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New Ride Names now Official


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According to a post over at coasterbuzz. At No Coaster Con, it was announced that:

Face/Off is to become Invertigo

Top Gun is to become Flight Deck

IJST: is to become Backlot Stunt Coaster.

Those were the only 3 that were listed.

Also no G trains for The Beast, new logos for Racer Trains, Drop Zone will be rotating again, and finally Bubba Gumps will be keeping it's name.

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Italian Job is a ride that has been a relatively big success for the park. Granted the location they out it in was terrible, but park guests really seem to enjoy the ride. Yes, the ride may be short, but it is a fun little ride to ride. While you may feel that IJST should be removed from the park sooner rather then later, I think your opinion will be in the minority. Additionally, the ride is only three years old. It doesn`t have any significant downtimes every season, so reliability isn`t as big of an issue like it is with TR:TR. In summation, I would expect IJST, or Backlot Stunt Coaster, to be around for many many years to come.

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Congo Falls should be removed this off season, and replacing it could be a huge log ride (like Snake River Falls or Perilous Plunge) only it could be behind Delirium and Slingshot. Theres enough land but i don't know how you'd get back there.

Is this your opinion or a prediction?

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I`m fairly certain that is just his opinion. I still don`t understand why Congo Falls is always one of the rides of choice for people to be removed from the park. It has great capacity, and provides a wet ride to cool down on those hot summer days. Especially in the Action Zone, which is devoid of a lot of shade.

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Nothing really surprising on that list. The only new name is Thunder Alley for Days of Thunder go carts. Invertigo was essentially a given, since that is Vekoma`s catalog name for the ride and Great America`s Vekoma Invertigo has been dubbed that since it opened in 1998.

The one ride not listed as being changed is Congo Falls. Keep in mind the ride was originally Amazon Falls when it opened. Then when the Action Zone opened in 1999, it was renamed Congo Falls after the Paramount movie. A little odd that they did not change this ride name. Although, I am glad that they are keeping the Drop Zone name!

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I hope they get painted.most need paint except IJST....whoops I MEAN BLSC!!! :lol:

Going to have to get use to it! :lol:

I like Face.. er... Invertigo's present paint job. The Yellow and red really catches your eye, right near the entrence.

I know!!Every time i go to KI i watch it from the parking lot before i go in and when we leave.

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