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A few questions


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Hello everyone. I haven't visted this forum in quite a while. I have a few questions about Kings Island. I did't want to start mulitiple threads that's why I'm posting them all in one thread. I'm really sorry if they have already been answered but I'm a little too tired to search the forum.

How is Racer's speed 61 MPH? It's only 88 feet tall and the drop isn't that big or steep. The drop on Vortex is quite larger and yet is slower. Both the KI website and RCDB say that the top speed is 61 MPH.

Other Cedar Fair parks have Togo stand ups and are still operating. How do they get parts for their Togo rollercoasters and KI couldn't get parts for King Cobra? I know that Togo went out of business so where are they getting their parts from?

What are the point of trim breaks on all the rollercoasters? They seem rather pointless.

Is it possble for FoF to get rollback? I never seen or heard it happen but is it actually possible or has actually happened before?

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Welcome back! :)

I've got nothing on Racer or FoF, but as far as the Togo standup issue, King Cobra was not removed because of a lack of parts. It was constructed of inferior steel that was severely flawed, unlike its cousins at Canada's Wonderland (SkyRider) and Kings Dominion (Shockwave), that most likely would have been far too costly to replace. Therefore, it was in the park's best financial interest to remove King Cobra.

Trim brakes are used in order to lessen the speed of the train in order to therefore lessen the force exerted on the track. By doing so, there is less wear and tear on the ride, therefore reducing maintenance costs.

Hope this helps!

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I have rolled back on Flight of Fear more than once, at both Kings Island and Kings Dominion. It happens, but not very often. At one time, Racer certainly did more than 60 miles per hour. Some would say it still does...

Many parts needed for rides can be machined if not otherwise available...and if a ride is removed from a park, much of it can be used for parts in other parks.

Most trim braking is done for maintenance issues, but some is done for ride comfort and/or safety issues and/or because the manufacturer and/or insurer required it (see, for instance, Intimidator 305...)

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