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What coaster at Kings Island would you give some offseason work to?


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^They did...they just did it 12 years ago. While I agree that there are certainly rides that have long term marketing potential, (Beast is a great example) Invertigo isn't one of them, IMO.

To each his own though right?

-thekidd33...always a little frightened by those who enjoy Invertigo...

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As far as Flight of Fear - I'd love to see that ride returned to its original glory (minus the OTS restraints that gave your ears a nice beating...). The one thing that annoys me the most about that ride now is the "bring the train to a complete standstill" brake on the MCBR. I realize that they need to slow the train down some, but why is it necessary to slow it down that much?

You haven't ridden it recently have you? The first 3 cars basically fly past the brakes, the brakes slow down the last 2 cars and tries to stop, but it doesn't stop the train anymore. At least that's how it was 2 weeks ago. Really helps the pacing, IMO.

It may help the pacing, but just wait till they have to evac like that...

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Joker's Jinx.


NO midcourse brake. Operate just fine in Maryland and Texas...

Right, but I don't think they would take out FOF's midcourse. It would completely destroy the chance/purpose of a 3rd train... which who knows, maybe it'll return one day? When you're riding, you can see it sitting under the corkscrew. I never saw it in there last year...

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