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What ride was open the year you were born


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I was born April 11, 1996. Just a few weeks after I was born, the Flight of Fear opened (At the time named The Outer Limits: Flight of Fear)

It to this day remains one of my favorite rides.

i love the ride that is the stuff leading up to getting in the station and once i see those cars take off so quick i run out of there cause im a big chiken turd when it comes to that ride

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This project made me sad. I knew that White Water Canyon was the same age as me, but some of the others were interesting.

I must be a bit of a disaster, as Disaster Transport shares a birthday with me.

Mad Mouse at Old Indiana was opened in my year...yay, I got to ride it.

Z-Force at Six Flags Great America I'll probably ride this year.

Skyrider at Canada's Wonderland - eventually.

Phoenix at Knoebels was opened in my year as well...can't wait to ride it in May.

Now the sad part - Baby Wildcat and Jack Rabbit from Idora Park, which alas, I never got to even see. :(

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I was born on August 17th during the year in which The Vortex put its first riders through its grip.... Although it is not my favorite ride in the park, it's still a great one and it sure makes it easier to remember how old it is. When I begin to forget the age, it may be time to hang it up.

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