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Cedar Point to remove Disaster Transport & Space Spiral for B&M Wing

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When you see Gatekeeper in person, you'll realize it's the not the parking lot coaster you think it is. If that is indeed your opinion.

That's all. :)

I saw it a few days after they put the last piece of track up. Obviously it was a construction zone back then, but I still thought it looked bad over by employee parking.

After riding it 17 times on media day, the employee parking area was still not pleasant. The rest of the area, however, is beautiful.

It's for sure a trillion times better than a giant steel box...

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There's no way I can wait till October,I got to figure a date really soon to ride Gatekeeper, I got an itch and its gonna need a scratch! I thought it was funny somebody complained about the harness and Mr.O told him to put on some weight (bulk up!)

But not too much!

Try riding in Row 4 then. I heard they have bigger seats, which would lead me to assume there are larger restraints.

The "big boy" seats are not consistent though. My first time riding Gatekeeper (row 4, right side, on the end), the ride op got me on with just a little bit of effort. After a quick bite to eat, I went to row 4 on the left side, on the end, and the girl wouldn't even attempt to get me in. I tried again a few hours later, left side row 4 on the end again. DaveStroem tried to get me in, and there was still about an inch left before the belt would meet the latch. A few hours after that, I once again went to row 4, right side, on the end, and it took quite a bit of effort from Beast Man and sheikra_rocks, but they got me in.

If I had know from the start that the trains were different colors, or where the train numbers could be found, I would have noted what train I got the first time. From what I could tell, GK's big boy seats were really no different than Wild Eagle's regular seats (which don't have designated big boy seats). Sometimes I fit them, sometimes I didn't.

But when I WAS able to ride, it's a very good ride. The keyholes are great, as is the roll past the towers on the way back.

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I rode it today, once on each side and towards the back half.

Going through keyholes to me wasn't as exciting as the one on X-Flight. I think probably because it happens really quick after the last element, and by the time I realize it was time, we were already through. X-flight gave about a second longer before going through their tower. I did like the near miss on the return behind the gate towers, at least on the left side.

The area looks fresh and better than how it did before. This included a concrete plaza that connects to the Wicked Twister area, and made me feel more like I was at Valleyfair for a few seconds. Even looking through the fence at Lake Erie looked like a giant empty parking lot until I came back. Thrills connect?

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