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Standing within' 3 feet of 1974


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Wouldn't it be "cheating" to say you like 1974 since the train ride experience was better then, when you can't see in the picture what made it better? :)

touche' :lol:

Despite his love for the Viking ship, Beastie, Rattler, etc...

The Beastie eh...you're raising your little one right! :)

I'm pretty sure, if you could safely strap him into any ride, he would enjoy all of them. Something like Drop zone or Firehawk might scare him, but I'm 100% confident he'd love The Beast, Vortex, Flight of Fear, etc.. It never fails to warm my heart to see his bright eyed smile each time we ride Viking Fury.

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Are you trolling or are you serious?

Thanks for the concern. :)

The green train did bother me once I noticed it...when I took the photo I was concentrating so much on where it should be I overlooked the obvious!

It never fails to warm my heart to see his bright eyed smile each time we ride Viking Fury.


I like today’s 1974 photo because it has a nice angle of the skyride...a ride I do miss. I have another shot of the outside of the station in another photo set...but it is straight on with the “cars/buckets” as they are coming out...so I enjoyed this shot a lot when I saw it. :)



I can’t get enough of this shot...it looks like such a good time...and the station looks so well themed. I was young when I rode this...but I can still remember the excitement of waiting for our turn to board...and having to board quickly!

EDIT:The 2011 shot is WAY off...it is of the sister station that was located in Oktoberfest!



Until it was mentioned on this site a long time ago, I never realized that this skyride station was in fact still in the park. (I told you I wasn’t “Mr. Observant”. :P )

I find it interesting that the park appeared to keep the same kind of a tree in about the same location. (I doubt it is the same exact tree...but I didn’t check to see how big the trunk was while I was there.)

So where would I rather be today? If I base it solely on what I can see in the photos ( ;)) I easily choose 1974...God knows...and so does anyone here who in the past has heard me whine about Snoopy being in the park...I don’t need any Peanuts merchandise! :lol:

EDIT: Now that I know that this is not the Planet Snoopy station, I switch my vote for 2011...assuming that Adventure Express would be visible in the photo!

Thanks for all of the great comments (and “Likes”) over the last few days! :)

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The skyride station in the top picture looks like the one that was in Oktoberfest, while the bottom picture is the one that was in Hanna Barbera land. Am I incorrect?

I say that because it appears that the 1974 picture is slightly elevated on a hill, there is a lot of grass around it, and I do not see anyting behind it, whereas we should have seen the Marathon Turnpike, perhaps, if it was the one in Hanna Barbera land.

Thanks for the great picture! And remember, no throwing objects or spitting from the goldola cars.

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As I looked at one of the animated maps of the park, say from 1972, there is a grassy area in front of the station in Hanna Barbera land, and no grassy area in front of the station in Oktoberfest. So now, I am not sure.

Do you have shot from the Eiffel Tower of the station from 1974 that may show the stations?

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Another great picture! I believe, on initial inspection, that the skyride station in the 1974 picture is in fact the Octoberfest station, just based on the background and elevation of the station floor to the midway. The building in kiddyland has a floor that is at grade with the surrounding midway and is not "elevated." like the one in the 1974 picture.

Thanks again for all of these WONDERFUL, and often never before seen historical pictures of Kings Island. I just love this thread! Of course, I am also a history buff/geek when it comes to these things.

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Awesome pictures! I had never seen a shot of the skyride station before so that was very cool. I have a hard time choosing between the pictures today. I'd love for the skyride to still be in the park, but the 2011 shot is very vibrant looking and the landscaping is nice. Anyways thanks again for doing this!

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Great pictures, even if it was a minor error ( I can not judge whether it was or not) I will say that judging from the theme of the building, it does look like it would belong in Oktoberfest.

I can't thank you enough for the enjoyment you give me from my little breaks away from work to look at your pictures.

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It looks to be the station that was in oktoberfest...

I agree with you 100%. Now that I have studied your photo & mine it is definitely in Oktoberfest...the pine tree near the doorway and the weeping willow tree are perfect in the photo I posted. :(

I can't believe that I didn't even think of this!

So...should I change the title of the thread...or delete these photos. :rolleyes:

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Friday's photos - 2011 wins

As much as I would like to ride the sky ride, I wouldn't trade it for Viking Fury. Sure there's my "tastes great, lessing filling" memories from when I was a kid in the 80's, but even better are the memories made within the last few years with GatorGirl. With a height requirement of 40", VF was one of the first "big" rides that GatorGirl could ride. I'll always remember her first ride on it, when we got that little pop of negative g at the top, and looking over at her at that moment and seeing the big smile on her face and the giggle coming out of her mouth. She immediately wanted to ride it again... and I love the way she described it: "That ride tickles my tummy!" So VF all the way!

Monday's - it's a draw.

I still like the train, but yes it was better with the animatronics. But since I can't see those in the picture I refuse to vote one way or the other!

Today's - hmmm... if it's HB's station, then 1974 wins. If it's Oktoberfest's station, then 2011 wins.

I'd rather have a ride than a shop, but I'd rather have Adventure Express than a sky ride.

I am the type of a person who can walk/drive by a building on a daily basis and never notice what it is...until the day comes when I have to find it for some reason.

Unfortunately I'm the same way. I've had people ask me how to get to area hotels, and I couldn't tell you which one's which. If it's not someplace I go on a regular basis, it's just a generic building to me that doesn't really get my attention.

It's worth noting that there were some minor additions made to the "town" on the KI&MVRR this year though. Hopefully that's the beginning of a trend where the attraction is continually updated and enhanced.

If the addition of a "tire shop" is the way the trend is heading, then please, no more! How does a tire shop fit in to an old time town? It doesn't.

JD - I have to admit that today's set left me disappointed with the 2011 picture - how could you miss the fact that you have the wrong train in the photo? :P


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Guest TombraiderTy

Hey, having been off on the '74 photo is just an excuse to begin round 2 of this project next year, right? ;)

Here's a '72 vs. '10 comparison from the Eiffel Tower, showing where the '74 picture was most likely taken, and the same spot today.


So, something like this (picture from '10):


Only tilted down a bit, a few steps back and a tad to the right. And vertical, of course.

Although I think the Sky Ride would offer some great views and that it looks really nice, Sling Shot is honestly my favorite ride in the park. I'd easily choose '10 in a heartbeat.

Thanks again for all the photos and updates. And even if the '74/'11 pictures didn't match for today, both are still great shots - I've never seen such a close shot of Oktoberfest's station. I was actually trying to find a picture like yours a couple years ago when I was attempting to recreate the park from '72 on Roller Coaster Tycoon. Too bad this topic wasn't around then :lol:

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What is also a cool thing i noticed... In the picture TY posted you can see where the park added more deck around the footer of the skyride once it was gone.

Thanks for the thread J.D. it brought a once poster turned lurker out of slumber again. I rarely reply to things but I felt the need too for this!

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Kings Island's motto in the '70's and '80's must have been to "just add water". It's too bad it's went by the wayside, but makes sense due to the various reasons mentioned in these forums. Did they not foresee those problems initially, or was it just too cool looking?

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And now the end is


Yep, today’s it. :(

I didn’t save the best set for last...but I think I did save the set that sums up a sight that we all think of when we think of the park...the glorious view of the fountain and the tower as we enter the park! (And luckily I couldn’t botch this one...unless sam2cpa is going to tell me that the park had a second Eiffel Tower! :lol:) There is nothing that I enjoy more than the feeling of walking out of the shaded “darkness” of The (former) International Restaurant and into the sunlight and seeing (and hearing) the fountain!



I don’t know if it was an overcast the day these photos were taken...but I wish the sky was bluer in this photo.



Michael’s (Hendrick's) final fade:


On this, the last photo set in the series where would I rather be 1974 or 2011? 1974 has the skyride, the unique shops & the lower observation in it’s favor...but for me trees trump them all...not to mention the excellent pavers.

When I first looked at these photos I kept thinking how great it would be if the park were like it was back in 1974...but now that the series is over I added up my votes of which time period I liked better...and I was pleasantly surprised that 2011 did a lot better in my mind than I originally thought it would. As 74Gibson has pointed out, I do seem to lean towards nostalgia...but not TOO bad. My final tally was 1974 -15 votes, 2011- 14 votes...and 2 tie votes...so I don’t think a 1 point win by 1974 is that bad!

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And now for my wrap-up.

I do not want to end my last post with a negative comment...so I will get that out of the way first! :P

To all of the MEMBERS who seemed to visit this thread on a fairly regular basis...but still never felt obligated to leave one comment...or even hit the Like button once...I say “Good for you, you showed me.” <_<

And now on to better things...

First off I would like to say that I can’t thank “Hendrick” enough. I didn’t/don’t have a clue how to make a fade...when I mentioned this, Michael stepped up to the plate without being asked and made this thread 100% better! (It also gave me something to look forward to each day...and he never missed a day, he did every set...even yesterday’s wrong one. :lol:

I can not tell everyone who participated in this thread how much it has meant to me. I have enjoyed reading all of the comments...and as always I have learned some things about the park that I didn’t before...which is always a plus for me...and a negative for my family! :lol:

I will say that some of the comments did embarrass me...so much that this was the first time that I have ever wished I was a moderator...so that I could delete them. ;)

I am glad that so many people seemed to enjoy this thread...and I am glad that I could finally kind of pay back some of the great things that I have seen/read on this forum over the years. (And KIExtreme for that matter.) Being that I am in Illinois...and not nearly as knowledgeable as a lot of the members here it has always been tough for me to come up with something that is not “Been there done that”. I thought I had an original idea when I came up with this series...but I should have known better!

I would also like to go on record that Paul/TOPGUN1993 DID come up with this idea before I did. (He even forwarded a sample of his earlier work...which hopefully will see the light of day.)

Just saying “Thanks to everyone” didn’t seem to be quite enough...so I would like to thank the following members who were kind enough to participate in this thread...even if some of them did it begrudgingly.
















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