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What ride have you wated the longeest in a line for and tell if u have a funny story about it

Coaster Kid

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I waited 15 minutes for SheiKra, hehe.

I can beat that, walk-on SheiKra twice, one after the other!

Although the longest line I've ever waited in was probably about an hour and a half for Firehawk (Yes, I'm also spoiled :P)

When I went to BGA, Sheikra was new but we had a walk-on multiple times. Everything else in the park had a walk-on also except Scorpion cause it was getting a paint job, Cheetah Chase was closed, Gwazi was running one train on one side, and Python was just popular that day I guess...

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"Son of Beast" I remember hearing on the radio that the park opened the ride, so I went and picked up a friend, and we made good use of our season passes that day I can tell you. We waited for just over 4 hours for the giant woody on it's opening day. We brought along a deck of cards, realizing that it would be a long line, and as the line moved, we would pick our cards up and move along, sat back down and continue our games. I remember that when we finally got on it for our 1st ride ever, it was starting to get dark. I recall the loop being amazing, but I also recall my back hurting me for over a week following this ride. It was pretty cool to be able to do this with a season pass. I would feel sorry for anyone who wanted to ride it with a general admission ticket.

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I think the longest I have ever waited was around 3 1/2 hours to ride TR:TR the day that it opened. I've also waited close to that amount of time to ride SOB on bring a friend free day. After that would probably be 2 hours for Maverick, 2 hours for The Beast, and probably close to that when I used to have to take my brother on Scooby's Ghoster Coaster...lol!


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