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  1. If you don’t want your Christmas presents to be spoiled before Christmas morning, don’t peak.
  2. I don't understand the talk of Fury fizzling out at the end. Yes, the helix is boring, but it leads into two awesome ejector airtime hills before the brake run. I think it ends with a bang, personally.
  3. Can somebody provide an example of what a dive loop is? I’ve seen it mentioned several times as a possibility here.
  4. I second this. I've not ridden nearly as many coasters as most enthusiasts but was fortunate enough to make a trip to the Carolinas last summer for the sole purpose of riding Fury. Every time I rode it I grew to appreciate it even more for the several instances you're talking about where you feel like you're going to be throw off the side of the train on those quick twists and turns. It's what separated it from MF for me.
  5. Regarding height, taller doesn't always equal better. My giga experience is limited to Fury and MF, but I would say without a doubt (in my opinion, of course) that MF has the better first drop despite being the shorter coaster. From the back you just get whipped over that hill, whereas on Fury, you slow down just before cresting the hill and it doesn't have that same feel. The rest of Fury's layout is superior to MF, and I realize that Fury's height and slightly steeper drop give it more speed to navigate said layout, but the drop itself is inferior to MF's. All this is to say that, even if KI's giga doesn't break the height (or drop height) record, don't count it out so quickly.
  6. I disagree with this, and this is coming from somebody who would rather go to CP than KI. I'd probably put DB and MT just outside my top five if they were at CP. I'm not a big invert guy so I could take or leave Banshee and Raptor. I have to disagree with this as well. Maybe based on legacy, but the actual ride experience is underwhelming to me. A night ride is really cool, but the last time I rode it during the day, I was kinda bored to be honest. I'm not trying to slam The Beast, just sharing my personal opinion. How much would The Beast experience be diminished if it was at CP rather than running through the woods at KI?
  7. To be fair, Diamondback and Mystic Timbers are just behind Banshee, giving KI 3 coasters in the top 25.
  8. If they're going for a theme that indicates reaching for the stars, it would be a bit of a letdown if that didn't include the height record for a giga. Put me on record, however, as saying I'll be thrilled with any sort of giga even if it doesn't break all the records. Give me a massive drop and some airtime, and I'm all set. I live in Indy, so a giga only being two hours away would be phenomenal. Also, on the topic of color scheme, I can't believe on this Ohio-based website that I haven't seen any Maize and Blue color suggestions. Allow me to be the first
  9. Yeah I checked the app for that very thing. It would be really helpful. We didn't want to venture too far just looking for an open restaurant when we wanted to get a few last rides in.
  10. That's good to know. I didn't see any info like that posted anywhere.
  11. I should add, Chick Fil A was the only place we could find after 7 that hadn't closed (with 8 PM closing). We weren't really hungry but wanted to get one more meal in since it was paid for. Thank you CFA for staying open!
  12. On Wednesday my wife and I made the trip from Indy for a day at Kings Island. I took advantage of the first responders week free admission and we got a ticket for her that included parking and a drink wristband all for $40. We hoped that going on a weekday in May would pay off with low crowds, and it certainly did. We didn't wait any longer than 10 minutes for any ride, and even then it was usually because we waited for a specific row when there were several empty rows in the middle. Rather than go chronologically I'll just do some bullet point highlights/lowlights from the day. - This was my third visit to KI overall, and first since opening day last year. I only went then because I won tickets. We didn't get to ride much then but we did get to ride The Beast at night for the first time. Unfortunately there would be no night rides this time because of the 8 PM closing time. - We were there at opening and went to Diamondback first. Unfortunately for the early entry folks, it was only just testing as we approached. We were on the third train of the day and went right back around for a second ride. We ended up getting double digit rides here throughout the day, including 3 in a row in the last ten minutes before closing. This is my favorite coaster in the park, especially from back row. - On opening day last year we waited a combined 4.5 hours for two rides on Mystic Timbers. Combine that with the shed thing being waaaay overhyped, and it was hard to fairly judge this ride. This year, we got double digit rides on it, and it was fantastic. We rode several times in both back and front and loved both. I was pleasantly surprised at all the airtime you get in front. The first drop is better from back though. This ride never lets up and feels so fast. This is easily my #2 in the park now. - I was a bit let down by some of the other coasters I've enjoyed before. Banshee and The Beast were somewhat underwhelming to me. The Beast has a great setting in the woods but after the first drop and hill after that it was kinda boring until the double helix. I wish I could've ridden at night again. Banshee has a lot of force but that's not what I really enjoy in a coaster. The roll towards the end was much better from toward the back than from the front. - I had a first ever coaster experience--I rode Vortex by myself, and I mean literally. I remembered it being pretty rough from a few years ago. I asked the ride op which seat was best and he said front. He didn't seem confident at all but I still went up there. It was so quiet that it felt like I was in a POV video. It wasn't terribly rough in front but was also kinda boring. - I skipped Firehawk and FoF because I didn't really enjoy either one when I rode them previously. - Racer would be a great coaster if it wasn't so rough. I love all the airtime hills but after just a couple of them I felt like I needed cervical and lumbar decompression. It was really unpleasant. - I rode Backlot Stunt Coaster for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't realize it launched at the start. It had one really good airtime moment and I did not expect the dark area to last so long. I would definitely ride this again. - I went up the Eiffel Tower for the first time because we had so much time. I wish it had been a clearer day but it was still a great view all around. Overall this was my best amusement park experience when considering the value we got for admission, parking, drinks and the all-day meal plan, and how much we were able to ride. I was bummed that I didn't enjoy some rides as much as I had on previous visits and that we wouldn't get a night ride, but at the same time I was glad it enabled us to just ride DB and MT over and over again, especially since they're right next to each other.
  13. I believe it was around 4, so you do have a valid point about it being a slow period.
  14. Wednesday was fantastic. Got in double digit rides on Diamondback and Mystic Timbers. We had the all-day meal plan so we were able to eat a bunch while also getting in as much riding as we wanted and more.
  15. I had the pulled pork sandwich at Coney and was disappointed. It was really crumbly and dry. I do like Sweet Baby Ray's though. I've seen many here who apparently don't so I had that going for me. The mac and cheese was pretty good.
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