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PKI closing at night.


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Hey, this is kind of a stupid question, but I have always wondered anyway. After the park closes, what time do the employees get out? I know they have overnight maintainance and security, but when I lost my infamous cell phone, they told me that items left on rides were brought back around 2:00am, which is pretty late in my opinion.

Also, does the fountain ever shut off? My friends and I hung out outside of the front gate for about 2 hours after closing and we could still hear it.

I guess my question to the employees is if there is anything interesting that goes on in the park after closing.

Also, I was wondering what the security guys do in the off-season (DragonLord, that means you :D ) Do you just walk around the park? Does anything interesting happen in the off season besides construction?

Like I said, it's a stupid question, but I'd love to hear some intersting stories or facts.



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I know most park's have employess there 24/7. When everyone is done in hte day they go thru and clean the park. Trim bushes that need to be just taking care of any minor landscaping. Then security is always there. Im guessing they have a cleaning place that washes all the uniforms that people wear (this is how alot of theme parks do it you dont keep your uniform at home). Then the cooks come in and start cooking early to id say. Plus the coaster maintence people are probly there a good part of the night inspecting stuff.

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Actually, uniforms are employee's responsiblity now... at least for Security. We get issued a certain number of uniforms (just 3 sets) and we have to wash them and stuff. The normal white and blue shirts you see are mailed out to the employees before they start work. If they didn't get them in the mail before they started work, they had to wear their own cloths (solid white shirts) to work.

Security patrols the entire theme park and the surrounding park grounds 24/7 365. I have never really experienced anything strange during my shifts in the off season, but working midnights or even lates in the winter are strange. Your imagination runs wild sometimes and when the occasional racoon jumps out of a garbage can when you are walking by, it scares the sh*t out of you. The only thing that really had me worried for a few seconds was hearing gun shots in the woods when I was patroling. The park hires hunters with a nusience license to come into the park during the off season to hunt. Well, I wasn't told that they were on the property when I started my shift and when I was driving along the access road and heard the shots, I got a little worried. A few seconds later I drove past their vehical, so I knew it was them.

Oh, I love it when people in the middle of the night think they can cut through our parking lot. What a laugh! They drive up the employee entrance and find their way into the employee lot and get stuck b/c of the fences. So they turn around, but instead of leaving, they go down the full time access road which leads to Post Three and find that we have our electronic fence and they can't get in, so they drive up the VIP parking lot and into the main lot and drive around all confussed as to how to get out. It's a hoot... people are stupid. We sometimes have to drive out and flash our lights and escourt them off property.

The fountains do shut off, they usually wait till the front gates are closed and then it's just whenever someone gets around to it. They are always off when I get to work and they start up sometimes right before the park opens. It depends on what's going on and if the foutain has something wrong with it. It gets inspected as well, but I'm not sure how often.

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That's very interesting. Do you get to drive a golf cart around all day? I mean, are there specific tasks that security does at night, or do you just patrol? Sounds like it would be fun for a while but then get old.

I would find an excuse to drive the back roads around the rollercoasters and stuff. lol


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I used to work in the park services departmen and we were usually the last second shift (thats from 3 or 4 pm to close) team to leave the park. The fountains usually shut off about 45min after the park closes and the music is on a timer and dosen't shut off until and hour after the park closes. After that happens its really creepy. It takes about two hours or so for the park services people to clean all the bathrooms, empty the trash cans and sweep up all the midways. After we leave the streets are hosed down with a pumper truck and there are people who make deliveris to from the warehouse to the stands and rides all night. Being there really late is kina fun only its not cool when you work a double in park services and get there before anybody else and are the last car in the parking lot. Oh, and guest relations stays until the last guest leaves the park. All the lost and found stuff from that day gets put into plastic bags and sent with security to the lost and found area to be sorted the next day. But most of the stuff that is really lost, like on rides, gets turned in the next day when maintenance does thier inspections.

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