this one aspect go as it truly is such a small piece of a massive event.
  15. We were checking out the tree as we left on Sunday. For those not at the park this past weekend, this is outside the park entrance, right before security as you walk in. I was trying to figure out why it would need plugs (white things on the inside of the tree) as i couldn't see any lights. Then thinking maybe the bulbs light up. Nope! I'm pretty sure it's a fiber optic tree. This is going to be one large tree and (I think) a great way to welcome people into the park. I'm excited to see it all lit up at night!
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