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What ride was open the year you were born


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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom

I may share a birthday with these rides, but I have not been on any of them.

Oooo, you're missing out. Big Thunder Moiuntain Raildord is a very fun ride. Even though it looks small and for kids, it's very fun. Even my mom, who hates roller coasters, like it.

Just a side note, my mom doesn't ride much when we go to KI, but she watches Guiding Light on WKRC and the people on that soap opera went to Universal Studios Florida. My mom thinks that place looks like a lot of fun and she wants to go there. Yea her :).

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Coasters that opened in the US in 1982:

Corkscrew at the Alabama State Fairgrounds

Grizzly at Kings Dominion

Monser Mouse at Rocky Glen

Sooper Jet at Adventureland

Space Coaster at Saltair

Viper at Darien Lake

Of these, only Grizzly and Viper are still operating. Grizzly is a wooden coaster with PTC cars, while Viper is an Arrow custom looping coaster which appears to be similar to Vortex.

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If you don't know what opened at KI the year you were born, try the timeline link (KICentral is much more than just forums - there's also useful information!)...
(emphasis added)

ALSO useful information?

I see...so what are the forums? UseLESS information? :)

It might be useless if Sammy is around! :lol:

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